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In this episode, to celebrate Christmas and the holidays, PhotoBizx host Andrew Hellmich lists some of his favourite interviews from 2018 on different topics including SEO, pricing, advertising, customer service and more. See links to the recommended episodes below.

Note from Andrew: Instead of hitting you with a new interview on Christmas day, I wanted to take this chance to say a massive thanks for your support throughout the year and wish you and your family the very best for Christmas, the holidays and 2019. I still pinch myself every time I interview a guest and publish an episode and think you are somewhere in the world listening, hopefully taking notes and implementing some of what you hear.

I know for certain, I could never get the joy and fulfilment I do from this podcast if you weren't listening. 

Merry Christmas and I hope you enjoy some of the recommendations from the back catalogue.

Be safe, laugh lots, feel loved and enjoy the break. 

Some of my favourite and recommended interviews from 2018

257: Kirk Mastin – How to Set Up Inbound Marketing and Book More Photography Sessions
259: Stacey Brown Randall – Photography Business Growth by Referrals
264: Allison Redmon – How to use photography classes to book portrait clients
265: Kirstie McConnell – This is how to build a successful pet photography business
268: Alex Vita – Everything you need for a successful photography website
269: Dave and Angela Landua – Third Party Photography Marketing on Steroids
276: Michael Hauge – The storytelling formula to book more photography clients
279: Elena Blair – Content marketing for photographers and school portraiture with a killer difference
282: Caitlin McColl – How to run profitable book projects for portrait and pet photographers
283: Jo Menneer – How to run a truly successful studio based photography business
284: Sonya Keenan – Digital marketing is so much more than a Facebook Ad
286: Iain Sim – Messenger Marketing For Photographers
292: Michael Schacht – Advanced Facebook Ads for Headshot Photographers
294: Rachel Bourke – How to make consistently higher sales to every photography client

I'll be enjoying some family time over Christmas and be wishing the same for you! This photo is a couple of years old but it was handy. 🙂 That's me, Jordan, Linda and Mattie. And yes, Mattie gets his hair from me. Seriously!

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This what I'll be doing these holidays – plenty of riding and racing. I hope you get to do more of what gets you going over the hoidays too.

Thank you!

Thanks again for listening and Merry Christmas! See you back next week with a new interview some preparation to hit the ground running in 2019. Be safe.

Speak soon