Stop looking. Start implementing and get serious with your photography business.

If you've been running in circles, trying everything to get in front of clients who can see you're worth what you're charging, you already know, there is no easy fix. No short cut. No single thing will magically turn you into a booked solid, profitable photographer overnight.

That's just not how it works.

Hopefully… you know it's possible though. Your photography business can be profitable.

It can be!

There are a ton of photographers making a great living from photography. Photographers who know how to get in front of paying clients, photographers who have moved from hobby to full-time.

With or without kids, you can make photography work. It is doable!

You also know there are a ton of photographers cutting prices for market share, and getting bookings with mediocre work… you don't need to be that photographer.

What if you could learn EXACTLY what successful photographers have done and are doing right now to attract bookings from amazing clients who are happy to pay their prices?

Jonas Peterson

Sue Bryce

Fer Juaristi

Amy & Jordan

Two Mann

Kirsten Lewis

What if you were given a road map to allow you to quit your soul crushing day job and do what you love? Or direction on how you can raise your kids, find structure, book more than free sessions and create a real business. A business that has consistent income, a marketing plan, a profitable price list and bums on seats!

Sounds pretty awesome. And honestly, you can do this.

I've been doing this for twenty years but I'm not the one you'll be learning from. I started PhotoBizX because I WISHED THERE WAS SOMETHING LIKE THIS WHEN I STARTED.

Have a listen to some of the photographers and experts I've interviewed and learn from them. Do what's working to find clients that value prints and quality – in products and service, instead of cheap-ass shoot and burn type photography.

Grab a Premium Membership and put me to the test.

Be ready though.

Have pen and paper and get ready to be blown away by what's shared in these interviews and inside the Facebook Group.

If you're ready to take action with your business and start making more bookings and sales with your perfect target client… let's do this!

Monthly Membership

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6 Month Membership

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Included with EVERY Premium Membership

Seems like you do everything you can to help photographers succeed at their business – Walter Sheehey

What Do You Get With Your Premium Membership?

I used to think the main value was from the interviews.

You'll hear the kinds of questions you would love to ask if given the chance to talk to photographers who are walking the walk. Those photographers making a living, shooting and selling their photography. I track them down (with the help of members and their suggestions) and ask how they are doing what they do.

Not just scraping the surface either…

How much they're making annually, how they are marketing, what ad copy are they using, how much are they spending on these ads, how their price list is structured, what's included, what happens before the shoot, after the shoot, what's not working, why do you do this instead of that. I go deep.

Nothing is off limits.

And it's not all the high flying photographers looking to sell a workshop, product or seminar and making more money from teaching than shooting.

You'll hear interviews with photographers just going full-time and those in the trenches making a great living who you've never heard of. I'm talking wedding, portrait, pet, newborn and family photographers. Plus interviews with photography coaches, marketing and branding experts.

The interviews are only part of the fun…

Members are all part of a secret (yes, secret) Facebook Group and you'll get an invite with your membership. It's a group where you can be heard.

You'll get help, support and your views and experience will be valued and never ignored.

So thank you Andrew for your podcast which has helped me understand that business can be ethical, but more importantly your constant support in the group and in personal messages that have helped lift all of us to be better than we thought we could be. – Anita Watkins

It's a safe place to share and ask questions.

In addition to other like minded members, facing the same struggles as you, you'll find the previous interview guests there and available to help you with your business and marketing questions.

That's not all…

You'll be given access to a MasterMind Group building list where you can join or start a mastermind group with other PhotoBizX members. Since stating this initiative, members have been sharing great success stories and details about beautiful new friendships.

The biggest success from the last 6 months for me, has been connecting with another photographer through the mastermind group idea. The meetings haven’t just given me a platform to share ideas with someone, but I have made an awesome friend. I look forward to our meetings every week. We have shared so many resources with each other. It’s just been fantastic. – Mel McNiven

There's still more…

See below for examples of unique promo codes for members, bonus member only episodes, downloadable PDF guides, contracts, help and whole page dedicated to premium member resources.

I've come into contact with photographers and resources through the PBX podcast that I may never have heard of otherwise – and who each bring something unique, interesting and always actionable. For the Premium members, the Facebook group that comes with the subscriptions is one of only two groups that I engage with regularly. It's got a really solid community vibe full of photographers at all stages in their businesses and is a great resource for everyone. No judgement or trolling, only the good stuff.

Éadaoin Curtin, Firechild Photography

In the last 12 months I've had 211 successful studio shoots from one add style thanks to your podcast. I was part time before the podcast and had to go full time in just 2 weeks and give up my other job it was that fast a turn round. Just amazing. Can't thank you enough.

Mike Seaman, MSI Photography

I have gotten more traction implementing the pearls of wisdom I've gleaned from the guests of this show, than from any other workshop and education content I've consumed.

I've grown Poihakena Portraits from nothing in 2014 to a thriving business where a days sales are in the thousands and we are on our way to becoming a 6 figure business. This podcast has helped me in building this biz up from scratch.

I'd highly recommend the premium version. The extended version is often where the real gems can be found. The access to the Facebook group and Andrews community of helpful photographers is well worth the small fee for the service.

Teowai Ratahi, Poihakena Portraits

What if you had enough leads, bookings and sales to make a proper go of this? What if you could learn everything you need to, faster?

I was off to a pretty good start with my photography business. Plenty of bookings, the clients I had, loved me. I was pretty good at this photography thing and I knew this is what I wanted to do.

What I didn't know is how much I didn't know. Especially about making money.

My marketing pretty much sucked too… but it was easier then.

I'll never forget a wedding photographing the first wealthy, good looking couple I'd booked. This couple were straight from a Tommy Hilfiger ad in Vogue, lived in the W Hotel on Sydney Harbour and had the best wedding.

I shot the crap out of it.

And loved every minute.

They had booked a 20 sided album package – pretty standard, even now.

Here's where I totally stuffed up. 

I tried to fit as many photos as I could (and still have the album look good) into the 20 sides they'd paid for.

I had to leave SO MANY good photos out. It killed me.

It never occurred to me to that I could add extra album sides and charge more after the wedding.

I know, sounds crazy stupid right?

Andrew Hellmich - photographer, blogger, podcaster

But that's just it. I didn't know, what I didn't know.

About six months after this wedding, I attended a Jerry Ghionis seminar and learned about upselling.

Oh man, I was happy and crying at the same time. Happy to learn, sad to think about the mess I made of so many albums and how much money I'd left on the table since starting!

Since then, I've never stopped learning and that was the catalyst for starting PhotoBizX and recording the interviews I do.

I want to make photography business info available to every photographer – every week, wherever you are.

No need to pay big fees or travel and attend workshops. No need to take days off to learn. No need to miss speakers you want to hear.

PhotoBizX is the weekly photography workshop delivered to you automatically so you can listen, learn and implement in your time.

And avoid the dumb mistakes every photographer has to learn either the hard way or from someone else.

The best dollars I have spent in my ENTIRE life – Lukas Leonte

Get results with your membership or your money back!

Put the Premium membership to the test and get the kind of results you've been looking for to grow your business. You've nothing to lose with a 100% money back guarantee.

My only regret is that I didn't sign up to the premium version earlier.

I have doubled my bookings and have only implemented a fraction of the tips in this podcast and am making the transition to go full time with my photography in a few months. I wouldn't have had the confidence or marketing ideas to be able to do that without PhotoBizX.

The premium version gives you access to over 200 episodes, less than a dollar each and there's a new episode every week. It's a no brainer. Just make sure you have a pen and notepad.

Neil Sampson, Neil Sampson Photography

WoW!! I’ve been a premium member for just under a year and the return on investment from this podcast has just been phenomenal.

I love Andrew’s style of interviewing, asking the right questions that count, and the calibre of business and marketing information, from the top photographers in the world, that you would only get from paying thousands of dollars in workshops, is second to none.

If you want your photography business to reach unprecedented levels and you are on the fence about becoming a premium member, I absolutely highly recommend that you take the chance and do yourself a favour.

Ralph “Rafael” Alquezar, Rafael Photography

Love your work mate! I get sooooo much out of your podcast… it’s ridiculous!

Dave Pascoe, Dave Pascoe Photography

Monthly Membership

  • The most popular starting point for most members.

6 Month Membership

USD$12000half yearly
  • For photographers looking to avoid paying a monthly subscription.

Annual Membership

  • Save 20% on the monthly subscription and make a real commitment to improving your business.