TPX26: Scott & Erick – no more third party platforms to sell your photography

Erick Danzer and Scott Wyden Kivowitz of www.imagely.com are two of the guys behind a new automated lab fulfilment for photographers with Wordpress websites. I asked both guys onto the podcast after reading about what could be a game-changing service for photographers who want to sell directly from their Wordpress websites. My first thought was - is this the end of services like Pixieset, Pic-time and Shoot-proof? Erick Danzer is the man behind-the-scenes at Imagely. His focus is [...]

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TPX25: Angie Connell – Creative photography is alive and well

Angie Connell of www.angieconnellphotography.com.au is arguably the most creative photographer I've interviewed for the podcast. It's rare in the world of photography today to see something unique or to see a photographer creating something different from the norm. In a social media run world where we are over saturated by imagery, it feels like an impossible task to be different, to find your specialty and stand out from the crowd. At the same time, we're told to find [...]

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Audio Diary 7 – Glasgow Wedding and Portrait Photographer Lawrence Scott

Lawrence Scott of www.lspix.co.uk agreed to record this interview while driving from Glasgow to Edinburgh to go see the Castle and catch up with a bunch of Scotish photographers in one of their most beautiful cities. On the drive, it was difficult to talk business with so many stories from Lawrence about his early days as a crime photographer - some of which you'll hear in this episode. We did get around to some photography business, life as a photographer based in [...]

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Audio Diary 6 – Peterborough Portrait and Wedding Photographer Dan Waters

Dan Waters of www.danwaterscreative.com and www.getprophotoclub.com agreed to record this interview while driving fr0m Peterborough to Cambridge for me to play tourist for a day and for Dan to reminisce and play tour guide to the university town he grew up in. Once we got past the topic of Bobby, his incredibly loved dog who lives a life better than most children, we moved on to business and life as a photographer in Peterborough. In the conversation, Dan shares his ideals on [...]

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Audio Diary 5 – London Documentary Wedding Photographer Mark Seymour

Mark Seymour of www.markseymourphotography.co.uk hosted an industry dinner that coincided with my time in London and I was lucky enough to be invited along. There were photographers, high-end function coordinators, a photography business coach, an album company representative, a wedding marketing startup sales person and an incredible meal hosted by Mark and Karen at their lovely home. The idea of these dinners/get-togethers (this is the second time Mark has hosted a dinner like this) is to network, make friends and meet [...]

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Audio Diary 4 – London Street and Wedding Photographer Darren Lehane

Darren Lehane of www.lehane.photo has some pretty strong feelings on what is and what isn't street photography. It's the same with gear, especially new photography gear and the clamour for photographers to get hold of it to make them a better photographer or somehow improve their photography business. After spending a few days with Darren while visiting the UK, it was very cool to hear his thoughts on all things photography - from street, weddings, personal projects, books, the masters and skills of today's photographers. Not [...]

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Audio Diary 3 – Cardiff portrait photographer and YouTuber Rahim Mastafa

Rahim Mastafa of www.rahimphoto.co.uk has recently made the transition from fitness and gym based photography to costume based shoots in and around Cardiff in the UK. One thing stood out about Rahim while staying with him for a couple of days on my UK trip - just how easily he made connections with anyone, anywhere. One example was while paying for a jacket purchase in a department store, Rahim started chatting to the sales assistant who turned out to [...]

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Audio Diary 2 – Bristol alternative wedding photographer Lionel Taplin

Lionel Taplin of www.stealthedayphotography.co.uk moved from photographing bands to wedding photography with his own spin on alternative. Although Lionel is based in Bristol, he made the trip over to Cardiff to meet up as I was passing through. Once we started talking about his journey from bands to brides and hearing about Lionel's success with bookings via Instagram, I stopped him right there, grabbed the audio recorder and retraced what he'd covered so far before going deeper on how he's made [...]

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Audio Diary 1 – Belfast with Dermot and Catherine Murphy

Dermot and Catherine Murphy of www.dermotmurphy.com run a successful family photography studio in Belfast, Northern Ireland and I had the chance to record a short interview with them around their dining table while visiting. I feel very lucky to have been offered a room at their home when Dermot heard I'd be visiting the area. I had no idea how much better it would be to discover a city in tow with a local photographer. Not only did I get a [...]

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TPX24: Jenny Stein – It’s all about the photography not the money

Jenny Stein of The Family Photographer Podcast is todays guest, is based in Pittsburgh USA, is the mother of five and has a family and children's photography business. Jenny says, "Photography is what I use to look more deeply at my days and to help us remember the every day moments that make up our lives as a family." Her podcast explores her beliefs with other photographers from around the world and is aimed at the person who carries the camera [...]

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