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Allison Redmon of is an American expat, documentary day in the life (DITL) film & stills photographer based in Saudi Arabia. In this interview, learn her beautifully seamless way of using photography classes to book portrait clients for her family photography and film business.

Allison and I started chatting via email and in one of those messages, she said something that had me requesting this interview immediately afterwards. She wrote…

Andrew… Wanted to tell you about something that I'm doing now that would apply to literally ANY type of photographer out there. I'm running a Beginning Photography Workshop for Moms and Dads here in Saudi Arabia.

I put out the word to see if there would be any interest and got a huge amount of positive response. So at the end of the month I'm running 3 workshops, with 10 people in each, at $100 a head!!!!! So amazing! Especially at this time of year in Saudi where it is too humid to do any type of outdoor sessions.

Anyway, just thought this tip might be good for other photographers like me who have dead months throughout the year.

Since that email, Allison has joined Courtney Holmes (from interview 211 of the podcast) who she says she LITERALLY changed my photography business.

I was making films before, but after taking her in person workshop, my business has changed entirely as her approach is just so much more artistic and my client base loves these films.

I’m now fully booked for family films through January 2019! Crazy.

And in other good news, I’m now partnering with Courtney and teaching a course for her on choosing music for family films in her online school.

It was your interview that really got me into falling in love with Courtney Holmes’ approach. And now she is hiring me!! I’m literally speechless!

In this interview, Allison shares exactly how she's generating an income by teaching photography classes and in those classes, converting students to photography clients in a natural, seamless and beautiful way. I love everything about her approach and know you'll get a ton from this interview and the ideas Allison shares.

Here’s some more of what we cover in the interview:

  • Allison's experience working in Saudi as a photographer and how it differs to western countries
  • Why start a photography business in Saudi and not the USA?
  • Allison's daily life, a look at where she's based and her local community in regard to photography business
  • How Allison attracted people to her photography advertising despite the restrictions she faced as a woman
  • Allison's photography workshops and who they are designed for and why
  • How Allison started her workshops and how it helps her to attract clients to her photography business
  • How to identify your ideal client and market photography workshops to attract potential clients
  • What Allison covers in her 3-hour photography course and mentorship program
  • Photo walks and why they are a great way to practice for mentorship programs
  • Allison's advertising and marketing strategies to bring in new course participants and clients
  • How Allison runs her ads, email campaign and builds her email list
  • How to manage multiple email lists in MailChimp
  • Why Allison chooses an in home classroom option rather than hiring a community hall
  • How to present a photography course / in-home workshop
  • Freebies Allison includes for her workshop participant
  • How to set the tone and sell the idea of hiring a professional photographer for your family session
  • Allison's prices and what families receive in a four-hour day in the life session
  • Things to consider if offering a client discount
  • Shooting video at a family session – what's involved
  • How long does it take to learn the video side of shooting as a stills photographer?
  • Tips to reduce the learning curve when starting out with filming
  • How to understand and capture the story that matters to the family when shooting video
  • How to integrate music and discover the power of the audio in film

Allison Redmon Photography Podcast

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It is not just snippets of what's happening during a day with a family. It's finding the story and what's important to that family in each scene, then editing in a way that tells that story in a really cohesive and beautiful way. – Alison Redmon

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Allison Redmon Photography Podcast

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I am friends with the husband or wives of every single film (video) client that I've worked with. And I become friends with them on Facebook before I work on their film or do their shoot and that's really important to me. – Allison Redmon

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Allison Redmon Photography Podcast

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Andrew runs a top-notch show. The audio quality is clean and clear, and I love his consistent schedule. I know every Monday morning I will be listening to the newest podcast in the shower as I get ready for the day.

Andrew interviews professional photographers about what s/he is doing to run a successful business and asks clarifying questions to make sure the main idea of the podcast is clear. The topics and ideas are varied and useful.

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Got me through my first year of business!!!

In iTunes by Jennifer Allison who specialises in Sydney wedding photography from Australia on March 25, 2018

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Andrew is beyond words, an A+ human. He has gone way above the call of duty on more occasions that I can count providing advice in a thorough and speedy manor.

I'll say it again and again, you're an absolute legend! Thank you!!!

I like smaller groups. I like showing them my approach and being very personal with them when I'm teaching and I think ten to eleven people is a good number for that kind of thing. – Allison Redmon

Allison Redmon Photography Podcast

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Allison Redmon Photography Podcast

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Thanks again for listening and thanks to Allison for coming on and sharing so much about her thoughts and ideas on developing a successful photography business based on teaching, connection and telling beautiful family stories through video and stills.

I think it is so important that your kids, have you in their photos when they look back at these photos 20 years from now. – Allison Redmon

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