How do I subscribe to the Podcast with my Android device?2017-02-01T14:19:16+11:00

Click the link below to subscribe to the PhotoBizX Podcast on Android:

Subscribe on Android

Click the link below to subscribe to the Photography Xperiment Podcast on Android:

Subscribe on Android

If you're looking for a good podcast app, Podcast Addict or DoggCatcher work well for Android devices.

NOTE: Overcast and PocketCasts are popular players but they no longer supports premium podcast feeds. They will not work for your PhotoBizX Premium Episodes.

You have an Affiliate (partner) program, how does it work?2017-02-13T07:26:18+11:00

When becoming a Premium Member, you’re automatically an Affiliate Partner with me and PhotoBizX – which means you can easily earn a commission for referring PhotoBizX to other photographers.

If you’re unfamiliar with the term Affiliate, it’s where you earn commission for referring someone to PhotoBizX and they go on to become a Premium member like you. When someone does sign up (using your affiliate link) you’ll earn 50% of their membership fee for the life of their membership.

Pretty cool hey!

There’s absolutely nothing sneaky or shady about this and I don’t want you to hide the fact you’re an affiliate if giving out your affiliate link. If someone signs up with your link, they will find out about the affiliate program too.

Why have this arrangement?

Simply, I rely on the memberships to be able to keep the podcast goings – as you probably know if you’ve been listening for a while – I’ve talked about how grateful I am to members regularly on the podcast.

I can’t think of anyone better to be referring friends and other photographers to PhotoBizX than someone like you who already knows the value of the show.

I’ve always asked for listeners to refer other photographers and now I have a way to actually repay and thank you properly for any referrals.

How to get started as an Affiliate Partner?

First, log into the membership area on PhotoBizX.

Go to https://photobizx.com/affiliate-dashboard (click on “become an affiliate”) if asked.

Or from the main menu… PREMIUM  >> MEMBERS  >>  AFFILIATES

You will see your unique affiliate URL – (My Affiliate link) in a box at the top of this page.

This is the link you need to use and share if you want to earn commissions from any referrals.

You can test this link yourself and see it takes you to the $1 Trial Membership Page. If you'd like your affiliate link to take visitors to a different page or post or interred, let me know and I'll set that up for you. You can see a number of these already set up if you click on “Links and Banners” inside the Affiliate area.

You can use your links in social media, email or wherever you like – it’s unique to you.

How do you get paid your commissions?

Payments are made at the end of each month directly to your PayPal account.

Your affiliate link is set to take referrals to a special page with a $1 trial for the first month so they can check if the membership is a good fit for them (let me know if you ‘d like to send friends to a different page or post). I won’t pay any commission for the first month because it’d be 50c after that, it’ll be $10 per month for each member referred for the life of their membership.

Hope all that makes sense and if you have any questions, email me.

Why haven't you answered my email?2016-10-24T01:49:21+11:00

There has not been an email I've received since starting the podcast I haven't replied to… ever.

If you're expecting a reply and haven't received one, please check your spam or junk folder.

Many emails I answer contain links to previous episodes or to relevant sites or articles I may be suggesting to help you. Links in emails are a flag for your email provider the message may be spam or junk so that's where they go.

To avoid this all together, simply add my email addresses to your contact list or address book.



If you're waiting for an urgent reply, feel free to email again and let me know it's urgent.

How do I cancel my Premium Membership2016-03-24T06:49:03+11:00

The easiest way is to cancel your Premium Membership and payments is via your automatic payments dashboard in PayPal.

Once logged in to your PayPal account and at your automatic payments dashboard, you should see payments to Impact Images or PhotoBizX and an option to cancel.

Let me know if you have any troubles – andrew@photobizx.com

Which podcasting Apps are best for listening to the Premium Episodes2017-08-02T08:15:22+10:00

Premium members have their own unique RSS Feed URL which means premium episodes can be delivered automatically each week to their premium podcast app – NOT iTunes.

Your Premium RSS Feed URL will not work with players like Stitcher, TuneIn or RSS Radio which are for free podcasts only.

The Premium Podcast App (by premium, they are still under $5.00) I use and recommend is Downcast although there are many others.

If you're looking for other good podcast apps: The Apple Podcast App, Overcast or PocketCast for IOS or Podcast Addict or DoggCatcher for Android devices.

Downcast is a great App, with plenty of features and is easy to use.

I've included full instructions on setting up the premium feed for Downcast but it will be VERY similar no matter the app you decide on.

Here are the instructions and feel free to let me know if you have any problems with this:
  1. Copy your Premium RSS Feed URL from your members home page
  2. Open the Downcast App and click on the “+” or “Add” button at the bottom middle of the screen.
  3. Click on Add Podcast Manually
  4. Paste your Premium RSS Feed URL where it says “FEED OR OPML ADDRESS”
  5. Click on “Subscribe”
That's it, no need to fill out the username or password fields.
Once subscribed, you'll see the most recent episode and below that the option to “View other available episodes”. By clicking here, you'll have access to all previous episodes and new episode will be downloaded automatically.
How Do I Listen to the Premium Episodes2017-08-02T08:14:59+10:00

There are two great options depending if you prefer to listen via your web browser on your computer or on your smart phone or tablet.

If listening via your web browser: There is a new Premium Player in the Members area or you can use the player on a particular premium blog post.

If you prefer to download episodes, use the “Interview Audio Links” page found under the “Premium” menu at the top of the page.

If you prefer to listen on your smart phone or tablet, you now have your own Premium RSS Feed URL that gets the premium episodes straight to your phone automatically each week.

I can help you set this up if you're not sure but here's what you do:

To listen to the premium epodes on your phone.

You need to go to http://photobizx.com and login – there is a login area in the footer of every page.

Once logged in, go to the main menu….


Or http://photobizx.com/membership-welcome

Once on this page, scroll down to point #3.

Under point #3 there are instructions and your unique premium RSS Feed URL – this is what you need to copy and paste into your podcast app.

The easiest way I've found is to copy the URL and email it to my phone.

I use and recommend Downcast or Pocketcast. You can also use the Apple podcast app, it just has less features than the premium apps.

NOTE: This will not work wth Stitcher Radio, the TuneIn App or RSS radio which don’t accept premium podcast feeds.

If you have any trouble, send me your username and password so I can retrieve your Premium RSS Feed URL and give you a call to talk you through it.

Can I access all the membership content when I subscribe?2015-05-17T19:53:33+10:00

When you become a premium member you will get access to everything – including all previous premium content.

Bear in mind, some promo and discount codes will have expired at the time of your membership. All audio and downloadable content will be available.

How do I listen to the interviews on my phone (or tablet)?2017-08-02T06:31:39+10:00

The easiest way is to “subscribe” to a podcast by downloading an app on your phone. Once you are subscribed (which is totally free) you will have each new episode delivered automatically to your phone.

If you're looking for a good podcast app, I use and recommend the Apple Podcast App, DownCast or PocketCast for IOS or Podcast Addict or DoggCatcher for Android devices.

If you own a Blueberry phone, you'll have your own podcast app built into your phone.

You can also access the podcasts directly from the website. Navigate to the interview you want to hear and there will be an “audio player” built in at the top of the post. Press play and away you go.

NOTE: To listen to the premium membership audio, you will be assigned a Premium RSS Feed URL to access the premium content automatically each week. This feed will work with players like Downcast, iCatcher, Pocket Casts and the Apple Podcast App. It won't work with Apps including Stitcher, TuneIn or RSS Radio which are for free podcasts only.

What is a podcast?2013-03-26T10:08:03+11:00

A podcast is like a radio station that only plays the topics that interest you.

I tried explaining what a podcast is to my Mum and the simplest explanation was – internet radio. With that description, although not entirely accurate, she understood.

Podcasts are totally free and once you choose to subscribe, they are downloaded automatically to your mp3 player whenever a new episode is released. Your mp3 player can be your phone (that’s how I listen to them), your iPad, computer, laptop or iPod – basically, any device that can play downloaded music will play a podcast.

Apple iTunes have a great page if you'd like more detail about podcasts, you can find it here.

How often will you be recording interviews?2015-10-13T10:38:33+11:00

My plan is to have an episode released every week.

I'm a photographer, can I be interviewed?2013-03-26T10:09:07+11:00

Well, that depends.

Are you a wedding or portrait photographer?

Do you currently have a successful photography business?

Are you willing to share some of your knowledge to help other photographers improve and grow their business?

If you answered yes to all of the above, I'd love to hear from you: andrew@photobizx.com


Are you a specialist in another field that can help photographers improve and grow their business?

If so, contact me and we can have a chat about what you do: andrew@photobizx.com

Can I suggest a guest to be interviewed?2013-03-26T10:09:32+11:00

Yes, definitely.

Email me with your suggestions: andrew@photobizx.com

The only stipulation is they are English speaking and have a successful wedding or portrait photography business.

How do I unsubscribe from the premium membership?2015-10-13T10:29:18+11:00

You can cancel at any time, there are no contracts.

The easiest way is to cancel your Premium Membership and payments is via your automatic payments dashboard in PayPal.

Once logged in to your PayPal account and at your automatic payments dashboard, you should see payments to Impact Images or PhotoBizX and an option to cancel.

Let me know if you have any troubles – andrew@photobizx.com

Why are the photographers sharing what they know?2016-10-24T01:49:31+11:00

Photographers, like most nice people are more than happy to share what they know – especially if they know they are sharing with someone that really is interested, wants to know and will act on the knowledge they share.