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Hi I'm Andrew

If you’re wondering who’s behind the mic and asking the questions… it’s me, Andrew Hellmich. I won’t bore you with details now, you’ll learn little bits about me as you listen to the interviews – I usually share a little at the start of each episode.

Here’s the quick rundown. I’m a professional wedding and portrait photographer on the Central Coast of NSW, Australia.

I’ve been shooting professionally for over 14 years and photography has allowed my family and I a terrific lifestyle, a home, great schooling for my boys and overseas holidays most years.

I was once told “Get paid for what you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”. This resonated early in my life and became my focus. I don’t consider myself an amazing photographer and I didn’t get where I am by working this out on my own… no chance. I listened and learnt from those better than me. 3D1_180_copy

My aim is to have you doing what you love sooner. I get to and love it, no reason why you can’t. I hope you join me and get to live your dream, to be a successful photographer.

If you’re after a head start, I recently wrote a book on one of the best ways I know to continually book portrait sessions. It’s a system that works and works and works.
Click on this link, add your details and I’ll send it across right away.

What is Photo Biz Xposed?

To have successful wedding and portrait photographers from all over the world open up and share what they know about the business of photography that they wished they had known years earlier. To have experts in every field of business deliver actionable and real advice targeted at a creating a successful photography business.

You can have a successful photography business. Already successful – you can be better! Having a business is just like a peloton (in a cycling race), you are either moving forward through the pack or you’re moving back. There is no standing still. The only way to progress in business is to keep learning, keep taking action.
To not hold the good stuff back. Deliver the best content, the little ‘secrets’ to success that nobody likes to share. The very things that can take years to work out on your own.

Yes, if you take action on the lessons you hear, read and see from my interviews you will succeed in your photography business. I can get you the info, you need to take action.

Here's what Sarah from Bear Hunt Photography says…

Thank you for your podcast. Without it I would never have had the confidence to pursue photography in the first place, nor had any concept of where to begin, so I fully attribute my entry into the industry, as well as any current or future successes, to you. – Sarah Pulling of Bear Hunt Photography

Why Join?

”Get paid for what you love to do and you’ll never have to work a day in your life”

Not sure who said this first but it's something I strive to live by.

Want to learn more about me, my life and my business?

Being behind the microphone and producing the podcast each week, it always feels a little self indulgent to talk about myself too much, so I try not to. Most of you know that I own Impact Images, a portrait and wedding photography business on the Central Coast of Australia and not much more. You can see and hear more about me in a couple of interviews I did by clicking the links below.