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What's the PhotoBizX Podcast all about?

Join me, as I interview successful photographers from around the world to uncover the facts about running wedding, portrait, pet and headshot photography businesses for profit. You'll hear photographers share more than you've ever heard them share before.

Photographers including Jonas Peterson, Fer Juaristi, Sue Bryce, Ryan Brenizer, Peter Hurley, Gabe McClintock, Luisa Dunn, Ana Brandt, Nordica Photography, Jerry Ghionis, Ben Chrisman, Amy and Jordan, Two Mann Studios plus tons more.

Photographers reveal exactly what they do in their business and how they do it. This is your perfect chance to learn what you don't already know, to shortcut your road to success and save you heartache from some of the tough lessons ahead.

Learn what's working right now – from Facebook and Instagram Ads, Google Ads, SEO, pricing, customer service, referrals, third-party marketing, messenger bots to bridal expos, networking and referrals.

Discover the exact way to market, advertise and promote to attract wedding, portrait, pet and headshot clients every day. Learn pricing, sales techniques, to add on, up-sell or not, what to do when the phone rings and what the experts do when it doesn't.

It's not only photographers! Other guests include leaders in the fields of social media, on and offline marketing, advertising, branding, accounting – all offering real advice aimed squarely at being a successful photographer.

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I want to go on and on about the people in this group, the resources, and the material Andrew covers, but I will stop! Honestly, if this goes up as a review, and you read only one line, read this one! Andrew is probably the most influential person I have ever met in regards to my business.

James White

Andrew Hellmich goes above and beyond, time and again, to ask the business questions that we all wish we could ask. This podcast is full of actionable advice from all sorts of working photographers. The corresponding FB group is one of the best groups I am involved with.

Alison Lapczuk from Canada

I have launched my first Facebook ad and it still has 3 days to go. I live in a rural part of New Zealand’s south island so my reach is not huge but having said that, I have people wanting to drive for 4 hours to come and see me. It’s incredible.

Natasha Chadwick

Already in a month’s time since implementing ideas from PhotoBizX I have generated more bookings and more revenue than I have in months. This moth may truly be my best business month since I started over 3 years ago!

April Sova

I absolutely love this community! I have never seen a group that proactively builds each other's businesses.

Duane Borba

Seriously the best photography business podcast out there. If you want to improve your business this is the podcast for you… If you run a Photography business you need to be listening to the photoBizX podcast!

Trey Wick

Your podcast is the most impressive thing I've come across on the internet. It's completely blown me away. I may not have to quit photography anymore because of the stress. Totally best thing I've done is sign up for the premium membership.

Bleu Baker