How would you like to…

  • Wake up every day and know exactly what you need to work on to move forward in your business.

  • Have a set plan with measurable goals to work toward.

  • Attract more of your perfect clients with targeted marketing strategies that will work for you.

  • Build an easy to use (and understand) price list that encourages clients to spend more.

  • Sell more and feel good (and confident) while doing it… because it won't feel like selling.

  • Modify your website so it's one you're proud of AND does what it's meant to – convert visitors to clients.

  • Offer an experience your clients can't help but rave about.

  • Love the business side of your photography and marketing because it all starts to click.

I had been struggling for bookings and to move my photography business to the next level so I could live comfortably and leave behind the normal 9 to 5 for good.

I knew about SEO, marketing, networking, the importance of delivering awesome customer service and photos of course, and yet the leads still didn't come.

I came across Andrew's 1-2-1 coaching programme and suddenly it felt like a load was lifted and my motivation to succeed returned. The accountability he gives me, my knowledge of knowing that he is a great photographer and runs a successful photography business gives me the boost to know that I can do it too.

Within weeks of working with Andrew, I had a few weddings booked, my website looked better, I started to think about monetising things I was giving away for free and my motivation was through the roof!

I can't recommend Andrew enough for photographers at any stage of their career, because no matter how far down the road you are, his business techniques and his drive to help you succeed are second to none.

Put simply I am excited to succeed again and that is thanks to Andrew!

Simon Hawkins, Simon Hawkins Weddings

How it works…


We'll hook up on Zoom or Skype for a video chat and get to know each other a little more. I'll start digging to see where you're struggling, what's holding you back, what we need to do to get you on track and meeting your photography business goals. This call will help us both to know if we're a good match for each other and if we want to get stuck in and do this.

You can kick this off with a half hour free call to discover if we are a good fit.

From here, you may decide on a one Hour Strategy Call (USD$195) which might be plenty to get you going in the right direction.

Or… you can opt to step up to a month to month mentoring plan and use your initial payment toward those sessions.


Once we know we're going ahead, we'll schedule any future calls and I'll start formulating a plan to get you where you want to go as fast as possible. Your plan will be based on what we cover in our initial call and will be customised to suit you based on the time you have available to work on your business, your current pricing, marketing, lead generation tactics and where you might be getting stuck.


Once you decide on the best mentoring option below, we'll work together to have you actioning your business plan and strategies. Depending on what you need to do and the time you need, we'll schedule your mentoring program to work around you and the time you have available to implement what we cover.


I'll be there to help support and guide you every step of the way BUT, you need to get stuck in and do the work to get the results.

Click here to schedule your 30 minute FREE – pre coaching call

If this goes up as a review, and you read only one line, read this one… Andrew is probably the most influential person I have ever met in regards to my photography business.

So far, after 3 days I have received 7 bookings, all of whom have paid my deposit within 24 hours and are already discussing weddings with me! This promotion cost me $25 all up, and could ultimately bring me in over $30,000 in income.

I send out my online galleries and within an hour I usually have an email requesting I generate an invoice for the top package. It is so awesome and it inspires me to keep working hard. In fact, it has inspired me to leave my job and focus on my photography full time (I have wanted to do this for years).

I really am excited for the future!

James White, James White Photography

There is no one size fits all, there never is with photography or business.

You might be shooting weddings, portraits, families, kids, infants, toddlers, newborns, pets, couples, structured and posed, Day-In-The-Life photography (DITL) or some kind of documentary offshoot. You might be studio based or shoot only on location… whatever and however you shoot – I can help you get results.

Don't make this mistake…

The biggest mistake I’ve seen photographers make is trying to go it alone and stumble from one idea to the next, never getting any traction before moving to the next big idea.

I will help you stay focused. Stay accountable. To get things done that will truly make a difference to your business.

If you need help, I'm here and ready.

If you have any questions about how this all works, if it'll be suitable for you, shoot me an email at to have a chat about what you're after.

Let's get started…

Following our initial strategy call and mapping out a plan of action to take you from where you are to where you want to be with your photography business, it'll be full steam ahead… fortnightly video calls (audio only if you prefer) where we introduce step by step, considered actionable changes to your business to keep moving you forward.

From setting up your price list to give you the chance to generate the sales you know are possible, to planning a marketing calendar for the year ahead so you have a map of where you're heading. From advanced evergreen Facebook Ad funnels to Third Party Marketing promotions and delivering the best customer service.

We'll tick off the big things to move the needle fast before zeroing in on the small things that make a difference – all with the big picture in mind of getting you where you want to go… more clients, less time working in your business, outsourcing, charging more, changing direction – whatever you have in mind.

Let's get to work on your business!

1 Hour Strategy Call

  • 1 video call
  • Email support for 2 weeks following our call
  • Plan and map out a strategy for you to implement now
  • 100% commitment to your success

1 on 1 Coaching

  • 2 video calls per month
  • Unlimited emails
  • 100% commitment to your success
Click here to schedule your FREE 30 minute – pre coaching call and let's get started!