Phone questions and phrases to book the best clients via Facebook Ad campaigns

NOTE: This content is for Premium embers only - please login to access this post.  In this training, learn what (and what not) to say when considering booking a client for a shoot that came via a Facebook Ad Campaign. FAST FORWARD to the 14-minute mark to get into the actual training and past the intro. One of the biggest issues photographers have with any kind of free shoot offer is choosing the wrong people to photograph and end p [...]

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How To Dominate Your Local Area With Facebook Ads

NOTE: This content is for Premium embers only - please login to access this post.  This is part one of a two-part series. Jump to 10 minutes 30 seconds to the start of the training. In this video, learn how to create video content to establish yourself as the leading photographer in your local area, no matter the genre you specialise in. You can find part two of this training here: How to deliver your follow up, retargeted Facebook ads in [...]

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How to deliver your retargeted Facebook Ads in sequence

NOTE: This content is for Premium embers only - please login to access this post.  Following on from the first part of the training for photographers, on how to dominate your local area with Facebook Ads... which is here: In this video, learn how to set up retargeted audiences to deliver a series of sales focused ads IN THE CORRECT SEQUENCE. Using this tactic, you can deliver a follow-up series of ads in the correct order, just like an email [...]

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Messenger marketing for photographers

I had a conversation with local photographer James White on Friday just gone, that changed the way I think about Facebook Ads. His enthusiasm, excitement and success stories were infectious. I wish I'd recorded the conversation but didn't have my recording gear with me. Instead, I had to ask James to stop. I got up and asked Fran, the coffee shop owner, for a notepad and pen. Back with James... "Ok, take me through that again." He just launched a new [...]

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Why do you charge for PhotoBizX Podcasts when other podcasts are free?

I received the following email from John (not his real name) via the contact form on this website: Subject:  Membership Message: Not good that you are splitting the interviews into two parts.....paid and not paid. Disappointing to say the least.   There's no question associated with the email but if it were a question, it'd be a fair one if John had of asked: Why do you charge listeners to hear the full interviews each week? I took John's email as a [...]

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James became a PhotoBizX Premium Member, should you?

You probably don't want a list of reasons why you should join the membership from me. Instead... here's an email from Hunter Valley wedding photographer James White. An email he sent after I asked how everything was going with his membership. He says: Hey Andrew Always happy to share my successes and failures with you mate! Like I have said time and time again, I owe a lot of my success to PBX and what it has done for my business [...]

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What I learned from my first podcast interview with Andrew on PhotoBizX

The following post was submitted by documentary newborn and family photographer Jenna Christina after being interviewed for episode 251 of the podcast where she went into detail on utilising email marketing to better connect and go on to book your perfect target client. Although Jenna was nervous about coming on the show with no prepared questions, she did a beautiful job of sharing her thoughts. Here are some of her tips for when you get called up for an interview on this or another photography podcast. [...]

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Repeatability or Creativity – what’s best for your photography business?

If repeatability is the cornerstone of photography business success, is it the enemy of creativity? As photographers, creatives, artists... which should we favour for our paying clients, repeatability or creativity? What would you want if booking a photographer for yourself? My first 'photographer instinct' is creativity. If I stop and consider, it was the photographers work on their website and Instagram that drew me to them. That's the photography I want. I want to see myself in those photos. That's what [...]

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Are Virtual Assistants A Feasible Alternative For Your Photo Business?

A rare combination of skill and passion for taking amazing shots will draw someone into the photography business, but by itself won’t be enough to get them through the daily operations. In fact, when they get into the routine back-and-forth of running a business, they’ll find that their attention keeps being pulled away from the aspect that got them into it: the photography. They’ll have marketing to do, and briefs to cover, and travel to book. They’ll have so much [...]

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How to Use the Facebook Pixel For Photographers with Kylie Garner

The video below was recorded as a Facebook Live session with Kylie Garner of In this training, learn everything you need to know to get started with the Facebook Pixel and start reaching and retargeting ads to your perfect clients. The training is specifically for photographers and includes: Installing the FB Pixel Checking it's working Building traffic to create an audience How to avoid building a “dirty” audience Creating Lookalike audiences What to do with your audiences The big advantages of [...]

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