Are Virtual Assistants A Feasible Alternative For Your Photo Business?

A rare combination of skill and passion for taking amazing shots will draw someone into the photography business, but by itself won’t be enough to get them through the daily operations. In fact, when they get into the routine back-and-forth of running a business, they’ll find that their attention keeps being pulled away from the aspect that got them into it: the photography. They’ll have marketing to do, and briefs to cover, and travel to book. They’ll have so much [...]

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How to Use the Facebook Pixel For Photographers with Kylie Garner

The video below was recorded as a Facebook Live session with Kylie Garner of In this training, learn everything you need to know to get started with the Facebook Pixel and start reaching and retargeting ads to your perfect clients. The training is specifically for photographers and includes: Installing the FB Pixel Checking it's working Building traffic to create an audience How to avoid building a “dirty” audience Creating Lookalike audiences What to do with your audiences The big advantages of [...]

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5 Parts of your Photography Business To Easily Outsource

Photographers often feel swamped by the demands of running their own business - with not enough time to actually focus on photography. Being a photographer can involve more paper pushing than shutter pressing, so it may come as a relief that many of the boring-but-necessary stuff can be easily outsourced. From a financial perspective, if you’d make more money from an extra hour photographing that you’d lose by paying someone to take on the admin, it can be a no-brainer [...]

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Taking the Leap To Full Time Photographer with Israel Baldago

Plenty of questions, comments, ideas and requests for help or advice come in via email and messenger from listeners and they often require detailed replies. I usually hear the replies are helpful which got me thinking about how to share this information more freely and make it accessible to any photographer in a similar position to the question asker. One thing I have found is most issues photographers face are not solely unique. So... to kick things off in the first of [...]

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How To Create a Facebook Ad inside the Ads Manager for the FB AD Challenge

Since interviewing photography business coach, Bernie Griffiths, when he delivered the Facebook Ad challenge to PhotoBizX listeners, it's become one of the most used and successful strategies to book portrait, engagement, pet Questionnaire family photography sessions. Although Bernie covered exactly how to structure your ad, we didn't really delve into how to create your ad inside Facebook. Sure, boosting a post is one way (and it's becoming better), the advantages of creating your ad inside the Ads Manager or with the Power [...]

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How To Approach A Photographer or Photography Studio For Work

I recorded the video below a few years ago and stand by the content as much as the day I recorded it. The video was made in response to all the BAD requests I was receiving to work with Impact Images. These applications were usually via email for paid work, shooting, assisting, carrying bags, work experience, anything. The quality of enquiry was ridiculously bad. From generic emails addressed to no-one, addressed to the wrong studio altogether (yes, I've had job [...]

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Victor Hamke – The Muse will Kiss You Soon Enough

Victor Hamke of Muse and Mirror first caught my eye in the Fuji X Wedding Photographers group with the image immediately below. His photography looked surreal and modelled to perfection but with real couples and moments. His photography is beautifully dark. Not dark because it was a slider option in post. I started noticing his work in another group and had to have a closer look. The minute I saw a collection of his images in one place, I contacted him for an [...]

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Stop Shooting for an Audience

How would your photography look and feel if you didn’t shoot to publish? I don’t know about you but I feel every time I shoot, something has to be good enough to publish - on Instagram, Facebook or my blog. And it has to be "like" and "comment" worthy... whatever that is. There is pressure to perform every time I pick up the camera. It’s crazy! How would it be if that pressure was removed and it didn’t feel like [...]

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Photography Gear Junkie or Not and does it Matter?

How many times have you heard the claim from pro-photographers… "I’m not a gear junkie?" Maybe you make the same claim - I do. If you’re anything like me, you do it with a sense of pride, like you deserve a badge of honour... I'm no gear junkie! What if though... What if new gear had the affect it did on Michal: "My style of photography changed, maybe it was the excitement of something new or different that made me [...]

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Be the Business Class of Photographers

If you heard I was flying business class to Australia from Europe what would you think? Lucky bastard I’d love to do that That’d be a dream Oh man… I wish You’ll never want to fly economy again That sounds so good That's freakin' awesome! I'm so jealous Would it matter if you’ve never flown business class in the past? Probably not. Surely you've heard good things about business class. You’d have an idea, an inkling, it’s so much better than [...]

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