Webinar Replay: Change your mindset and grow your photography business with Johl Dunn

This is a webinar recording taken from a Zoom call with photography business and mindset coach, Johl Dunn where he shared the four mind blocks preventing photographers from finding the success they deserve. There are four main blocks preventing photographers from creating the success they want. Beliefs Fear Action Habits Johl will be covering action steps you can implement for each. This was not a sales session for coaching! Johl dives right into 30 [...]

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Q&A: Facebook Ads, making the follow up calls and utilising the Facebook Pixel

Andrew, Things are looking a bit grim these days and I think about giving up almost every day. I think one of the reasons I continue to press on is that I turn on your podcast and I am charged back up; it is on whenever I am in the car and I try to listen to at least 1 episode per day. I often re-listen to episodes at my desk so that I can take notes. I [...]

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Q&A: How to set up Facebook Ad Retargeting for Photographers

I recently posted a video on the PhotoBizX Facebook page on utilising Facebook Ad retargeting for photographers - you can see it here. In the video, I said... If you're not utilising Facebook Ad retargeting to your photography website visitors, you absolutely should be! Facebook retargeting is a super-easy way to stay in front of your website visitors and potential clients by staying top of mind and appearing regularly in their Facebook feeds. Not sure what retargeting is? It's where a [...]

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6 Lessons I Wish I’d Learnt Sooner in My Photography Business

Running a photography business can be tough – there are so many elements to juggle. You’ve honed your photography skills but have to master marketing, pricing, SEO, client management, bookkeeping and work out to maintain a good work/life balance. Louise Downham, an award-winning family photographer at, shares some hard-won lessons from her own experience of running a successful photography business. Be yourself To connect with your clients, you need to be yourself. The more you can show clients what [...]

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Q&A: Third Party Marketing Course

Hi Andrew, Hope you are well and not missing sunny Scotland too much! Haha. I left a review for you on iTunes podcast app. 5 stars of course. :) At the end of the last episode, you mentioned the 3rd party marketing course. Can you send on more details? I can't see anything on the website about this course. Am I doing my usual "man" look? 😂 Thanks, Stevie Hey Stevie, Haha, sunny Scotland… Yeah right! LOL [...]

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Q&A: Mastermind Groups

Hi Andrew, I wanted to ask you a question b/c I learned about this on one of the podcasts… it's about mastermind groups. I love the idea of this, and wondered if you recommended any groups, or if you had any ideas about how to find a group that might be a good fit for me? You are such a wealth of information, I wanted to see if you had any ideas before I start just searching online. Thanks Andrew!! [...]

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Phone questions and phrases to book the best clients via Facebook Ad campaigns

NOTE: This content is for Premium Members only - please login to access this post.  In this training, learn what (and what not) to say when considering booking a client for a shoot that came via a Facebook Ad Campaign. FAST FORWARD to the 14-minute mark to get into the actual training and past the intro. One of the biggest issues photographers have with any kind of free shoot offer is choosing the wrong people to photograph and end p [...]

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How To Dominate Your Local Area With Facebook Ads

NOTE: This content is for Premium embers only - please login to access this post.  This is part one of a two-part series. Jump to 10 minutes 30 seconds to the start of the training. In this video, learn how to create video content to establish yourself as the leading photographer in your local area, no matter the genre you specialise in. You can find part two of this training here: How to deliver your follow up, retargeted Facebook ads in [...]

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How to deliver your retargeted Facebook Ads in sequence

NOTE: This content is for Premium embers only - please login to access this post.  Following on from the first part of the training for photographers, on how to dominate your local area with Facebook Ads... which is here: In this video, learn how to set up retargeted audiences to deliver a series of sales focused ads IN THE CORRECT SEQUENCE. Using this tactic, you can deliver a follow-up series of ads in the correct order, just like an email [...]

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Messenger marketing for photographers

I had a conversation with local photographer James White on Friday just gone, that changed the way I think about Facebook Ads. His enthusiasm, excitement and success stories were infectious. I wish I'd recorded the conversation but didn't have my recording gear with me. Instead, I had to ask James to stop. I got up and asked Fran, the coffee shop owner, for a notepad and pen. Back with James... "Ok, take me through that again." He just launched a new [...]

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