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Michael Schacht of is a successful portrait and headshot photographer based in Chicago, Ilinois. A lot of his work is booked via advanced Facebook Ads, retargeting and Google Adwords. He utilises smart website choices to funnel his potential clients to the right areas to make advertising to them even easier. This is exactly what we cover in today's episode.

Some more about Michael… he spent his younger days sketching the photos from the covers of photography magazines. From sketching, he went on to painting, and eventually lost interest in the art programs at his school and started taking college classes.

At the time, he didn’t believe a career as an artist was a reasonable goal.

He went on to learn about sales and marketing after college and worked for a few companies in various sales and management roles in the construction industry. When the housing market crashed, he decided it was time to go back to his artistic roots.

Today, he describes himself as a commercial and editorial portrait photographer with the core of his business being headshots.

He also says… I help people earn trust via an image, meaning… he works with everyday people to make sure that their personal branding tells their story.

He openly says on his website, he's the best – so don't ask for a discount unless there's a group of 3 or more. I love that! And during the episode, I reckon there's a good chance you'll understand why he can be and is so confident about his photography work.

Here’s some more of what we cover in the interview:

  • Presenting your brand confidently and creating something interesting for your clients
  • Generating headshot photography work via Groupon
  • How Michael started to book his first headshot photography clients after Groupon
  • Free up more time with a scheduling program in your photography business
  • Being clear and upfront with your prices when talking to potential photography clients
  • The benefit of having a highly trafficked photography website
  • How optins changed the way Michael was doing business with his headshot clients
  • Sending visitors to your photography homepage via Google Adword campaigns is a mistake
  • How to segment and retarget your photography clients
  • What is “Drift Campaign”?
  • How Michael creates Facebook Ads for re-targeting headshot photography clients
  • Why targeting bigger companies for your Facebook Ad campaigns is key
  • How to decide between Google Ad and Facebook Ad campaigns for photographers
  • The advantage of Facebook Ads over Google Ads for headshot photographers
  • The kind of messages to trigger clients to come back and book
  • Creating a scenario to enable an emotional decision for your clients to book you
  • Stock photography in your ad campaigns – good idea or bad?
  • Michael's advice on putting the emphasis on your website, not on your portfolio
  • How to know if you have a good or a bad headshot photography website
  • How to make your client the hero of the story you're telling
  • Can you have too many calls to actions on one page?
  • Prices or no prices on your website or use your price list as an optin for email marketing?
  • Why Michael gives a free shoot rather than a discount
  • Michael's sales process for his headshot photography services
  • Photography website reviews and how they work
  • Michael's courses and the topics he covers

Michael Schacht Photography Podcast

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Michael Schacht Photography Podcast

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I believe that people have to interact with your brand a number of times to build trust – Michael Schacht

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Michael Schacht Photography Podcast

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I love this podcast

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A must listen

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A must listen for photographers of all genres.

Michael Schacht Photography Podcast

The more confident you can present yourself the easier job of weeding out the clients that are going to be a problem. – Michael Schacht

Tools to run a wedding photography business by Mark at ShotKit

Mark Condon of has put together a comprehensive list of the tools and services he uses everyday in his wedding photography business to stay as efficient and productive as possible.

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Some of the tools are pay-to-play, some are free.

Some you will recognise, know well and probably use yourself but I'm sure, you'll find a few hidden gems in here too.

Here's the link to check out the article:

Michael Schacht Photography Podcast

Some photographer are better suited for different areas of photography. – Michael Schacht

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Acuity Scheduling

Michael Schacht Photography Podcast

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Thanks again for listening and big thanks to Michael for sharing his thoughts on building a successful headshot and branding photography business with smart website and Facebook advertising tactics to attract and retarget his perfect clients.

If you create an amazing experience for somebody, they are going to want to take care of you. – Michael Schacht

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