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Iain Sim of put together his messenger marketing for photographers course out of necessity. After running multiple Facebook Ad campaigns for both his wedding and portrait photography businesses in Melbourne, screening applicants was killing his business. Iain and Jo, his wife are business partners and were looking for ways to minimise the time spent on making calls to find the best possible prospects to photograph after a successful advertising campaign. That's where the Facebook messenger bot (robot) came to the rescue.

If you're familiar with the Bernie style Facebook ads so popular with PhotoBizX listeners and members, learn more here if you're unsure what these ads are: you'll understand the real work begins once the ad is run and done and you need to start calling the people who responded to your ad. The objective is to screen the potential photography clients to find those who are most likely to purchase extra wall art, digital files, albums or prints following the free sessions, as advertised.

These phone calls are time-consuming and somewhat tricky – you need to get the person on the phone first, no mean feat. Once on the call, you need to ask the right series of questions to determine if this person, family, or couple are indeed a good fit for you and your business. Your aim is to determine if these potential clients will make a quality purchase following the free shoot.

Enter Facebook messenger and in particular, the use of messenger bots to do the screening for you. All automated and set up to ask the tricky questions.

Iain successfully implemented his messenger bot sequences to do all the heavy lifting for both his family portrait and engaged couple ad screening. In a nutshell, someone responds to an ad and they automatically enter the robot sequence inside their Facebook messenger account.  The fully automated sequence “spits out” the best possible candidates for Iain and Jo to follow up with on a call scheduled by the client with calendar booking software.

The clients deemed not a good fit by the automated sequence are let down gently and don't take Iain and Jo unnecessarily away from their business and the best possible clients who they can now focus on.

To get a full understanding of the sequence and how it works, you'll find an example on the page here: – scroll to the bottom of the page and try it yourself.

We'll go deeper into the chatbot, automation, Facebook Ad strategies and a whole lot more in this interview.

Here’s some more of what we cover in the interview:

  • A quick run through of how well Iain's businesses are doing
  • What's more effective, FB ads posted on your timeline for organic reach or utilising dark posts?
  • The 48 hour Facebook Advertising window for new ads or changes to existing ads to take effect
  • Why you need to throw money on Facebook Ads at the start of your campaigns
  • Iain's Facebook Ads daily budget recommendations
  • Facebook reach gets better when you engage with your posts
  • How messenger bots fit in while you continue to engage with prospective clients
  • The advantages of messenger bots in conjunction with your FB ad campaigns
  • How to use messenger bots
  • What you can use messenger bots for and are they easy to set up and use
  • The difference between bots and questionnaires
  • How to set up chatbots
  • What questions to ask in your chatbot sequence to find the best potential photography clients
  • How to use messenger bots for your photography business
  • What happens when clients get shortlisted and get to the end of the bot sequence?
  • Using an online calendar to book phone calls – have your clients do the work
  • Using message bots for family portraits and engagement sessions
  • The number of wedding bookings Iain attracts via his engagement shoots
  • Is it ok to use incentives to attract bookings?
  • Can you use the same messaging bots for engagement and family shoots
  • How to personalize questionnaires to match the language you use in your business
  • The need to make it clear to customers about the automated responses
  • The consequences of spamming Facebook Messenger inboxes
  • How to retain customers who don't qualify for free shoots
  • What are model calls and how to utilise a chatbot sequence with a model call campaign
  • What it costs to use ManyChat
  • Pricing and what is included on Iain's course – Messenger marketing for Photographers
  • Other ways to use chatbots
  • How Iain manages his messages
  • Will accidentally opening a message interrupt the message bots
  • Can you still use chatbots even if you are not running a promo?
  • Can chat bots be incorporated in third-party marketing strategies?
  • Using chatbots for excitement building before a portrait session and before a meeting

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In today's episode, Melanie Murphy shared the details of her up and coming photography retreat for emerging female photographers. The focus will be on the business of photography, shooting real examples, networking and a little wine to go along with the whole glamping experience.

The retreat sounds fantastic for any female photographers who are relatively new to the business or looking to go into business but don't know where or how to get started.

Between Melanie, her friend and fellow photographer, Astrid Simone – it sounds like they have a fantastic weekend of shooting, learning and fun lined up for participants.

More details can be found here: The Luminary Retreat

In addition to talking about the retreat, Melanie shared some cool ideas about generating bookings at Bridal Expo's – something she did personally with great results just recently.

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