PBX355: Heidi Hapanowicz – Everything you wanted to know about personal branding photography

Heidi Hapanowicz of www.heidihapanowicz.com from NYC is a headshot, lifestyle and personal branding photographer, but it's clear, personal branding is where her passions lay. Her ideal client is someone who needs more than a headshot photographer, someone looking for a complete online image makeover. She says; I'm a personal branding photographer & designer for entrepreneurs. I [...]


PBX352: Philip Warren – How to run profitable Christmas mini Sessions for photographers

Philip Warren of www.philip-warren.com shares how to run profitable Christmas mini Sessions for photographers in this episode where we approach his strategy step by step. Philip is a successful wedding photographer but realised there was a terrific opportunity to generate a boost in income after creating some beautiful Christmas themed photos for his family. Two years [...]


PBX351: Cat Ekkelboom-White – How to build a profitable adventure elopement photography business

Cat Ekkelboom-White of www.wildconnectionsphotography.com is an ex-ski and snowboard instructor. Born and raised in the UK, she took a trip to the Austrian Alps and never left. Since then, she's married, lives in Innsbruck, has built a photography business serving adventurous couples and capturing their elopements and weddings in the most beautiful and wild locations. She [...]


PBX348: Steve Saporito – How to excite and delight your portrait clients to better sales

Steve Saporito of  www.stevesaporitoeducation.com has appeared on the PhotoBizX podcast a number of times. I used to introduce him as "The Doctor of Portrait Photography success." He specialises in teaching photographers how to excite and delight portrait clients to bigger and better sales. He's a photography business coach who doesn't pull punches, isn't afraid to push [...]


PBX344: Katherine Williams – Photography business success after devastating setbacks

Katherine Williams of www.tandemphotography.co.nz and www.katherinewilliams.co.nz lost her photography studio, not once but TWICE, following the devastating earthquakes of Christchurch New Zealand in 2011. Today, her portrait and commercial photography businesses are thriving. This interview is a glimpse into what can follow unimaginable setbacks if you have the desire to rebuild and go on. The seed [...]


PBX343: Brian Bossany – Wedding photography business three years on, what's working and what's not

Brian Bossany of www.brianbossany.com and www.wildtrailstudio.com was interviewed on the podcast three years ago for episode 207 where he shared in detail, how he's converting so many enquiries by utilising video in his email replies and as part of his website - showing him at work with his couples. It's immediately obvious by his permanent smile, here's [...]


PBX342: Michael Schacht – Why personal branding photographers should pursue headshot photography first

Michael Schacht of www.312elements.com was quick to weigh in on a recent discussion on personal branding photography, happening inside the PhotoBizX Member's Facebook Group when I asked... US Members, do you know of any successful personal branding photographers? I'm looking for potential interview guests for 2020. Interestingly, most suggestions were for people who sell and market [...]


PBX341: Andrew Hellmich – What will you be implementing in your photography business for 2020

In part two of this two-part Christmas Special, learn what some listeners are planning to implement into their photography businesses for 2020. Plus... embarrassing moments and stuff-ups. Following this episode, I’d love to know if you're taking anything away from what you heard. Is there something you heard that excited or motivated you to the point where [...]


PBX340: Andrew Hellmich – Photography business wins for 2019

In part one of this two-part Christmas Special, learn what some listeners have done to make the biggest improvements to their photography business in 2019. Following this episode, I’d love to know if you're taking anything away from what you heard. Is there something you heard that excited or motivated you to the point where you thought, [...]


PBX337: Brittni Schroeder – How to build a money mindset for photographers

Brittni Schroeder of www.brittnischroeder.com has been a professional photographer for 10 years and her work has been featured in the Wall Street Journal, Good Morning America and a number of photographic publications. She was named one of The Most Influential Photographers in 2016. Recently, everything changed when she took a different route in her career and [...]


PBX334: Tommy Reynolds – How to utilise video to grow your stills photography business

Tommy Reynolds of www.tommyreynolds.co.uk is a UK based professional travel & portrait photographer with close to 40,000 YouTube subscribers following his photographic adventures. Since 2013 he's worked with clients including PIXAPRO, Olympus, Syco Entertainment, Universal Music, Sony Music, Ben Sherman, The Metro and Panasonic. He's also photographed famous bands and artists such as Pixie Lott, The [...]


PBX332: Brett Stanley – How to build a successful underwater portrait photography business

Brett Stanley of www.brettstanleyphoto.com started his underwater portrait photography business about six years ago after being a land-based photographer four years prior. After launching the underwater photography business, some of his images go viral – underwater pole dancers and circus performers – which brought him into the spotlight. Since then he's been working with people all over the [...]

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