PBX362: Tony Taafe – Build a profitable headshot photography business by allowing clients to spend more

Tony Taafe of www.tonytaafe.com brands himself as Scottsdale's premier headshot photographer and he's grown a successful business by utilising a simple but genius pricing system for his headshot photography clients. In this interview, Tony shares how to build a profitable headshot photography business by allowing clients to spend more. Sounds simple right? It is, but that's what makes [...]


PBX360: Thomas Vargeletis – How to build and grow a profitable real estate photography business

Thomas Vargeletis of  www.tv.photography is a real estate photographer who started as a listing agent after earning his license to sell real estate. Following bad experiences with local photographers, he learnt how to shoot for himself. A few years later, other agents began hiring him to photograph their listings and Thomas Vargeletis Photography was born. Since then, [...]


PBX359: Kara Marie Trombetta – How to build a successful boudoir photography business

Kara Marie Trombetta of www.karamariestudios.com is a talented photographer of women and successful boudoir photography business owner with clients waiting months to be photographed and have the opportunity to purchase something truly unique for themselves. In this interview, Kara shares exactly how to build a successful boudoir photography business - from attracting her ideal clients, creating [...]


PBX358: Sean LeBlanc – How to book incredible portrait photography clients at expos

Sean LeBlanc of www.seanleblancphotography.com was introduced to me by photography business coach, Steve Saporito who said... when it comes to inspiration and talent; you need to interview Sean LeBlanc from Calgary, Alberta in Canada. I went off to check his website. My initial thoughts were - classy, fantastic images, beautifully lit work, definitely not cheap... this is someone who [...]


PBX355: Heidi Hapanowicz – Everything you wanted to know about personal branding photography

Heidi Hapanowicz of www.heidihapanowicz.com from NYC is a headshot, lifestyle and personal branding photographer, but it's clear, personal branding is where her passions lay. Her ideal client is someone who needs more than a headshot photographer, someone looking for a complete online image makeover. She says; I'm a personal branding photographer & designer for entrepreneurs. I [...]


PBX352: Philip Warren – How to run profitable Christmas mini Sessions for photographers

Philip Warren of www.philip-warren.com shares how to run profitable Christmas mini Sessions for photographers in this episode where we approach his strategy step by step. Philip is a successful wedding photographer but realised there was a terrific opportunity to generate a boost in income after creating some beautiful Christmas themed photos for his family. Two years [...]


PBX351: Cat Ekkelboom-White – How to build a profitable adventure elopement photography business

Cat Ekkelboom-White of www.wildconnectionsphotography.com is an ex-ski and snowboard instructor. Born and raised in the UK, she took a trip to the Austrian Alps and never left. Since then, she's married, lives in Innsbruck, has built a photography business serving adventurous couples and capturing their elopements and weddings in the most beautiful and wild locations. [...]


PBX348: Steve Saporito – How to excite and delight your portrait clients to better sales

Steve Saporito of  www.stevesaporitoeducation.com has appeared on the PhotoBizX podcast a number of times. I used to introduce him as "The Doctor of Portrait Photography success." He specialises in teaching photographers how to excite and delight portrait clients to bigger and better sales. He's a photography business coach who doesn't pull punches, isn't afraid to push [...]

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