Any portrait photographer can get more bookings by using 3rd Party Marketing, because you'll have businesses already servicing your perfect clients and referring them to you!

Third Party Marketing is one of the most widely used strategies to attract photography clients and it's being used by successful portrait photographers world wide. If you're not already doing this, and well, you need to be.

Till now, you've had to stumble your way through trying to work out what works, how to set up the strategy effectively, who to target – which businesses, what kind of voucher artwork to design, what to include as part of your offer and in writing on your voucher.

NOW… it's all here.

It's all in the eBook, laid out in easy to follow step by step instructions so YOU CAN'T GO WRONG.

Whatever your specialty, there are other businesses servicing your perfect clients. Follow the step by step process I've detailed in the book and tap into a never ending supply of customers or your business by setting up a referral program that makes you not only the go to photographer but incentivised to book you for a shoot in the next week.

  • A repeatable system to attract clients throughout the year

  • Reach your perfect demographic and target client everytime

  • Pre qualified clients you know have money to spend

  • Simply turn the tap on for more clients and off when you're too busy

  • Run your marketing campaigns with multiple businesses at the same time

  • The perfect way to have respected business promote you to their cleints

  • Works with any genre of portrait photography

  • Easy to set up and get going – start shooting and sellng within 21 days

No matter your portrait specialty, Third Party Marketing will work for you.

If you're a maternity and newborn photographer, have obstetricians and baby stores sending their clients and customers directly to you.

Are kids your specialty? Have dentists, physios, pre-schools, sports stores, a surf shops sending their customers to you with a deadline to have them chasing you up.

Pet photographers, this applies to you too. Use Third Party Marketing and have veterinary clinics, dog wash specialists and dog trainers recommend and send their customers directly to you.

Want to photograph boudoir or looking for more boudoir clients, what if the local lingerie boutiques were handing out your details and raving about your services to their customers and sending them your way.

What would your business look like if you could not only reach your perfect target clients, your dream customers but have them come to you after being referred by someone they know, like and trust?

Is this something you'd like to experience?

What could you do with the extra income and a stream of clients excited to be working with you?

No matter your style of photography or your specialty, 3rd party marketing and the use of vouchers is a perfect way to attract more clients and it's all laid out exactly how to get this implemented from start to sale in this ebook.

Click here to buy the book now and start implementing this system which will work for you.

Download Your Copy and Get Started

$4700 USD
  • Complete step by step instructions means you can get started and do this
  • Swipe Copy so you don't need to come up with anything new – just take it and use it
  • Pre designed voucher artwork for your use. Simply change the logo and business name and you're good to go
  • Partner business suggestions and ideas with lists of best to worst – means you can target the best businesses first
  • Script for what to say (and what not to) when presenting your partnership ideas to business owners to make this a no-brainer for them
  • You can reach me if you have any questions along the way –
  • Money back guarantee. Buy the book and don't feel like you can make this work for you, let me know via email and I'll happily refund you and you can keep the book
  • This widely used system will work for you in your photography business like it has for almost every portrait photographer I've interviewed

Third Party Marketing is like turning on a tap in my business. I run a promotion when I want clients and stop when I have too many – it's that good!

Israel Smith, Israel Smith Photographers

I'm not sure I want to be sharing this. My business has thrived on Third Party Marketing.

Bianca Duimel, Bianca Duimel Photography