Want Larger, More Consistent ONLINE Sales for Your Photography Business?

It's well known that In Person Sales (IPS) generally outperform Online Sales and there always seems to be a big industry wide push towards this form of photography sales. Many experts, gurus, rockstars and teachers push hard to get newbies especially into selling in person. Their intensions are good and I'm in the same boat and prefer IPS to online sales in my business.

Here's the thing…

IPS isn't for everyone!

For some photographers, online selling is a better fit either all of the time or at least for some sessions – like it is for me.

Family and portrait photographer Nick Peel has developed a strategy that has him averaging $1000 sales – all online! And he's sharing everything  from start to finish in this step by step course.

Are you a photographer who…

  • Has no time for IPS – maybe you have another job or want more time with your family
  • Prefers to focus on shooting and not selling
  • Shoots on the move while travelling from location to location and don't want to be tied down with IPS
  • Works with clients who are holidaying away from their home and only visiting the area you service
  • With a dislike of selling in person – maybe selling just isn't for you
  • Just likes the idea of working online to sell
  • Is starting out and selling your photography is new to you and possibly even scares you
  • Doesn't have a space to sell in and selling in the clients home or a coffee shop is just a turn off

Does this sound familiar? If so… this course is definitely for you.

Why does Nick sell online? Why did he work on this strategy and get it working so well?

He works full-time and does family photography as a side job on weekends. He also has 4 kids, so does not have the spare hours for each IPS session. Instead… he spends 3-5 minutes uploading his gallery and waits for the $1,015 PayPal notification in the comfort of his own home. Really, it's that easy and that good!

If you want to do any online photography sales or already are but want to maximise your sales, this course is for you.

Whatever your reasons, and no matter if you want to integrate online sales with your IPS, this strategy will work for you – see the proof below from other photographers already doing it.

If you want to grow your photography business and get some consistency with your sales, implement this simple and repeatable sales system. There are only a few things to implement and you'll be off and running. Follow the strategy, have clients purchasing your top package more times and more easily than you thought possible. 

Online Photography Sales Masterclass

  • Easy to follow step by step Instructions so there's no stress or guessing how to do this
  • Video tutorials showing exactly how to set up your packages, pricing and galleries so you can follow along
  • An audio interview with Nick where he lays the entire strategy out before explaining each step for you to follow along
  • Exact pricing formulas to use and adapt for your photography business and situation
  • Detailed instructions on setting up your packages and inclusions
  • Tried and true system that's working right now with real examples
  • A growing Q and A Chapter where your specific questions are answered in detail
  • If you don't get the results I'm talking about, you get a 100% Money Back Guarantee. I want you to try this for yourself.
  • Swipe email and SMS copy to use in your business with your clients so you don't need to come up with anything
  • Copy of all email correspondence to use to maximise your sales so no guessing what to do next when you start this yourself
  • A photography contract/agreement to use with your clients right now or take inspiration from
  • Complete photography shot list and access to real life galleries so you know what you need to shoot at every session
  • Everything you need to maximise your online sales… EVERYTHING
  • An easy to implement system to lead your clients to your top package every time

What Do You Get in the Course?

In a nutshell, you get a proven system to generate more consistent and higher online sales for your photography business. This strategy has been and is still being used as is by Nick for every shoot he does. Since launching the course to PhotoBizX members, there are photographers around the world now using this exact strategy with great success – see testimonials below.

Since developing this sales strategy, Nick has been averaging over $1000 per shoot, all with online sales.

The screenshot below is taken directly from the online gallery software Nick uses:

In the screenshot above of Nick's sales, you’ll notice the gap between dates reflects his part time schedule. Also he was on holidays for a couple of weekends in that time and most of November.

Also, one sale is less because the family used a gift voucher that covered them for the session fee and lowest package. They then paid the difference to get the top package (a $1015.00 sale), and the $440 sale (Nick's lowest package was booked via a free shoot) and 2 days later, the family asked if they could transfer the rest to get the top package – so this too ended up being a $1015.00 sale. 

I've bought the program and it looks great. Very similar to the FB challenge course which made me a lot of money. It's straight forward and I can see with a step by step approach. I still see people posting in the group asking why their FB ads didn't work. My best recommendation. Follow it exactly to a T. Just when you think you're going to outsmart it and cut a corner is when you run into trouble. This Portrait Program looks exactly the same at first glance. That's why I jumped on it. I'm looking forward to following it to the letter.

Todd Langille, Todd Langille Photography

Just wanted to say that I have recently instituted Nick Peel‘s strategy with packages and online galleries and now not only don't have to hound my clients to make a decision, but have sold my highest collection every time. I still debate between galleries and IPS, but for as long as I use galleries, I will use this method!

Sarah Sido, Studio Sido

Who is this course for?

The course is for portrait photographers, in particular family photographers. There is a section for shooting couples and engagement sessions and selling online to these clients too.

This strategy will also work well for pet photographers too – especially if you include the pet owners in your shoots (and you should be).

As usual, there's a money back guarantee – if you're not happy for whatever reason, let me know and I'll refund you. No questions.

What if you could make over $1000 with every sale and the hardest part of the sales pitch was uploading your images to the online gallery?

Nick and I have worked hard on this and we're both proud of the result and think it fills a need for any photographer who for whatever reason can't or doesn't want to do IPS.

If that's you and you want the best chance of making killer online sales following every session, this strategy will do that for you.

It's proven and it works.

Just bought and read it Andrew and Nick. Good read chaps with lots of great points and reasons why you do what you do.

James Westray, ames WestrayJ Photography

Just what I need! I’ve felt that I’m failing if I don’t do IPS with parents of newborns, especially if they have toddlers don’t want to come out again in the same week or so. Plus I worry about buyers remorse. I’ve signed up!

Judith Conning, Jude Conning Photography

YES YES YES TO ALL OF THIS!! Thanks heaps for putting it together at an affordable price!!! 2018 here I come!!

Francisca Garreton, Fran Jorgensen Photography

Andrew Hellmich & Nick Peel was a great resource in helping me get set up this past summer with my first online sales and all the little details along the way.

Noel Moxon, Noel Moxon Photography