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Mark Rossetto of is a business and life coach from Queensland, Australia. Before coaching, Mark was a successful photographer (an AIPP Master photographer in fact) owned and ran a studio in Melbourne where they were shooting around 500 family sessions and 20 weddings per year. He built up to those numbers in 18 months after starting the business!

Seven years later, Mark sold his studio, it's still running successfully with its new owners. He and his family moved to Queensland and Mark started his coaching business.

In addition to coaching, Mark has just released a new app – Send Out A Survey, based on something he built and used to boost his studio photography business in Melbourne.

His starting point in regard to coaching for any photographer, get serious about what YOU want from your photography business. Once you know this, creating a road map to include marketing, pricing, hours, advertising, staff, location and everything else that goes into running a business, will all fall into place.

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview:

  • How Mark managed to build up to 500 shoots per year
  • How Mark started and grew his photography business
  • Setting up a home-based photography studio
  • Would Mark’s successful business strategies in the past work if he were to start from scratch today?
  • Why move into a studio space despite running a successful home-based studio
  • Will moving to a studio space change your approach to marketing?
  • Structuring your schedule to accommodate all the tasks you need to accomplish
  • Utilising public holidays to schedule appointments with clients
  • Using effective systems to maximise work hours eliminating the need to work over time
  • Mark’s business turnover
  • How Mark maintains a well-rounded work-life balance
  • The difference between working from home and working in a studio
  • How Mark gets to enjoy his time off  despite having his own business
  • Portrait photography generates more money than wedding photography
  • Why Mark sold his photography studio
  • The importance of finding the right buyer to pass on your business
  • What you get when buying a photography business
  • Why there aren't many photography businesses worth selling or buying these days
  • When do you stop becoming the asset of your business?
  • How will a photographer know they're ready to sell his photography business?
  • How is Mark different from other business coaches?
  • How to choose the right coach to help grow your business
  • Why franchises work well
  • What is NLP and how will this be useful in your business
  • How much it costs to hire Mark and what you get out of it
  • How soon will you see results after hiring Mark as a coach?
  • What is the Send Out A Survey app and how does it work?

Mark Rossetto Photography Podcast

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  • Why you need to understand who your client is
  • Who hires Mark for coaching
  • What happens during Mark’s coaching sessions?
  • Targeting clients on specific times/days to suit the lifestyle you want to lead
  • The first thing Mark looks into when working as a business coach
  • What to consider when working on your photography pricing
  • The life of a portrait client is around 6-8 weeks
  • Defining what photography leads are
  • Giving clients an incentive to call you
  • What are portrait parties and how do they work?

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There’s always a faster way – Mark Rossetto

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Mark Rossetto Photography Podcast

What is your big takeaway?

Following this interview, I’d love to know if you're taking anything away from what Mark shared. Is there something you heard that excited or motivated you to the point where you thought, yeah, I'm going to do that! If so, let me know by leaving your thoughts in the comments below, let me know what your takeaways were, what you plan to implement in your business as result of what you heard in todays episode.

We all had a plan and we stuck to it really well – Mark Rossetto

If you have any questions that I missed, a specific question you’d like to ask Mark or if you just want to say thanks for coming on the show, feel free to add them below.

Mark Rossetto Photography Podcast

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Absolutely Essential!

 In iTunes by Northern California Wedding Videographer, Brian Winckel from USA on September 2, 2016

I have been a premium member for about 6 months and I’m loving it!

I’m actually a videographer and although the podcast is primarily photography centred it has helped me with knowledge/insight that I can apply directly to my business.

Andrew is a pro but still asks the right questions from a learners perspective. Specifically I love how Andrew and his content providers deliver compelling content targeted to encourage action. I walk away with an action plan, feeling excited & motivated. I listen to it in the car, while I’m exercising and yes I have even listen to it in the shower.

Commit a little time to it and you see why its rated 5 out of 5 stars. Stellar!

Mark Rossetto Photography Podcast

The NEW Photography Xperiment Podcast is live and available

Following the success and support shown by listeners after the experimental format of the recent interviews, the new Photo Xperiment Podcast has been launched and is available on this site and in iTunes now.

Interviews are underway and I'll be looking for new guests, not restricted to wedding and portrait photographers. If you have someone you think would be a good fit, let me know in the comment area below or email me,

The idea behind these interviews is to get into the headspace of the photographer and find what makes them tick, what drives them, their thought process, philosophy on shooting and how they achieve what they do with their photography. So yeah, a little technique type content too.

These interviews will not focus on the business of photography – that'll be preserved solely for the weekly and unchanging format of the PhotoBizX podcast.

To hear these interviews in your podcast app, you will need to subscribe to the podcast – these interviews will not be delivered automatically if you're subscribed to PhotoBizX. Open your favourite podcast app and search “Photography Xperiment Podcast” or enter the feed URL, into the search field of your podcast app.

The last episode featured a real documentary wedding photographer – Paul Rogers from the UK who left his job with the Times Newspaper in London to focus on wedding photography. Paul shares in depth details about working as a photojournalist for one of the worlds leading newspapers and how that experience has shaped what he does as a wedding photographer today.

Listen in to the interview to hear more about this talented photographer and his views on photography, the wedding photography business and whether or not it's all sustainable as a business – Paul Rogers Interview on The Photography Xperiment Podcast.

Mark Rossetto Photography Podcast

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Mark Rossetto Photography Podcast

Links to people, places and things mentioned in this episode:

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Mark Rossetto Photography Podcast

Thank you!

Thanks again for listening to the show and thanks to Mark for coming on and sharing his thoughts, views and ideas for running a fantastic (and successful) wedding photography business.

I’m helping people define what success looks like to them – Mark Rossetto

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