Paul Rogers of Rogers Pictures is a UK documentary wedding photographer. Before wedding photography, Paul was a photojournalist with The Times newspaper in London where he photographed a full range of subjects – from royalty, celebrities and world leaders to war zones and natural disasters worldwide.

His Instagram bio sums up his current approach nicely… “UK and Europe based Documentary Wedding photographer working with relaxed couples who love photography but don't want a photoshoot on their wedding day.”

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Here’s some of what we cover:

  • Life as a major newspaper photojournalist
  • What made Paul leave The Times when he did?
  • The problems facing print news organisations today
  • Considering exit plans when working as photojournalists
  • How and why Paul chose wedding photography as his niche
  • News photographers that Paul look up to
  • Paul’s level of comfort in letting old colleagues know he is now a wedding photographer
  • Why Paul chooses to shoot weddings today
  • Learning to adapt to change
  • How Paul learnt photography
  • How to become a photojournalist
  • The difference between news journalism and photo journalism
  • How Paul managed to land a job at The Times magazine
  • How was it working for The Times?
  • Where Paul learnt his photography skills to become the photographer that he is today
  • When photography becomes a job
  • Is there any longevity in the wedding photography business?
  • Does wedding photography business have the potential to disappear in the future?
  • Why shooting so much at a wedding is important
  • What is ‘shooting through the moment’?
  • Whose work made a huge influence on Paul’s photography style?
  • Why the UK has so many documentary photographers
  • The best way to become better at photojournalism
  • How will you benefit from attending the Foundation workshop?
  • Why Paul still attends workshops today
  • The difference between a news photographer and a war photographer
  • Paul’s reason for outsourcing his photo editing
  • First time outsourcing – how does it feel?

Paul Rogers Photography Podcast

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I’ve made all those mistakes out there and you know, you don’t intend to make them the second time; or there’s maybe a second time but not a third – Paul Rogers

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Paul Rogers Photography Podcast

When you are confident in what you’re doing you can get to the point of shooting the images that you know you need a lot quicker than when you’re faffing around, experimenting, trying something out that doesn’t work and you’re not quite sure you end up overshooting – Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers Photography Podcast

I knew that I needed to do something in the field of documentary photography to do the kind of work that I wanted to do – Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers Photography Podcast

Things change and this is who I am now – Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers Photography Podcast

We will never stop learning and I just want to push myself every single wedding. Every year, I want to get better at everything – Paul Rogers

Paul Rogers Photography Podcast

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Foundation First Workshop

I suppose what I’m trying to do is explore other people’s vision of how they see – Paul Rogers


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Paul Rogers Photography Podcast

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If you immerse yourself around people that have a philosophy in the way that they work it could certainly rub off on you and it can change the way you start looking at the world and that’s just the beginning. It’s now up to you to develop that and to look for other influences and to develop your style and to find out what works and what doesn’t – Paul Rogers

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