When I put word out asking for photographers you'd like to hear interviewed, Jerry Ghionis was the one name that kept coming up. For good reason too. Jerry is an amazing wedding photographer, he's been shooting professionally for over 20 years and if I ran through all the awards he's won in this episode of the podcast, the show would be over!

He has been named as one of the top 5 wedding photographers in THE WORLD and one of the best photograhy instructors but to me, there is something about Jerry that outshines all the awards.

He is a life-changer!

If you are lucky enough to be part of one of his workshops he will change the way you see photography, business and life.

I have experienced one of Jerry's 5 day workshops, seen him present at different workshops and seminars, went to visit his (at the time) X-Sight studio when in Melbourne and have been an Ice Society member for a couple of years. When I say “life changer” I say it with honesty, conviction and sincerity. He, along with Martin Schembri are the two most influential photographers that have helped shape my wedding photography business and shooting.

I'm sorry, but you suck. – Jerry Ghionis

I caught up with Jerry for this interview via Skype while he and Melissa were preparing for lunch, a BBQ in fact, at their Melbourne Docklands apartment. Jerry warned me at the start that we may face some interruptions as the building manager was testing the alarms for the building. The decision was made to get stuck in and we'd run with whatever we recorded… interruptions or not.

Jump over to the audio and you can hear for yourself, the fun we had and the pearls he shared – that and the fact there is more to Jerry than photography and business, and like most people, if given another chance in life he just may have chosen an entirely different path.

One thing is certain, no matter how much you have heard from Jerry or how well you think you might know him, you will learn some new things in this episode.

Jerry Ghionis podcast interview

Much of Jerry's “featured work” is directed. He is just as comfortable capturing PJ images at a wedding.

Here's some of what we cover in the interview:

  • How to get seen and known as a great wedding photographer
  • Instagram and filters
  • The importance of knowing the craft of photogaphy
  • Wedding collections – better known to most as packages
  • Pricing
  • Albums
  • Singing, karaoke and The Voice
  • Posing clients at the 1st appointment
  • Shoot and burn packages
  • When things “clicked” for Jerry
  • Standing out from the crowd
  • Is Facebook the best tool for a wedding photographer?
  • Advertisng
  • What you should be doing to market your business
  • Up coming secret projects
  • Being a wedding photographer WITHOUT having your own business
One of the questions I ask guest photographers about toward the end of each interview is where they see photography going in the next 5 years or so. I was shocked to hear Jerry's answer:

The future of photography is going down in a big way. Down like a rocket. – Jerry Ghionis

Just as interesting was hearing that avoiding the downward spiral doesn't take rocket science but it will take a lot of good, honest hard work. Something that is lacking in many of todays wedding photographers.

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Thanks again Terry for the heads up.

Jerry Ghionis podcast interview  - international wedding photography

Jerry has structured his life and business to enable him to not only shoot weddings around the world but to be in demand all over the world.

A couple of shout outs

Firstly, to Kellie Jayne of Kelly Jayne Photography for her 5 star rating and lovely review in iTunes. Thank you and great to know the podcast is helping you enjoy your Wednesday morning drives 🙂

Secondly, to Claire  from Claire Wolfe Photography who I've been chatting to via twitter and is getting ready to enter her first AIPP awards in Victoria. Wishing you every success Claire! You can check out Claire's work on her blog – I love the honesty in this post and the images in this one.

Lastly, to Holly from Holly Murphy Photography for using the contact form on the website to send through some lovely feedback – thanks Holly! I love the photo on your blog with the pregnant mum to be with the foal on her property.

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Want to learn more from Jerry with an Ice Society subscription, make sure you check the generous offer he has made for premium members of the Photo Biz Xposed website.

I've been a member of the Ice Society myself and can honestly say it is an incredible resource for wedding photographers wanting to improve their photography, lighting, posing/directing and business skills. I've paid the full price over a number of years and always felt it was a great investment – with this offer, it's a steal.

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