136: Bernie Griffiths – A Challenge for You to Book More Portrait Photography Sessions

Something different for this weeks episode with previous guest and photography business coach Bernie Griffiths. It's a step by step instruction on how to book more portrait photography sessions through a targeted Facebook ad with a challenge for you to get this done. Are you up for it?

In the interview, Bernie explains with clear instructions how to format your Facebook post for your promotion including a headline to grab attention, a reason for your promotion and an attractive offer that will be difficult for your target client to resist.

All you need is an open mind, a small advertising budget of $25-$30 and the willingness to take action. Oh, and time to shoot and sell more portrait photography when you commit to this and follow through.

Here’s some of what we cover:

  • The state of professional photography today
  • Why Bernie believes the photography industry is harder than it used to be
  • Do you need to be a better photographer to be successful today?
  • What most photographers are doing wrong in their business
  • The key to business success
  • How to grow your photography business
  • How to avoid making the wrong decisions when marketing your business
  • Why lead generation is key to success in a business like photography
  • How to nurture potential clients until the time is right for them to buy
  • How to find reasons why clients should consider your business
  • Target marketing is key
  • How a simple Facebook promotion can deliver great results
  • How to do a boost post on Facebook
  • Why you need to invest money if you want to generate leads
  • What genre should you choose for marketing your business
  • Get specific when targeting audience with any promotion
  • Incorporate the five “who, why, what, when, and how” in creating your ad
  • The ideal print size to giveaway for your promotion
  • Easy yet catchy phrases to use during contact details gathering
  • How to fully take advantage of your leads
  • How to plant the seed of follow up sales effectively
  • Key phrases to use to catch your readers attention
  • Using a call-to-action in your ad campaign
  • How to respond to clients who say ‘NO' to your offers
  • Do not limit your promotions on a single genre, expand and grow with your ads
  • Put all your energy into your marketing project
  • Cost-effective ways to promote your ads
  • Be passionate in promoting your business
  • When marketing your business, everything works, even when something fails
  • Do not dwell on your failures, instead, move on to the next task
  • Innovate and keep changing things to succeed in your business
  • Why you should never stick to one marketing strategy

Dog licking little boys face

What’s on Offer for Premium Members

Premium members, I'm backing you financially, to get this weeks challenge done. Once you've followed Bernie's instructions, email me a screenshot of your ad on Facebook and I'll send you $10USD via PayPal. My email address is andrew@photobizx.com.

NOTE: This offer is for full and current Premium Members only and excludes anyone on the one month membership trial.

What is your big takeaway?

Following this interview, I’d love to know about your results from your Facebook promotion. How much engagement did you get, how many calls did you receive, how many of those calls did you convert to actual bookings and what about your sales? Finally, what did you learn from the whole experience?

There has never been a better episode to get involved and share how you go with what you heard on the show. Please use the comments area below and get involved, share anything and everything you can about your experience.

Or, if typing isn't your thing, use the voicemail option on this page and tell me how you went.

People need a reason to do things – Bernie Griffiths

By sharing our collective experiences, there is so much we can learn from each other and by doing so, we may find new ways to grow each of our own photography businesses.

If you have any questions that I missed, a specific question you’d like to ask Bernie or if you just want to say thanks for coming on the show, feel free to add them below in the comments area.

Bernie Griffiths Podcast Interview

They choose you instead of you chasing them – Bernie Griffiths

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The realistic guide to photo business

In iTunes by DcPatto from New Zealand on September 16, 2015

Andrew has the guts to interview real (read non celebrity) working photographers. People you can relate to and learn a lot more from than ‘famous' magazine shooters or people that make all their money from workshops and tutorials.

Andrew and his guests are on the coal face making money from real customers doing real photographic work – it's that unique perspective that makes Photo Biz X my number one photography podcast every week.

I am consistently making $1500 portrait sales

Via email from Amanda Schulz of ACS Studios in Canada

My new studio manager was cleaning up recurring expenses (because her old employer … blah blah blah…) and did not recognise Impact Images. She cancelled the payment! Oh my GOODNESS! I needs me my premium content! I am even willing to pay more to have my content back 🙁

Eek! Your podcast has made such an impact on my business. I am consistently making $1500 portrait sales and am booked more and more each day all because of you!

Implementing and getting results

Voicemail message from Ahmad El-Farram of Knight Images Photography in Ontario Canada

Since implementing Kristen Kalp's sales course, “Sales Without Shame” I've been seeing great success with sales of $1200 and haven't looked back.

NOTE from Andrew: If you have a look at Sales Without Shame and decide to purchase, make sure you use the promo code PHOTOBIZX and save $200! And if you're a Premium Member, send me your receipt for a further $50 rebate from me.

I've also implemented the Album Upgrade strategy you shared with Premium Members at the end of episode 125 following the Sue B Zimmerman interview and have seen better wedding album sales than ever before with most couples super sizing their album purchases.

The most difficult thing is finding the time to keep implementing new things.

Impact Images Facebook promotions

Get creative. Follow a style. Keep going with it. Make it yours. – Bernie Griffiths

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Bernie Griffiths Podcast Interview

Links to people, places and things mentioned in this episode:

Bernie Griffiths Website

Bernie Griffiths on Facebook

Bernie Griffiths on Twitter

David Burnett Interview on zPhotoJournal.com

And sometimes just making it harder for yourself is the key to finding a picture that you didn't know you had inside you. – David Burnett

Thank you!

Thank you again for listening to the show and thanks to Bernie for sharing so much in what I believe is one of the most exciting episodes ever! I'm looking forward more than ever to hearing listener results to the challenge he's set for all of us.

If you have any suggestions, comments or questions about this episode, please be sure to leave them below in the comment section of this post, and if you liked the episode, please share it using the social media buttons you see at the bottom of the post!

That’s it for me this week, hope everything is going well for you in life and business!

Thanks and speak soon


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  • Howard Strate

    Hello Andrew and Bernie
    Great interview.I’ve been listening to your podcast almost since the beginning and LOVE it. After a 30 year absence from photography I’m back.
    Your podcast has helped me immensely and this particular episode’s timing is bang on. Even though I’m scared bloody spitless I’m taking the challenge. (Scared because after 30 years I’m not sure I’ve still got what it takes, lol.)
    Anyway, I’ve posted this evening on my page Shutterplay Photography and 3 hours in I’ve already tentatively booked 2 sessions.
    Sorry for going on. I’ll post results here at the end of my 4 day boost and give results.
    Regards, Howard

    • Great to hear Howard….now you will start to learn about connecting with people again….enjoy it and always learn from each step that you take.

  • Regarding pushing yourself out of your comfort zone Andrew, I could not agree with you more. This season I found myself continually shooting the “same” photographs over and over again and feeling like I wasn’t growing and pushing myself. I shoot with the Nikon system for my professional business but shoot all my personal day to day images with the Fuji X100s. When I purchased this camera it sparked something in me I had not felt in years (cheesy, I know, but it’s true). I wanted to recreate the feelings I had with the Fuji, within my wedding business, but was not ready to jump ship. So, I realized what I needed to do what sell my Nikon 24-70, which was my workhorse and replace it with the Nikon 35mm prime. This was a game changer for me and has really pushed me outside my comfort zone because I cant me passive with the wide prime. I have to actually move my body in order to get the shots that I need. The price has also made me conscience of symmetry and balance within my photography which is something that was lacking. Applying what I learned from using the X100s has done wonders for my photography.

    • Interesting to read how the Fuji has influenced the way you shoot your Nikon’s Ahmad – something similar has happened to me.

      I also felt that same spark with the X100s – so not too cheesy 🙂

      Do you have any plans to go all Fuji?

      • I don’t see myself going full on Fuji in the near future. For me, the X100s is a breath of fresh air because I use is strictly for personal use (family /vacation/street) while only grabbing my D800 for business purposes. I like the separation.

        Did you end up keeping your X100s?

        • Yep, I was the same with the X100s and still use it for family and fun photography – I love it. Sits permanently in the centre console of my car for easy access. 🙂 No way I’d get rid of it unless it was to upgrade to the X100T – which I’ve heard is worth the upgrade.

  • Okay! My ad is made. Just waiting on a model release. Then off we go! I cannot wait to give this a try and to learn from it and to see how it compares to other campaigns I’ve done. Thank you, Bernie!

    As far as my email, it could not be more true! I made back what I’ve spent on my premium membership in my first in-person sale. I love being a premium member!

    • Good on you Amanda……give it a go…Doers are always winners….Let us all know how it goes.

      • Bernie! Andrew!

        I put up my post 15 minutes ago (haven’t even boosted it yet) and already have four inquiries! GENIUS!

        • Great news Amanda…just make sure that when you Boost the post you get the demographic right.

  • Hi Andrew, I loved hearing your prelude on this episode. I have the exact same thoughts I walk away from say the boys coverage and think man I’m just not happy. I’ve got everything that’s expected of me but I’m just not happy. I want to produce something special, always. Its not until I start playing with stuff that I go OK I actually have some really cool shots here.

    Just nice knowing its not just me.

    Bernie/Andrew with the ad if I wanted to promote boudoir sessions and wanted to attract say 28-38 year old ladies is it wrong to ask for a certain size lady ( ie 6-12) if that’s what you want to shoot and show as studio samples? Or am I crossing a controversial line here?

    • Hi Andrew – apologies for the late reply!

      I think that feeling we share is something a lot of photographers go through – it scares me that it still hasn’t gone after 15 years of shooting but less so knowing it’s kinda normal. 🙂

      In regard to your ad targeting – I understand what your going for but I think it’d be tough to actually write what you’re suggesting in your ad copy. You’ll likely upset someone and cause dramas for yourself… Or get a whole lot of extra exposure… on some sad, crappy current affairs show on TV. 🙂

      I think you should be able to get that kind of hyper targeting using the ads manager when creating your ad.

      The age thing is no problem.

      The size part is tougher but if you target women aged 28-38 with interests in for example, swimwear, sport, fitness, running etc – you won’t necessarily have only the demographic you’re after but you’ll get close.

      Then, use a photo in your post of someone who matches your target market to help.

      Also, if you structure your ad to say it’s for say, creating work for a “fitness project/display” you should narrow things down even more.

      Lastly, you don’t have to offer a free shoot to everyone who responds – in saying that, I’ll happily photograph whoever you knock back… A portrait sessions is a portrait session to me. I don’t have to use every shoot as a studio sample but I sure can sell that client some photos if she want to buy them.

  • Christine Wehrmeier

    Hi Andrew, I also loved hearing your opening comments about not loving your images and wanting to do better for your clients because I go through the same thing ALL the time. My non-photography friends find it puzzling, so it’s reassuring to know it’s something many of us photographers go through. And you’re right, sometimes it’s the difficult challenges that force us to do better and to discover the shots we didn’t know we had in us.

    On the podcast episode itself – O-M-G-! – is all I can say. As I said in my email to you, this was perfectly timed as I needed this kick up the bottom. I published an ad immediately after listening to the podcast on Monday and I have been inundated with enquiries! I’ve had about 30 enquiries in two days and have booked 6 sessions for next week and am already having to look for extra dates to keep up with everyone. It’s is so exciting but I also want to say how SCARY it is. I don’t have my own studio so I am having to book studios and MUAs at my own expense – I’m sure it will all be a success but I do feel like I’m winging it. I’ve never had such a response rate before. Talk about pushing yourself out of your comfort zone (in a good way of course)!

    Thank you Bernie and Andrew for this kick up the bottom. No matter what happens it is already a success because I’ve pushed myself to pursue a new area of my business that I’ve been wanting to do for over a year and at least now I can say I have done something about it.

    Anyway I’ll keep you posted on how things go!

    • Fantastic Christine….you inspire me! You are a go getter…..wing it and learn from your experiences….keep me informed.

  • Hi Andrew and Bernie, What a winner of a post. Super helpful.

    I have to take notes while I listen to your podcasts as that is just how my brain works an boy did my hand hurt from writing after this one. All good stuff. I will definitely be giving this a solid go, just have to iron out the parameters as I have not used boost your post before on Facebook.

    Looking forward to sharing my responses 🙂


    • Give it a go John…..learn how to do a Facebook Boosted Post…..it is Marketing Magic!

  • Hi Bernie/Andrew

    Question about this exercise, should we mention pricing of products (in the follow up phone call) and what if they ask about pricing? What’s the best way to handle that? I just want to make sure I’m fully prepared as personally I hate the phone calls. I feel a little disheartened lately as I’ve had a few tentative shoots (free shoot promotions from 3rd party marketing) cancel because once I educated them about pricing and product expectations they didn’t want to spend that.


    • Jerry Vanduyvenvoorde

      Erin go listen to the Steve Saporito interview. It was a game changer for me!

  • Wow. When I first stumbled onto this podcast a couple of months ago, it was a marathon of episodes. I’d listen to 1-4 per day. After one episode, I decided to start from the very first episode and continue in chronological order and around episode 45 or so, I became a premium member. Partly because I wanted to to hear ALL of the interviews and partly because I felt guilty getting so much information for free. One after the other, I’d say “holy crap, that was an awesome episode, how can it get better?”. Well, this episode hammered it home in such a simple, direct and concrete way. Thank you Andrew for getting this episode recorded. Thank you Bernie for the gem of an approach. I’ve listened to this episode in its entirely at least six times and certainly segments many more. I have a notepad of bits and pieces I wanted to reference. I need to master this episode

    When I heard this episode, I thought it would be a slam dunk. However, I don’t have a facebook account. I pondered on how to implement this information without a facebook account and so I modified it ever so slightly. I picked a genre that I figured would be easy to do and I posted an add on craigslist. Identical concept but a different vehicle. Within 24 hours, I have two bookings. I’m sure it’s not setting a record but for me, this is a HUGE deal as I don’t have an adequate portfolio to speak of. I can’t wait to see how the shoots work out. Next step is to set up a facebook account and give it a go. I will likely use craigslist again for a couple of other targeted marketing ideas while I get my facebook account up and running.

    Thanks again for setting up an wildly simple and effective marketing piece that is brilliant in it’s simplicity and marketability.

    Thanks again Bernie for the insight.

    Thank you Andrew for doing all you do.

  • Dan

    Hi Bernie & Andrew,

    An absolute belter of a podcast (made my train journey home last night much more palatable!), and I can’t wait to set my own ad up this weekend. A couple of things (excuses?) are holding me back at the moment – one is that I currently freelance full time as a web developer, so finding the time to set up photography sessions is a bit tricky. Also, I’ve read that boosting posts affects your organic reach on Facebook in a negative way (i.e. Facebook sees you’re willing to pay for visibility your reach suffers). Any thoughts on this guys?

    Thanks once again to you both,


    • Hey Dan, nice to know we helped make the time pass on your commute. 🙂

      If you do this, you will need some time to do the shoots – unless you outsource them?
      If the shooting part is what you want to do, find some time to make them happen and outsource the sales sessions to someone else.

      If neither of those options work, run your ad and if you get enough bookings, quit your day job. (I’m kidding… kind of)

      With Facebook today, I believe if you have a business page, organic reach is almost dead – you have to pay to play these days.
      What I find is the exact opposite to what you’re suggesting – when I boost a post, Facebook magically start showing my post organically too – funny that!

      In saying that, the costs are so affordable I don’t begrudge paying. Then look at the targeting options, insanely good. $30 dollars for 23 portrait booking – I’ve never seen a better ROI on any marketing I’ve done in the past.

      Let me know how you go if you try it.

      • Dan

        Thanks Andrew – I’ll definitely be giving this a go, and like you say, I’ll need to (and will) find time to make it happen – this is my passion, so there’s always a way, especially if $30 can bring in 23 clients 🙂



  • Man did I ever need this podcast. My bank account was about down to zero and I just wasn’t booking more than four shoots a month. And all my sales go on studio rent and overheads. So I took the challenge. I had to take down my boosted post (which got about seven leads in two hours) because I also posted on our local buy/swap/sell group and was swamped with 43 leads in just hours.

    So I’m shooting like a mad person and loving every minute of it. Turns out I really really love shooting families outdoors with little kids. I’ve had two viewing sessions so far and my average sale is $125.

    I have many more viewings to come so I’ll keep you posted.

    Thanks Bernie for the push. I’d heard of the model call before but this was the first time I felt convinced to do it. Having you play along Andrew, makes a big difference.

    Deb x

    • This is so good Deb!
      You found a marketing strategy that works and works fast – always good to know.
      You found a new niche or a niche you love to shoot.
      And you’re booking and shooting like crazy. Happy days.

      Love your honesty regrading your average sale figure from your first two sessions. Thanks for adding it.

      Was this figure made up of two smaller sales or one sale and a no-sale?

      Were the clients prepared to buy – were they expecting the sales session?

      Did you have any incentives for them to spend more?

      Was there anything you could have done to get higher sales for these two or future sales sessions?

      • Hi Andrew

        I thought i’d expand a bit more on the sales part. I’ve had three sales sessions so far.
        1. $0
        2. $255
        3. $467

        So current sales average = $240

        At the very beginning of our contact, I would start by calling the client and after a good chat, adding in the line “By the way you will have the opportunity to purchase xyz IF YOU WISH”. Some said Yes great, others said, um ah maybe. It’s good to know right at the start where you stand.

        Secondly I would send them an email to confirm details and include a link to a special page in my website that’s not publicly available. I figured it’s good for SEO! It lists the products I’m selling especially for the family sessions. Prints / albums / canvases. Keeping it simple. The price range is $80 – $2200 and is mostly a la carte.

        Then during the shoot I will say “Oh that’s an amazing shot. Perfect for a huge canvas on the wall at home” or something to that effect.

        Yes I do also offer incentives. I’m using a 10% “same day order special” which just means that if they commit to the sale when they come and see the photos, and then pay, they get a 10% reward. That way if there are any hesitations about sizes we can always adjust later as needed, but I still have the money in my pocket.

        What could I do to get higher sales? Initially the couple today wanted to buy canvases which would have been a big sale for me. But they talked themselves out of it on the basis they would be too big for the walls at home. So I need to have my iPad ready with Shoot and Sell to mock up some walls with the client’s pictures on them. I haven’t used this app yet but I’ve practised and I’m ready. My daughter took it to school and left it there grrrrr!!! I’ll be better prepared next time.

        When I told the Mum I was thinking of making an album from her pictures (which is true) as a studio sample, she said she would probably want to buy it on spec. So I’m thinking it might be good to go ahead and have a brag book made up ready to show each family as they come in to see their photos. The album only costs me $12 (its a brag book) and the photos will be $5 to print. So no loss if they don’t buy and another good incentive.

        The second option is to use a digital slip in album where you print 5x7s ahead of time and slip them into the album. They can either buy it as is or order a custom version.

        I’ve already ordered a really enticing product for Christmas which is a framed print with fairy lights inside the acrylic cover (powered by AA batteries) and when I showed the Mum from the ordering session today a picture of it she expressed interest in buying. I’ve asked my print lab to have it ready for me ASAP.

        I have great samples of my canvases across the road at the local cafe where my exhibition is on till the end of the month. Maybe I could gift each family a coffee voucher so they can see the canvases before the viewing session?

        Always hustling…..

        • Hi Deb

          What a fantastic and detailed reply – thank you!

          I like your strategies for encouraging the sales as you go – before, during and after the sessions.

          The incentive is good too. My feeling is it could be a stronger incentive and this is one area worth experimenting. You could try printing a set of proofs and offering them as an incentive – even if you don’t use them to sell from.

          Bummer about the canvas sale! I’m sure a canvas would suit or fit on the walls in question but it’s a tough sell if the client doesn’t think so and you can’t show them.

          The studio sample idea is a great one. You could also try designing the album digitally and showing it that way instead of actually having the prints done if you wanted to save a few dollars – although you’re not talking about a large outlay. Designing a bigger album on spec is worth trying and is something that’s worked for me with wedding clients.

          Oooohhh fairly lights inside an acrylic print. That could be really awesome or awesomely tacky 😉 Haha, I’m sure it’s gorgeous.

          Oh YES, I love the idea of a coffee voucher before a sales session – you could even meet there for a few minutes. Great way to show off your work, build the clients confidence in you and your photography and be good for the relationship you have with the cafe owners. So good!

  • Sjoerd Banga

    Hi Andrew and Bernie,

    Since a few years in The Netherlands we are not allowed anymore to put people on a mailinglist by ourselves. The person has to do that action. Listening to this podcast it sounds like he puts the responders in his database for his mailings without mentioning this in his Facebook ad. Is this how he (and you) really do that? And is that allowed in Australia?



  • Jakub Redziniak

    Hi Andrew, Bernie,
    Question about the session – when you offer the free session do you include digital files sent to the client? On one hand I wouldn’t want to include them for free since the session was free, but on the other hand as the client I would feel cheated if I didn’t receive them. Thoughts?

    • Hi Jakub – no, I definitely don’t include the digital files or anything else apart from the free 5″x7″ print with these sessions (or any other sessions I do).

      None of my clients have ever felt cheated about not receiving digital files with these promotions. It’s very clear in the ads that the shoot is all about portfolio building (or whatever reason you choose fro giving away a session) and includes the shoot and a free print only.

      I also ask if when booking the session if the client would like the opportunity to purchase more photography after the shoot (above and beyond their free print) and almost all say yes. This opens the opportunity to discuss products, pricing and what most people spend after session – in my case, I say $1000 – $3000.

      It feels like the concerns you have about your clients not getting their digital files is something you might be worried about but clients aren’t in my experience.

  • Daniel Waters

    Hey Andrew. I thought I’d let you know how I’m going so far. The first step has gone exceptionally well. I have had 43 people fill in a little questionnaire on my website for a chance to be selected. I asked for their Name, address, email and phone number and what sort of photographs they like (I did the advert on newborn photography). I made every field compulsory because I wanted to know where they lived. I’m about to contact the 5 winners who get the free session and free print. The rest I’ll offer the same deal but I won’t be able to do a newborn session necessarily because many of the births could happen at the same time and I wouldn’t be able to keep up with that many sessions! Great problem to have right!? I’ve attached my advert which got 59 comments (most of them were tags), 17 shares, and nearly 12,000 people reached for just £30. I’ll let you know how everything else pans out. All the best and thanks for sharing the idea. I’d stumbled across it a couple of times before, but no-one else had gone into the depth and detail to motivate me to crack on and do it, so thank you for the mojo!! https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/392e7724866e4728a58c29f100904da402b1f445f5ff6ac9cff297be70035dfe.jpg

    • So good to read about the success you’ve had so far Dan – and thanks for sharing your ad too. Love the copy you’ve come up with.

      I agree, having too many shoots is a tough problem to have. 🙂

      Love to hear how it all pans out.

      Oh, and you may be interested in episode 198 where Bernie shares a little more about how to maximise the success of this strategy: https://photobizx.com/PBX198-Premium-Bernie-Griffiths

    • So good to read about the success you’ve had so far Dan – and thanks for sharing your ad too. Love the copy you’ve come up with.

      I agree, having too many shoots is a tough problem to have. 🙂

      Love to hear how it all pans out.

      Oh, and you may be interested in episode 198 where Bernie shares a little more about how to maximise the success of this strategy: https://photobizx.com/PBX198-Premium-Bernie-Griffiths