How To Approach A Photographer or Photography Studio For Work

I recorded the video below a few years ago and stand by the content as much as the day I recorded it. The video was made in response to all the BAD requests I was receiving to work with Impact Images. These applications were usually via email for paid work, shooting, assisting, carrying bags, work experience, anything. The quality of enquiry was ridiculously bad. From generic emails addressed to no-one, addressed to the wrong studio altogether (yes, I've had job [...]

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Victor Hamke – The Muse will Kiss You Soon Enough

Victor Hamke of Muse and Mirror first caught my eye in the Fuji X Wedding Photographers group with the image immediately below. His photography looked surreal and modelled to perfection but with real couples and moments. His photography is beautifully dark. Not dark because it was a slider option in post. I started noticing his work in another group and had to have a closer look. The minute I saw a collection of his images in one place, I contacted him for an [...]

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Stop Shooting for an Audience

How would your photography look and feel if you didn’t shoot to publish? I don’t know about you but I feel every time I shoot, something has to be good enough to publish - on Instagram, Facebook or my blog. And it has to be "like" and "comment" worthy... whatever that is. There is pressure to perform every time I pick up the camera. It’s crazy! How would it be if that pressure was removed and it didn’t feel like [...]

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Photography Gear Junkie or Not and does it Matter?

How many times have you heard the claim from pro-photographers… "I’m not a gear junkie?" Maybe you make the same claim - I do. If you’re anything like me, you do it with a sense of pride, like you deserve a badge of honour... I'm no gear junkie! What if though... What if new gear had the affect it did on Michal: "My style of photography changed, maybe it was the excitement of something new or different that made me [...]

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Be the Business Class of Photographers

If you heard I was flying business class to Australia from Europe what would you think? Lucky bastard I’d love to do that That’d be a dream Oh man… I wish You’ll never want to fly economy again That sounds so good That's freakin' awesome! I'm so jealous Would it matter if you’ve never flown business class in the past? Probably not. Surely you've heard good things about business class. You’d have an idea, an inkling, it’s so much better than [...]

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Get Shit Done… Every Day.

There's always so much to do. Always. Where do you have your lists? In your phone, your computer, on scrap paper, in your head or all of the above? With the lists, do you also have an order they have to be done? Obviously there's the urgent things, the must do's and from there the list trickles down to the less important or to the jobs you're just plain avoiding. What about the jobs you know you should do but [...]

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So You Want Your Photography to be Recognised

Would you like to be a photographer whose work is recognised as yours? I’m guessing it’d be a resounding yes. I know I would! It’s the holy grail for photographers. Isn’t it? Have you ever noticed successful photographers, better known photographers is a better term… have a signature look or image you know is theirs? You see a photo and you know who shot it. What if the photo isn’t theirs at all and you made a mistake. Nah ahhh, [...]

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From DSLR to the Fuji Mirrorless System – What was I Thinking?!

My thoughts are still developing on whether my change from DSLR to mirror-less was a good one. I’m not 100% satisfied with the Fuji system plus I’m still tweaking my approach when confronted with different lighting situations. It may be a little early to be writing about my changeover but considering the number of emails I receive about the topic, I hope this will answer many of the questions you may be turning over if you’re considering the change from [...]

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