Hi Andrew,

I wanted to ask you a question b/c I learned about this on one of the podcasts… it's about mastermind groups.

I love the idea of this, and wondered if you recommended any groups, or if you had any ideas about how to find a group that might be a good fit for me? You are such a wealth of information, I wanted to see if you had any ideas before I start just searching online.

Thanks Andrew!!

Missy Goldwyn

Hey Missy,

I can’t recommend MM groups highly enough – especially if you find or create the right group and are committed to it.

There’s an episode on MM Groups here: https://photobizx.com/photography-business-mastermind-groups

And a Spreadsheet here to help you start one on your own: https://photobizx.com/mastermind

Also, feel free to post into the PBX Members group if you have an idea of what you’re looking for. Don’t be afraid to pick and choose the right people for your group – you don’t need to say yes to everyone who asks to join and if someone isn’t right, cut them free.

Once you have a solid group, they are amazing for support, accountability, ideas and confidants.

And members don’t need to be from your city, country or even the same genre but you will need to take timezones into account.

Hope this helps but fire away if you have any other questions.

Speak soon


If you're still unsure about MM Groups and how one might benefit your photography business, check out this interview with Mervyn Reid-Nelson: https://photobizx.com/PBX020-premium-only-mervyn-reid-nelson