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Karen Alsop of Story Art, has made the move from full time wedding photographer to fine art photographer and composite photography expert. Donating time and talent to projects she believes in has resulted in both financial and personal rewards. In this interview, Karen shares how to make a difference with your photography.

No matter where your passions lie, who you'd like to help, what movement or charity you'd like to bring attention to, there are ways you can use your photography to achieve those goals. This is exactly what Karen does with her photography and she shares how you can do the same in this interview. Not only do we focus on the feel good aspect of doing good things with your skills, Karen goes deep into the financial costs and rewards for this style of photographic pursuit.

Here’s some of what we cover:

  • Winning 1st Place in the Wedding Contemporary Category at WPPI
  • How Karen envisioned her concept for her prize-winning boxing photo
  • What can result from including famous people in your photography
  • Award eligibility for adding photography
  • How Tahliyah's family found Karen and her photography work
  • How you can make a difference as a photographer
  • The challenges Karen dealt with to create her composite for Tahliyah's photo
  • Why Karen chose to collaborate with a foundation instead of accepting payment
  • Setting up a photography project to go viral
  • Having a successful photography business has freed Karen to do charity projects
  • Working for free with no guarantee you will get exposure for your photography
  • How to chose the right foundation for your charity projects
  • How to approach foundations and propose the collaboration
  • How Karen is generating income from her workshops and charity projects
  • Benefits of partnering with a foundation
  • Karen's goal in building exposure for her brand
  • Why is it important for Karen to make a difference as a photographer?
  • How to maximize the exposure or business benefits of charity projects
  • How to help bring awareness to your charity photography projects
  • How to start your own photography project
  • Risks you need to consider when joining photography competitions
  • You don't need an award-winning photo to gain exposure and go viral
  • How to increase your social media reach with your photography project work
  • Karen's strategy when launching new images on Facebook
  • What's the best way to launch a new photography project for maximum reach?
  • What equipment Karen uses to record behind-the-scenes of her projects
  • Networking and partnering tactics to add power to a photography project
  • How and who to approach when searching for collaborators for your photography
  • What to promise your collaborators when working on projects or workshops
  • Why event venues would consider giving a discount for your workshops
  • Saying ‘no' to clients

Karen Alsop Photography Podcast

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  • Why Karen won't hire a first or second shooter for her wedding photography business
  • Karen's premium wedding pricing and packages
  • Offering additional complimentary services for half the price due to marketing
  • Who are Karen's clients today and where is the income coming from?
  • Shifting clientele from domestic clients to other photographers as clients
  • Is pursuing a career in fine art photograpy a possibility in todays market?
  • What type of photographers are Karen's fine art clients?
  • How should photographers charge other photographers for their work?
  • What part of Karen's business has generated the most income?
  • What kind of work should photographers be putting out there for exposure?
  • What Karen would do if she had to go back and do portrait or wedding photography
  • How to gain maximum mileage from your photography work
  • Karen's marketing strategy to draw people in to her photography work
  • Would Karen capitalize on famous personalities showing up at her wedding?
  • Will having sponsorships get you more exposure for your business?
  • What networking means for Karen
  • How to benefit from becoming an Ambassador for a particular brand
  • The difference between a sponsorship and an ambassadorship
  • Ideas relevant to photographers changing direction in their photography
  • Is it adviseable to show clients sample images of your work when shooting composites?
  • Why Karen won't provide hi-res photos of her composite images to clients

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Even if you get shared on a really big blog, it doesn't necessarily mean that you're going to get tons of traffic – Karen Alsop

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5 Year old Tahliyah is unable to walk, unable to speak, but despite this her smile and joy radiate beyond her…

Posted by Story Art by Karen Alsop on Monday, March 7, 2016


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People want to know who you are not just that you take amazing photos – Karen Alsop

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I wanted to do this for the family and it wasn't to get an income from it but it was to make a difference – Karen Alsop

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