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Heidi Thompson of Evolve Your Wedding Business will be a familiar name to long time listeners – she was interviewed for episode 40 while living and working in the UK. Now based in the USA, Heidi is back to share her new social media strategies for wedding photographers – no matter where you live or who your target client is.

Heidi's business is based around helping wedding professionals simplify their marketing, attract more clients and ultimately, get better sales. The best way to describe Heidi is an enthusiastic, passionate small business coach and she does all this via her blog, podcast, ebook, online course and one on one marketing training.

Here’s some of what we cover:

  •  Moving your business to the other side of the world
  • Why small business owners in the wedding industry need help with marketing
  • How to avoid being tied to a location-based business
  • Where are Heidi's clients located and who are they?
  • The biggest issue wedding photographers seek help with
  • Why your marketing strategies need to be aligned with your social medial tools for it to work
  • Should you join all social medial channels or just pick one and master it?
  • Tools you can use to automate sharing to less active social networks
  • How to share content to give you results you want in your photography business
  • Heidi's preferred automation tools to curate content for her social channels
  • How is Edgar different from all the other social media management and scheduling tools?
  • Strategies to use for your social media channels
  • Are you spending too much time on your social media marketing?
  • How to plan social media posts ahead of time to be more effective
  • Which time of day should you post to social channels to have the greatest impact on your strategy?
  • How to streamline your social shares
  • Scheduling social shares in batches helps prevent workflow interruption
  • How to stay focused while constantly feeding your social channels
  • How to keep the fun factor when scheduling posts in social media
  • How to efficiently share photos inside Instagram
  • Is it ok to use a scheduling tool for Facebook posts?
  • Which works better on Facebook – running ads or sharing posts?
  • Social media posts or blog post – which is more effective for a photography business?
  • How and what you post on social media depends on who you are targeting
  • Talking to previous clients is one of the most untapped resources of marketing information
  • Why it is important to understand and see things from a client's perspective
  • Should you write using your client's language or should you use your own voice?

Heidi Thompson Podcast Interview

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  • Why your word choice matters when writing your posts
  • Empathy is lacking in business today – are you using it in yours?
  • How to use your client's words and mix them with your writing
  • How to use empathy to generate bookings
  • Using a copywriter to connect with your clients
  • Digging deep to better understand what your clients want from their wedding photographer
  • How to easily give clients the trust you're understanding what they want from you
  • What kind of questions can you ask clients to draw the information you want?
  • Showing clients the proof they need to see why they should book you
  • Why you need to ask clients what they care about
  • Snapchat for wedding photographers
  • Does Snapchat have a potential to overtake Facebook and Instagram?
  • The biggest mistakes Heidi's clients are making
  • How to kill your business and what you need to avoid for success
  • The best way to narrow down who you're trying to attract to your business
  • How to position yourself and your business as the go-to-person for specific clients
  • Visuals are powerful in eliciting the right feel and the right type of people
  • Should you delete old blog posts just to narrow down your target market?
  • Why should you consider a copywriter and what can they do for your business
  • How to ask clients to give you a testimonial
  • What kind of questions should you be asking previous clients
  • How to effectively communicate the benefit clients get from what you are offering
  • Clients care about results – show them you can deliver
  • Should wedding photographers hire copywriters?

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Blogging is always important because it lives forever – Heidi Thompson

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Heidi Thompson Podcast Interview

What is your big takeaway?

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It's really about getting to know clients better, not as wallets but as individual human beings with emotions – Heidi Thompson

If you have any questions that I missed, a specific question you’d like to ask Heidi or if you just want to say thanks for coming on the show, feel free to add them below.

Heidi Thompson Podcast Interview

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Heidi Thompson Podcast Interview

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  • How to use the Pixel

Heidi Thompson Podcast Interview

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You need to see your clients as human beings with hopes, dreams, concerns and aspirations to effectively communicate with them – Heidi Thompson

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