Jenny Stein of The Family Photographer Podcast is todays guest, is based in Pittsburgh USA, is the mother of five and has a family and children's photography business.

Jenny says, “Photography is what I use to look more deeply at my days and to help us remember the every day moments that make up our lives as a family.”

Her podcast explores her beliefs with other photographers from around the world and is aimed at the person who carries the camera in the family.

Your photography can take you to places you would never go otherwise. – Jenny Stein

In this interview, we explore photography, business, podcasting, photography as a hobby and why exactly Jenny does what she does and how she manages it all.

I came away from the interview feeling challenged about my ideals, why I do what I do, what's important in my life and business. I think both Jenny and I pushed each other and I expect, you'll find yourself deep in thought about the topics that come up as you listen in to this episode.

A big thanks to The Image Salon for sponsoring this episode of the podcast and making the show possible. If outsourcing your editing is something you're currently doing or considering, please put the guys at The Image Salon to the test… I think you'll be blown away! They service some of the biggest names in the industry including Fer Juaristi, Two Mann Studios, Gabe McClintock and Edwina Robertson to name a few.

Jenny Stein Photography Podcast

Here’s some of what we cover:

  • An overview of Jenny's business
  • Why Jenny chose a photography business
  • Why start a photography podcast
  • Why you need to consider a daily photo project yourself
  • Sticking to guidelines or rules when completing a photo project
  • Why Jenny prefers to upload photos to Flickr
  • Curating the photos you share for your 365 photo projects
  • How Jenny started her photography podcast and the direction it has taken
  • Making an income from a photography podcast
  • Reasons for not making an income from something you love to do
  • How long does it take to record a podcast and the process involved?
  • Having a camera in your hand restricts you from enjoying time with your family
  • Is it really that important to print your family photos?
  • Where Jenny sees her business in a few years time
  • Jenny's view on getting paid to take family portraits
  • Why it's not all about the numbers in your photography business
  • Jenny's advise to photographers who want to photograph families for fun
  • Why charging less for photo sessions is acceptable if it's just a hobby
  • How Jenny feels talking about money

Jenny Stein Photography Podcast

What is your big takeaway?

Following this interview, I’d love to read your feedback and comments. Was there something from this interview that struck a chord, inspired or motivated you?

Will you take any kind of action after hearing what Jenny had to share?

I think there's nothing like a daily photo project to learn about photography. – Jenny Stein

Let me know by leaving your thoughts in the comments below.

If you have any questions that I missed, a specific question you’d like to ask Jenny or if you just want to say thanks for coming on the show, feel free to add them below too.

Jenny Stein Photography Podcast

I give myself permission to quit all the time. – Jenny Stein

Jenny Stein Photography Podcast

Advertising for a show that doesn't have a ton of listeners doesn't make much money. Then you have to put energy into growing the show. But I just want to put my energy into the interviews and the people. – Jenny Stein

Jenny Stein Photography Podcast_05

It feels weird to me to let everything be about numbers. – Jenny Stein

Jenny Stein Photography Podcast

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Jenny Stein Photography Podcast

Thank you!

Thanks again for listening to the show and thanks to Jenny for coming on and experimenting with a new and different format for this photography podcast and for sharing her thoughts, views and ideas.

Also, a big thanks to The Image Salon for sponsoring this episode of the podcast and making the show possible. If outsourcing your editing is something you're currently doing or considering, please put the guys at The Image Salon to the test… I think you'll be blown away!

My favourite thing really when I'm taking photos, it's really nice to do stuff for free. ‘Cause it just feels so pure. – Jenny Stein

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