You may have the ambition and drive to produce amazing photos for your couples but unless you can provide those photos at a realistic cost to you in terms of time, you will never have a profitable business. In this interview, Kevin Mullins, a “real” documentary wedding photographer explains how to make your website work for your photography business and drive your hourly rate up.

When you visit Kevin's website there are a number of things that stand out, some obviously so, some catch you more unawares and it's not until you've been there for a while that you begin to understand how effective his website is.

One of those things is the long list of Kevin's photography awards that he proudly and rightly so, shows off on his website. A website that we know is converting well. Learn how the awards affect bookings and how he leverages them to improve his business and website rankings.

Here's some more of what we cover:

  • SEO – how to rank back then and how to rank now from the view of an internet marketing professional turned wedding photographer
  • How to create multiple pieces of content from every shoot you do
  • Strategically marketing to photographers to help SEO and how you can do the same
  • Having a point of difference and pushing it to the extreme to get noticed and booked
  • Why you shouldn't be meeting with clients if it doesn't affect bookings and only decreases your hourly rate (profit)
  • Why you need to have enough information on your website to answer ALL your clients questions and how it can affect your bottom line
  • Shooting wedding full-time with the Fuji mirror-less systems and why smaller is better for some styles of wedding photography
  • Looking for and using long tail keyword phrases based on what your clients are looking for, not what other photographers would be searching for
  • Establishing a base hourly rate and doing everything you can to meet and exceed that figure
  • Why an hourly rate is the perfect guide to having a great lifestyle as a photographer
  • Lessons learnt as an internet marketer that you can use as a photographer to rise above your competition in the organic search rankings
  • From start to fully booked and busy in less than two years
  • A unique pricing strategy that increases during the year as bookings increase – i.e., early bookings pay less than a later booking in the same year
  • How exactly did Kevin go from zero to 10 weddings in the first 5 months of launching his wedding photography business?
  • Why you need to have a call to action on every page and every post on your website if you want to see more enquiries
  • Tribal marketing and how you can use it to help your website rise through the search engines organically
  • Why you need to view and write for Google like a real life client or face the prospect of being penalised
  • As photographers, we all have a huge archive of content that can be used to create content – no matter how new you are to the business. Kevin shows you how to do it
  • The longer you can keep someone on your website, the more you'll impress Google and the higher your ranking. Kevin shares his secrets on how you can keep visitors on your site longer
Following the interview, you'll be clear about the one massive mistake that photographers are making on their website in terms of SEO and blog posts that you probably weren't aware of before listening. As a marketing and stats man, it was blindingly obvious to Kevin and lucky for us, he did explain the mistake and how to fix it – the question is, will you be making the suggested change?

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Kevin Mullins Photo Biz Xposed Interview

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Kevin Mullins Photo Biz Xposed Interview

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Kevin Mullins Photo Biz Xposed Interview

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Vimeo – For sharing video content

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Kevin Mullins Photo Biz Xposed Interview

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