There's no denying Gina Milicia's success in the head shot and celebrity photography space with day rates up to $10,000 and often having to knock back work because they are uninspiring or don't sound like fun.

In this candid interview, Gina reveals the steps to her success from her first assisting job with a leading Melbourne photographer where she didn't pick up a camera for the first year, to taking a job as a pasta chef for a well known and up market Italian Restaurant with no qualifications what so ever.

All this in the aim of supporting her dream of making photography her business.

Gina goes onto explain the steps she recommends you take to find success as a headshot photographer and what you can do to get noticed by the agencies looking to book work.

Here's some more of what we cover:

  • Shooting for the entertainment industry – photographing people
  • Charging between $5000 and $10000 per day
  • Burnout after the constant push to build the business
  • Losing your creativity as a result of being over booked
  • Working at cost to shoot a particular person or be creative
  • Shooting the annual TV awards and EVERY big name celebrity in Australia
  • From failure to success after discovering photography as a “back up plan”
  • 8 weeks assisting a photographer… all spent cleaning the studio and how it led to a full time job with a leading photographer
  • Making your client feel like they are the only and most important person in the room to get the most out of them
  • People will forget what you say but they will never forget how they made you feel
  • Dealing with extreme pressure situations and excelling
  • How would you cope with 15 minutes to get all the images required for a celebrity campaign and only having the hallway to work with?
  • Dealing with big personalities, agent and support staff during a high pressure, time limited shoot
  • Why Gina shoots tethered for every single job and how it makes her shoots run more smoothly
  • Learn once and for all why it's definitely not about the gear and it's all about the photographer
  • The absolute importance of learning your trade and your gear inside and out
  • Coping and thriving in all lighting conditions, including mid day sun and how it changed business for Gina
  • Learning from the pros that went before you and why listening is often better than talking
  • Why shooting model tests is a good lead into the celebrity photography industry
  • Having a second income is the key to have the freedom to be creative and grow your photography business
  • Taking a loss on one job that might lead to many other jobs in the future, is it really worth the risk?
  • What are the possibilities that go along with over delivering on a promise?
  • When the eyes of a portrait subject have warmth, that's what makes the shot
  • Shooting celebrity and actor head-shots, the secret to a great shot is communication and to communicate, you need to shoot from a tripod
  • Shooting with multiple assistants on a job and their roles and responsibilities on the job
  • For the true photographer, the joy of photography as a business doesn't come from the money you're earning, it comes from the art you're creating
  • What you need to do to break into headshot and celebrity photography
  • How to stand out when presenting your portfolio to prospective clients, agencies and booking representatives
  • For every 100 rejections, if you get one yes, you're doing well
  • FEAR – False Evidence Appearing Real and why Gina doesn't waste time worrying
Looking at Gina's portfolio of every popular celebrity, it's difficult to not admire her success and even feel some envy. Then hearing her talk about the pressure of having a 45 minute shoot cut to 15 minutes. Being restricted to a hallway to get the shots and the requirement to get everything needed for the advertising campaign with a demanding agent breathing down her neck… I'm not so sure about the envy.

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Links to people, places and things mentioned in this episode:

Here are links to the different books Gina has written:

Portrait Ebook

Lighting Ebook

Posing Ebook

Find out more about Gina's upcoming workshops here: Workshops/Mentoring

In the interview, Gina talked about always shooting from a tripod for her work. Here are a list of the tripods and heads she uses:

Manfrotto 190XPROB – small, light-weight tripod that Gina uses when she travels

Manfrotto 475B Pro Geared Tripod – great sturdy tripod for location shoots

Manfrotto 058B – heavy duty tripod for studio use

Manfrotto 679B Monopod – for film, TV stills, and theatre

Manfrotto 229 3D Super-Pro Head – is the head Gina uses with each of the tripods

Gina's portrait gear essentials blog post:

Capture one pro – the software Gina uses to bring tethered images into her laptop on the shoot

Gina Milicia Interview PhotoBizx

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