Todays guest needs no introduction for any photographer, especially those interested in creating beautiful portraits of women. For clients, her style of portraiture give them the experience of looking like the women in magazines and feeling beautiful. For photographers, her work is simply to die for. Obviously, I'm talking about Sue Bryce and in this interview, she teaches how to make real money from photography business right now.

Sue is a multi-award winner of some seriously cool awards including the WPPI's Premier Grand Award and Australian Portrait Photographer of the year multiple times. She's also one savvy business woman and fantastic teacher. Interestingly, Sue is seen as the face of Creative Live but in reality, her prime source of income remains portrait photography.

I sent out 1200 copies of my special offer and within two weeks I had 131 sittings booked in, pretty soon we were doing $15,000 a week, all from a garage in the country.

If you are a follower of Sue, you will be aware that she has a unique ability to change and adapt her business model to suit the way she likes to work and what her clients want. I was intrigued to hear what she's doing in her business now and that it's an adaption of what wedding photographers have always been offering their clients. Not only does Sue have set prices, she's also getting paid upfront and before the scheduled portrait photography session.

Here's some more of what we cover:

  • How Sue became a business woman after learning how to be a photographer
  • How valuing your photography work has a direct influence on the money you can earn
  • Creating a product that you love and the market loves is the key to financial success as a photographer
  • Why Sue only sells one single package and chooses to averages $3300
  • Managing her time between teaching workshops to shooting for clients
  • Sue's belief that she's not the best shooter but is just lucky to have a great system
  • Why you need to talk less during your sales appointments to see your sales skyrocket
  • Using Facebook as a networking tool
  • The downside of using Facebook as a marketing tool – it can disappear overnight
  • Facebook business page vs personal page, avoiding the pitfalls
  • Don't have your business banned from Facebook like Sue did
  • Why you absolutely must drive your traffic back to your website at all times
  • Using your blog as an archive for Facebook posts
  • How to make money as a photographer
  • If you're getting bored with your photography, it's a sign that you're starting to make money
  • Repetition can cause the death of an artist but is a great way to build a money making business for photographers
  • Why you need to find ways to be stimulated and motivated by your photography
  • Shifting from desperate-tortured-artist-drama-queen to finding a system that works
  • Learn how Sue managed to increase her sales from $400 to $1800 overnight
  • Putting up a price tag and calling it a product in order to sell something
  • One of the biggest mistakes you can make as a photographer is not knowing how to price your products
  • A viable business model is a product that sells and the market loves
  • Identifying what your product is
  • How to compute your average sales and why you need to know that figure
  • Realising how easy it is to increase your prices
  • Your number one goal is to always strive to lift your average sales, Sue shares how
  • How to generate more portrait bookings
  • Using photography vouchers to market and network with clients
  • The importance of being consistent and being visible with your marketing plan
  • The irony of not having any marketing plan for your business yet knowing too well how the competition is doing
  • The one thing that hinders photographers from being successful in their business
  • Third party marketing
  • Create as many evangelists in your business as much as you can
  • Why Sue prefers giving someone a free shoot with a $2000-worth of product rather than spending time doing cold calls
  • Tapping into community/network leaders to bring in more sales from their network
  • Photography promotions will only work if you properly educate your clients
  • Why Sue doesn't use the word FREE in her marketing campaigns
  • When is the best time to start discussing price with clients who call about their vouchers
  • Why $400 is not a bad sale if it cover costs
  • How to react and follow up when a sale session goes bad
  • The big 3 questions Sue asks when a sale session does go bad

Listening back to this interview, I've taken more notes than any previous interview. Sue is a businesswoman, gifted with an incredible talent for photography and an ability to teach and share what she knows almost unconsciously. Every answer, every sentence from Sue held a lesson. I know you'll love this episode if you're serious about improving your photography business. When I say improve, what I mean is make it more profitable, lots more.

Sue Bryce Photography Podcast Interview

What's on Offer for Premium Members

If you're a premium member, you should have received an email with links to your version of this episode where you can hear lots more implementable content from where we dive deeper into some of the earlier topics plus some new ones that I pushed hard for that include:

  • Business is a system and that's what most photographers fail to realise
  • What Sue Bryce suggests to great photographers who can't make money on their own
  • Giving away 50% of a successful business is better than giving nothing away crappy business
  • Understanding why Sue is satisfied with her current price even if she could potentially triple it
  • Why you should be using  YouTube to market your photography products
  • What kind of videos you should be uploading to YouTube right now
  • The difference of posting your product in Facebook vs posting a behind-the-scene video in YouTube
  • Video tactics for more engagement
  • How to help people to find your videos in YouTube
  • Videos in Pinterest versus video in YouTube
  • The importance to use Instagram, Pinterest, Facebook and Twitter
  • Why Sue doesn't mind not having a kick-ass website
  • What Sue would do if she were to start over again in her business today and why she would be a lot richer today
  • Sue's current workflow
  • Focusing your business only on what your client wants
  • For Sue, looking at other photographers means having to compete with them

Sue Bryce Photography Podcast Interview

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Sue Bryce Photography Podcast Interview

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Sue Bryce Photography Podcast Interview

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