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Brian Bossany of was a bit of a mystery to me before this interview. I always do some research to get a better idea of who I'm talking to and what direction to take from the start for each podcast episode. I could see he's married with three young children. He shoots weddings and engagements. Seems to always be sporting a cracking big, happy smile and is super busy with wedding photography bookings and enquiries. Surely you need more than a smile if you want more wedding photography bookings?

It was a message from a listener who emailed me a screenshot of a post Brian made on his FB profile which said…

“13 enquiries in the last 2 days!”

I was immediately interested in talking to Brian.

Then I saw a video reply to a wedding enquiry and I emailed him to set up this interview… it was unique, fun, revealing, enthusiastic and I knew, this had be a big part of his appeal to prospective wedding clients.

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview:

  • What Brian is doing differently that makes him so loved by his photography clients
  • How well does Brian get to know his clients before the actual wedding date?
  • How to build good relationships with clients from the get go
  • The need to make yourself available to your clients
  • Wearing a big smile goes a long way in breaking the ice when meeting clients
  • Why it's so important to win over your client’s mothers
  • A glimpse at how Brian started his career as a wedding photographer
  • Why Brian has decided to pull back from photographing destination weddings
  • The importance of using an auto responder for your emails as a wedding photographer
  • Creating boundaries to maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • Maximizing the benefits of a full-time day job to learn and build your photography business
  • How much are Brian's clients spending with him?
  • What caused the biggest leap forward in Brian’s booking numbers for weddings
  • Why you need to rebrand your business if you're not seeing the results you want from your business

Brian Bossany Photography Podcast

What’s on Offer for Premium Members

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  • How Brian solicit’s reviews from his clients and how they affect his business
  • How The Knot can attribute to your business success
  • How Brian ‘convinces' clients to visit his website
  • Having the mindset to understand wedding guests can and will be your future clients
  • Brian’s strategy for sharing wedding photos for maximum marketing potential
  • Using questionnaires to get to know more about your clients
  • Finding common ground to build deeper relationship with your clients
  • Brian’s packages and why are they are structured the way they are
  • What is PASS and how it works?
  • The importance of finding systems that will save you time in your photography business

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Brian Bossany Photography Podcast

What is your big takeaway?

Following this interview, I’d love to know if you're taking anything away from what Brian shared. Is there something you heard that excited or motivated you to the point where you thought, yeah, I'm going to do that! If so, let me know by leaving your thoughts in the comments below, let me know what your takeaways were, what you plan to implement in your business as a result of what you heard in todays episode.

One of the main things that I focus on is I just give a damn about the couples that I work with. –  Brian Bossany

If you have any questions that I missed, a specific question you’d like to ask Brian or if you just want to say thanks for coming on the show, feel free to add them in the comments area below.

Brian Bossany Photography Podcast

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Brian Bossany Photography Podcast

The NEW Photography Xperiment Podcast is live and available

Following the success and support shown by listeners after the experimental format of the recent interviews, the new Photo Xperiment Podcast has been launched and is available on this site and in iTunes now.

Interviews are underway and I'll be looking for new guests, not restricted to wedding and portrait photographers. If you have someone you think would be a good fit, let me know in the comment area below or email me,

The idea behind these interviews is to get into the headspace of the photographer and find what makes them tick, what drives them, their thought process, philosophy on shooting and how they achieve what they do with their photography. So yeah, a little technique type content too.

These interviews will not focus on the business of photography – that'll be preserved solely for the weekly and unchanging format of the PhotoBizX podcast.

To hear these interviews in your podcast app, you will need to subscribe to the podcast – these interviews will not be delivered automatically if you're subscribed to PhotoBizX. Open your favourite podcast app and search “Photography Xperiment Podcast” or enter the feed URL, into the search field of your podcast app.

The last episode featured Craig George of who was also interviewed for episode 140 of PhotoBizX podcast in one of the most downloaded episodes where he shared how he rose from nothing to a fully booked destination wedding photographer in one year!

Last month, I saw a social media post from Craig that he is giving up on digital photography and moving to film. This goes for all future bookings and any existing bookings who want him to shoot film for their wedding. He's now facing a bunch of challenges including pricing, packages, education and having to re-learn how to shoot conservatively.

It’s so hard to be different. But it doesn’t matter because essentially nobody else can look through that viewfinder in my camera and nobody else can write the words that I write – Craig George

In this interview, my aim is to uncover why the change and the complete thought process behind the BIG change including how Craig is going to pull this off successfully and stay profitable.

The interview is available here: Craig George Interview

Brian Bossany Photography Podcast

This is the kind of blog post that will attract clients

I was flicking through my Twitter feed last week and came across a link to a post by premium member Owen Mathias. It was intriguing enough of a title to have me checking it out… I'm glad I did.

I found an example of the kind of post that had share-ability, great photography and a message that sets Owen apart from a lot of other wedding photographers. This was everything a blog post could and should be.

If this were my post, I'd be creating a series of Facebook Ads around the post and directing more traffic to my site. With some good traffic from the right demographic, I can see this post generating a lot of bookings for Owen.

You can check out his post here: You won’t be the most important people on your wedding day

Brian Bossany Photography Podcast

Smart Slides is Now Available… and on special

In the last episode of the podcast you heard from Daniel Usenko of Pixellu, the company behind SmartSlides.

If you haven't checked out the easiest and most beautifully intuitive slide show builder, now is the time. The software application (Pro Version) is available on a new release special price of $12/month – 25% off – for lifetime. Offer ends Feb 15 2017 (reg. price: 16/mo).

Find out more here: SmartSlides

Here's what listener Jared Lindsay messaged me to say, “FINALLY, a way to make slideshows without spending two weeks making it!!! Thanks for the show!!”

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The Knot

Shoot Flow

Photo Mechanic

Brian Bossany Photography Podcast

Thank you!

Thanks again for listening and thanks to Brian for coming on and sharing his thoughts and ideas on what is making him stand out in the saturated market of wedding photography.

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