Craig George of was interviewed for episode 140 of PhotoBizX podcast in one of the most downloaded episodes where he shared how he rose from nothing to a fully booked destination wedding photographer in one year!

Last month, I saw a social media post from Craig that he is giving up on digital photography and moving to film. This goes for all future bookings and any existing bookings who want him to shoot film for their wedding. He's now facing a bunch of challenges including pricing, packages, education and having to re-learn how to shoot conservatively.

In this interview, my aim is to uncover why the change and the complete thought process behind the BIG change including how Craig is going to pull this off successfully and stay profitable.

Here’s some of what we cover:

  • An update on what Craig has been focusing on for the past year
  • Why the switch to film photography?
  • How to capture audience’s attention
  • How to stand out as a photographer
  • How to add value to the work you do
  • How to handle client bookings when you’re in the middle of a switch from shooting digital to film
  • What significant changes should you expect in your business when you shift from digital to film
  • How a shift from digital to film can affect pricing and packages
  • The need to constantly challenge yourself to excel in photography
  • Learning to be frugal with your film shots after shooting digital
  • Shooting film changes the way you approach photography… in a good way
  • Breaking away from the photography norms
  • Craig’s thought process before deciding to make the switch
  • What business considerations to think through before shifting to film
  • How to differentiate yourself from other photographers to get noticed
  • The need to offer something unique in the saturated wedding photography market
  • How to convince clients there’s value in the kind of photography you do
  • How to add soul to your photographs
  • Why shoot film if your digital photography already look like film?
  • Using film to be authentic in the look that Craig wants to emulate in his photos
  • How Craig films videos and stills at the same wedding
  • Craig’s workflow when photographing children
  • Getting feedback from clients through scribbling testimonials on your camera bag
  • What Craig thinks of future competition in his newly defined market
  • What bugs Craig in the current wedding photography industry
  • Why Craig is worried the value of photography will drop in the future

Craig George Photography Podcast

What is your big takeaway?

Following this interview, I’d love to read your feedback and comments. Was there something from this interview that struck a chord, inspired or motivated you?

Will you take any kind of action after hearing what Craig had to share?

Let me know by leaving your thoughts in the comments below.

If you have any questions that I missed, a specific question you’d like to ask Craig or if you just want to say thanks for coming on the show, feel free to add them below too.

Craig George Photography Podcast

I just think that you have to have a presence these days to be able to cut through the noise – Craig George

Craig George Photography Podcast

I have to shoot for myself. I have to love what I’m doing. Otherwise, by the very nature of it, I’m doing a disservice to my clients – Craig George

Craig George Photography Podcast

I have to love what I’m doing. If I don’t, then I’m not giving the best that I can possibly give – Craig George

Craig George Photography Podcast

I’m not going to conform to what should be produced. It’s about me putting an artwork on to people’s weddings. That’s what they booked me for – Craig George

Craig George Photography Podcast

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Craig George Photography Podcast

Thank you!

Thanks again for listening to the show and thanks to Craig for coming on and experimenting with a new and different format for this photography podcast and for sharing his thoughts, views and ideas.

Also, a big thanks to the Laura Babb and the people behind the SNAP Photography Festival  for sponsoring this episode of the podcast and making the show possible.

Use the promo code SNAP100 to save $100 British pounds (roughly AUD$170 and USD$125) on your Snap Tickets.

SNAP will take place on a farm in West Wales, UK on the 24th – 28th July 2017 and will be attended by photographers from all over the world.

It's largely aimed at wedding and lifestyle photographers but they will have speakers from across all sectors of the photography industry, including photojournalists, fashion photographers, landscape photographers and academics.

SNAP organisers are focussed on learning outcomes, rather than just throwing together a line up of big names.  They aim for a well balanced, diverse programme.

I've heard the closing parties are epic and there are always a few surprises along the way.  At last years event, two festival attendees got married!

As well as the learning and speakers there will be activities like wild swimming, beach trips and camp fire hangouts.  SNAP is a chance to recharge your batteries before wedding season starts.

It’s so hard to be different. But it doesn’t matter because essentially nobody else can look through that viewfinder in my camera and nobody else can write the words that I write – Craig George

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