Project Description

Brian Bossany of was a bit of a mystery to me before this interview. I always do some research to get a better idea of who I'm talking to and what direction to take from the start for each podcast episode. I could see he's married with three young children. He shoots weddings and engagements. Seems to always be sporting a cracking big, happy smile and is super busy with wedding photography bookings and enquiries. Surely you need more than a smile if you want more wedding photography bookings?

It was a message from a listener who emailed me a screenshot of a post Brian made on his FB profile which said…

“13 enquiries in the last 2 days!”

I was immediately interested in talking to Brian.

Then I saw a video reply to a wedding enquiry and I emailed him to set up this interview… it was unique, fun, revealing, enthusiastic and I knew, this had be a big part of his appeal to prospective wedding clients.

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview:

  • What Brian is doing differently that makes him so loved by his photography clients
  • How well does Brian get to know his clients before the actual wedding date?
  • How to build good relationships with clients from the get go
  • The need to make yourself available to your clients
  • Wearing a big smile goes a long way in breaking the ice when meeting clients
  • Why it's so important to win over your client’s mothers
  • A glimpse at how Brian started his career as a wedding photographer
  • Why Brian has decided to pull back from photographing destination weddings
  • The importance of using an auto responder for your emails as a wedding photographer
  • Creating boundaries to maintain a healthy work-life balance
  • Maximizing the benefits of a full-time day job to learn and build your photography business
  • How much are Brian's clients spending with him?
  • What caused the biggest leap forward in Brian’s booking numbers for weddings
  • Why you need to rebrand your business if you're not seeing the results you want from your business
  • How Brian solicit’s reviews from his clients and how they affect his business
  • How The Knot can attribute to your business success
  • How Brian ‘convinces' clients to visit his website
  • Having the mindset to understand wedding guests can and will be your future clients
  • Brian’s strategy for sharing wedding photos for maximum marketing potential
  • Using questionnaires to get to know more about your clients
  • Finding common ground to build deeper relationship with your clients
  • Brian’s packages and why are they are structured the way they are
  • What is PASS and how it works?
  • The importance of finding systems that will save you time in your photography business

Brian Bossany Photography Podcast

 Brian's latest video response to a new client booking

Here is the latest video I did for my last client that I booked. I send this out as soon as I receive the contract and retainer.

Follow up Questions for Brian

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