117: Anna Pumer – Photography and Branding Mastery

Anna Pumer is a rising star in photography and branding mastery with a website (and photography) that instantly separates her from a big, big crowd of wedding photographers.

Anna has just been named a “Rising Star in UK Wedding Photography” and as a Photo Biz X listener, you'll know Anna's website copy is a masterpiece in branding, let me give you some examples…

On her home page she says:

A quirky, fun, creative wedding photographer, shooting weddings all over the UK and Europe.

With me, you can forget about awkward posed photos and forced smiles. Your wedding is about laughing so hard you spit your drink out, kicking your shoes off to dance wildly to the band, and everyone having a damned good time. And my job is to capture it all.

Anna's about page has things like:

I really bloody love my couples. I’m actual friends with most of them now and am going on holiday with one of them this summer!

I’m a ball of energy at a wedding, and when I get home I crash with the most delicious cup of tea I’ve ever had.

I edit your wedding photos sitting in my PJs with a cat on my lap (usually Kirby, who you can see above, looking unimpressed with a daisy chain on his head).

When I go to the pub I’ll more often than not just order a cup of tea.

Her photography is fresh, fun and full of action. I can't wait for you to hear this interview!

Here’s some more of what we cover:

  • The importance of writing the way you talk to reinforce your branding and attract the right clients
  • Writing dry copy to sound professional is boring for your audience, your potential client
  • Why you should stop copying other people's website content, it's not helping you
  • What you will notice after injecting your own personality into your website
  • Why Anna changes her About Me page so often
  • Will your clients respond more to your website copy or the photography
  • Packages, pricing, sales and average spend
  • Transitioning from one career to a wedding photography career
  • Why Anna gave up a promising career in journalism
  • How long should you wait before quitting your day job to shift into full time photography
  • Are wedding fairs a good source of bookings
  • The benefits of making friends within your network
  • Why Anna quit going to wedding fairs
  • Where Anna's bookings are coming from now
  • The importance of adding keywords to your website images
  • Why you should be writing blog posts with your readers in mind and stop writing for search engines
  • The importance of connecting with your readers
  • Where to add keywords in Photo Mechanic
  • Join Facebook groups to tap into a source potential clients
  • Incentavising your referrals

Anna Pumer Photography Podcast

What’s on Offer for Premium Members

If you’re a premium member, you should have received an email with links to your version of this episode where you can hear lots more content from where we dive deeper into some of the earlier topics plus some new ones that I pushed hard for that include:

  • The importance of having a well-designed website to attract and connect with clients
  • Was Anna's video on her website a good investment or not
  • Branding
  • Advise on how to show your personality on your website
  • How Anna shifted from shooting on guide mode to where she is now with her photography skills
  • The best thing that Anna has done for her business
  • Why you need to continually attend photography workshops and how to get the most from them
  • Blog the images that you want to shoot
  • What Anna would do to get bookings fast if pushed
  • How Anna handles customer complaints

Anna Pumer Photography Podcast

What is your big takeaway?

Following this interview, I’d love to know what your biggest takeaway is – what is the one thing that you’d like to implement or learnt from what was shared? Let me know by leaving your thoughts in the comments below.

I don't want to be just another photographer. I want to be special. I want to be chosen for me and not just my photos

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Anna Pumer Photography Podcast

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So glad I found you!

In iTunes by NandaDncr who I believe is Amanda Perris from Australia on May 10, 2015

I heard you recommended on The Candid Frame and went to check out the standard podcast. After listening to the first lot of accessible podcasts I decided to give the premium membership a go. And wow, this is great stuff and great interviews.

I am an amateur photographer considering the chances of turning this passion into a career and am loving the no BS, warts and all look into how others do it. I come from a business background and I’m realising that it is all transferable and that if I want to have a go at this I can’t be blinded by my passion as far as business goes.

Fantastic, thank you so much. Awesome show.

Insightful and Focused

In iTunes by Clint Bargen from North Vancouver Canada on May 22, 2015

I only recently discovered Andrew’s podcast, but I’m so thankful I did!

The guests he brings on board are always interesting and Andrew has a great ability to get them to reveal their deepest, darkest and most helpful business advice!

Listening to Andrew’s podcast makes me feel like I’m a part of a community of other photographers versus being in competition with them all.

Thanks for all your hard work!

Anna Pumer Photography Podcast

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The Future of Photography Websites – Understanding and Adapting to Trends

We've talked a lot about websites on the podcast and I can't think of the number of guests that have said their website is the number one source of bookings for them – including todays guest Anna Pumer.

Friend of the mine and the podcast, website guru, Alex Vita has just written an article over at Digital Photography School on current website trends and what you need to be doing to adapt to the changes.

Once again the article is written in Alex's easy to understand writing style and I know you will find something in this post that will get you thinking (and changing) what you're doing on your website.

Anna Pumer Photography Podcast

Links to people, places and things mentioned in this episode:

Anna Pumer Website

Anna Pumer on Facebook

Anna Pumer on Pinterest

Anna Pumer on Twitter

Anna Pumer on Instagram

Mail Chimp

Photo Mechanic

ProPhoto for WordPress

Peek – Have a real person give feedback on your website

Grizzly Bear Design


Marianne Chua

Understanding Exposure, 3rd Edition: How to Shoot Great Photographs with Any Camera

Understanding Flash Photography: How to Shoot Great Photographs Using Electronic Flash

Ssnap Photography Festival

Way up North

Day In The Life – Award winning album

Website Trends article by Alex Vita


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Fujifilm X-T1 16 MP Compact System Camera with 3.0-Inch LCD and XF 18-55mm F2.8-4.0 Lens

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Anna Pumer Photography Podcast

Thank you!

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Thanks and speak soon


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  • Christine Wehrmeier

    I really enjoyed listening to this week’s podcast, I met Anna very early in her career and she has a wonderful energy that is just infectious and it’s clearly what makes her clients gravitate towards her. What I find so inspiring about her, and this episode, is how being true to yourself and your own personality is so important in being a successful wedding photographer. So much of what we do is about connecting with couples/clients and we can obsess about technical things until the cows come home, but for me personally it’s nothing without that connection.

    It’s also highlights that so many photographers struggle to find their own voice and be true to themselves. When people start copying and stealing her (or anyones) work, putting the legality and frustrations aside, what it’s really highlighting is that those photographers don’t know who they are or feel confident enough to speak with their own voice.

    I love that Anna’s photography is unique and full of her couples personalities. Rather than having a style of photography imposed on them, this shows how amazing wedding photography can be when both the photographer and couple are suited to each other and it’s not just a business transaction.

    I feel quite uplifted having listened to this episode! Thanks Anna and thanks Andrew 🙂

    • Hi Christine – I absolutely love your takeaways from what Anna had to share in this episode. You are spot on and it’s exactly the thing I’ve been learning for myself since interviewing guests like Anna, Nikki Mcrthur, Kristen Kalp and others.

      I’ve just read over your comments again and have nothing else to add – you’ve said it all perfectly. Couldn’t agree more.

  • Anna Pumer

    Thanks so much Christine – and thank you for recommending me for the podcast, you’re awesome 🙂 You’re so right, I don’t want people to book me just because they need to tick “book wedding photographer” off their wedding planning list, I want to be a part of their wedding they get excited about, and happily that’s what’s happening, and why I love this job SO MUCH!!!xx

  • Holy moley! This really spoke to me! Especially seeing that I often also describe my style as creative and quirky but in pet photography instead of wedding 🙂 Thanks Christine and Andrew…I’m off to work on my copy more!

  • I met Anna at ‘Welcome Break’ and she is one of the nicest, most genuine people and it is lovely to hear her – it’s like she’s hanging out with me during my edit! She deserves to continue to be a star and I really hope our paths cross again soon! Also because of this I have now found an educational and interesting alternative to hours of Spotify! THANK YOU GUYS xxx

    • Awww Emma you’re so sweet! Yeah this podcast is amazing for listening to while editing 🙂 xx

  • Wow Angle your website and photos are so awesome!! I wish I was in Melbourne, I’d hire you to take those amazing photos of my cats!!

    • Gah, Damn autocorrect, I meant Angie, not Angle!!

  • Really enjoyed the interview with Anna – I’ve just checked out her site and the video in her about page is fantastic – so much more convincing than the standard text!

  • Barry Forshaw

    Another great interview from a UK based wedding photographer. I think Anna came across very well in the interview and I can see why couples would want her to be a part of their wedding day. Her personality translates perfectly into her website and photographs so everything feels authentic.

    To go from a standing start to booking that many weddings in three years is just phenomenal and I can only say that I am very jealous!

  • Hey Andrew,

    One question I have for you, it seems as though you’ve stopped asking the 10 quick questions? Any reason for that? I quite liked that segment of the podcast, especially the question on camera and fav lens.

    Loving the podcasts as always.

    • Hi Lee

      It sounds like you’re not hearing the premium version of the episode – I’m still asking the 10 questions, not always quickly though 🙂

      Here are the instructions since the recent updates to the back end of the premium area of the site (let me know if you struggle at all to set it up and I’ll give you a call to walk you through it):


      1. Go to http://photobizx.com
      2. Log in (there is a login area in the footer of every page)
      3. Go to the main menu and under “Premium” click on “Member Home”
      4. If you see your Premium Membership Feed URL here – you need to copy and paste that long URL into your podcast app. If you don’t see your feed URL here, go to Step 5
      5. Click on “membership details”.

      Halfway down your member page, you’ll find your “Premium Member Feed URL” – you need to copy and paste that long URL into your podcast app.

      The easiest way I’ve found is to copy the URL and email it to my phone.

      Once you have your Premium Member Feed URL on your phone
      1. Open your downcast app
      2. Click on “Add” at the bottom of the screen
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      4. Paste the URL above into the field here
      5. Click on “subscribe” in the top right of the screen

      If you have any troubles, let me know and we can get on the phone or Skype and I’ll work through it with you.

      Lastly – you can’t have downcast on your mac but you can listen with the premium podcast player – under the premium menu on the website or from the premium post on the website – the one with the orange player.

      Speak soon

  • Deborah Smith

    I really loved this interview. Do you know it inspired me to write my first blog post in 18 months. I can’t believe I waited so long! I definitely need to personalise my web copy better. I can’t believe Anna has done 55 weddings and 39 booked. Amazing.

  • I enjoyed this episode – particularly the fact that you are self taught and have just got on with it!

    • Thanks Dan and I agree – no fuss or fluff from Anna, she just get’s stuck in and gets it done… her way.

  • I also loved Anna’s vibe on the interview, the images on here are very eye catching with an action as a focal point, very cool !

    Your notes and lists are very detailed Andrew, thank you !
    I jumped straight onto “Website Trends article by Alex Vita” which lead me on to a couple of links that I’m finding very useful as my site is to my perception very clean / professional and lacks any of my quirks 🙂
    “Not Just Pretty: Building Emotion Into Your Websites” is a page I’ll be studding next.

    Cheers Anna and Andrew 🙂

  • Anita Watkins

    Have to say I loved this interview. It it awful to say though that my favourite part was when she spoke about her Lithuanian heritage!? My maiden name is Pudymaitis which sounds pretty close to the name she thought Pumer came from:) Thank you so much for bringing us outstanding content each and every week!

    • Anita, I can’t BELIEVE that’s your favourite part of the interview! 😉

      I’m obviously joking… I love that you and other listeners find something different in each interview or from each guest that resonates. I’m just as happy if your enjoyment comes from a business tip, a new idea or something on a more personal level.

      You have to get in touch with Anna and see if there is a connection, you never know?

  • Aw yay Anita that’s awesome! I’d love to know what the original name was – every time I ask my mum she says something slightly different! Also, I accidentally said Pumer was my mum’s mum’s maiden name but it’s actually my mum’s.

    I’m SO happy to hear that so many people have found the interview useful – I’ve had loads of messages too from lovely people saying how I helped them.


    • You ROCKED this interview Anna and I know you’ve had a much bigger impact on listeners that you probably know. Thanks so much again for sharing what you did and being so open and candid with your answers!

      Wishing you every success for the future. Make sure you stay in touch!

      • Thanks Andrew! I’ve had such a great response from the interview – I’m glad I didn’t chicken out now!

        • Haha, me too – you are AWESOME!

          I’d love to have you back on sometime in the future for an update on how you’re going.

        • Hey Anna – I just had a follow up query regarding your workflow from a listener… He says:

          I’d like for you to dig a little deeper into the bit where Anna mentions ‘key wording’ in IPTC for each image to improve SEO ranking.
          Everything I’ve read on the net says key wording here is ignored by search engines – is there something more to what she’s doing?

          Can you shed any light on this at all?

  • I’d love to come back on the show in the future!

    As for keywording, I have no idea if it’s the right or wrong thing to do, but I do it anyway – my Google ranking is super high for the things I want to be searched for, so something is obviously working! I would say don’t always use the same keywords, be relevant, and also don’t be too general.


    • Awesome, you’re on Anna!

      Haha, love your honesty, thank you again. And I agree, if it’s working, don’t stop!

  • Hey Anna,

    I loved hearing the energy you shared with Andrew in your interview! Looking at your work post the interview I can see why you are kicking butt!

    Andrew & Anna – always look forward to hearing your work! (now need to catch up on episodes!)

    • Thanks for adding your comments Mike – I’ll be sure to let Anna know you’ve made them.
      I totally agree too, how good is she!

  • Andrew Szopory

    Hi Andrew and Anna

    This episode really resonated with me I love it. It totally makes sense be yourself, talk the way you’d normally talk and just show your personality. I love the video Anna and you have inspired me to create a similar about me promo video for my site. I can see why most people don’t do them it’s quiet different being in front of the camera and you really need to think about what you’re going to say. Not to mention the time and effort you need to go to with organising everything but I think it’s totally worth it so everyone can see your personality upfront before they’ve even sent through that enquiry.

    Cheers Andrew

    • Hey Andrew – love that you enjoyed this interview with Anna. Isn’t she a star!

      And good on you for actually taking action and creating a video too. Man, there is nothing worse than being on the other side of the camera so kudos to you.

      Love to hear what kind of reaction you get to your video from clients.