There is no mistaking today's guest is a destination wedding photographer. The first thing you'll notice when visiting his website is his name… Robert J Hill. Followed by the words, photographer and traveler. Robert travels the world shooting weddings of rad couples (his words) who become great friends.

He says he does put a lot of effort into fostering rich relationships with each of his clients and listening to Robert explain exactly how he does that will surprise you. I think you'll be coming away from this interview being able to answer; is customer service the secret to business success?

Here’s some more of what we cover:

  • The number of weddings and the average spend for Robert's clients
  • How Robert fell into becoming a destination wedding photographer
  • Why Robert failed his in his first photography business
  • What prompted Robert to revive his photography business
  • Your brand is who you are and a reflection of who you are – use that to show you're unique
  • How to book weddings anywhere
  • Utilising social media accounts to find those connections with your future clients
  • How Robert sells himself on Instagram and other social media channels
  • Why photography portfolios aren't for everyone
  • Using a social media strategy as catalyst for the success of your business
  • Marketing strategies that attract bookings
  • The importance of being consistent with your vision and your photography style
  • How to keep people engaged with you using social media
  • Why Robert wants to focus on building his Instagram account over Facebook
  • What makes Robert's engagement with client unique
  • How Robert takes care of his clients
  • Having the right client is crucial
  • The importance of building relationships with your clients

Robert J Hill Photography Podcast

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  • The importance on being specific with the kind of clients you want to attract for your business
  • How often Robert communicates with clients before the wedding day and how he does it
  • Robert asks strategic questions to know exactly how to take care of clients
  • Valuing client relationships
  • How to develop a better customer service experience to book more clients
  • Robert's photography style and how he found it
  • The best thing that Robert has done for his business
  • How to book local weddings in your area

Robert J Hill Photography Podcast

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Your brand is going to change as you change

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Robert J Hill Photography Podcast

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Robert J Hill Photography Podcast

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