Do a google image search for today's guest, Jake Olson, and you will immediately see he has a strong focus in regard to what and how he shoots. His work is all outdoors, it features beautiful warm golden light, strong leading lines and shallow depths of field. The photography is simply gorgeous, all of it! Following Jake, it seems all you need to do is niche down in your portrait photography business for success.

Jake is from Nebraska USA, he’s an award-winning, internationally known photographer who has been published throughout North America, Europe and Asia in Vogue Magazine, The Huffington Post, The BBC, The Weather Channel and National Geographic.

And here's one of the coolest things, Jake didn't pick up his first camera till the age of 38!

Here’s some of what we cover:

  • The secret behind Jake's incredibly beautiful photos – real or heavily post-processed?
  • Why Jake only shoots during the golden hour
  • The process involved to produce consistently great portraits for your clients
  • What style of photos sell every time
  • Why telling a story through your photos matters in terms of dollars in the bank
  • Why trends are the last thing you should be following in your photography business
  • Who specifically are Jake's clients and how does he target them?
  • How to shoot photos that have a chance to go viral
  • The importance of pleasing your audience
  • Business strategies in a rural city and surrounding areas
  • Get so good at marketing you can pick the clients you want
  • Pricing and packages
  • Jake's other income streams
  • Why you shouldn’t raise family portrait prices if you’re booked solid
  • Can you make a living from stock photography?
  • You don’t need to be good at photography to succeed
  • Why Jake shoots 7 days a week in the busy season

Jake Olson Photography Podcast

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  • Viral images are important to market your business
  • Jake's shooting technique
  • Clothing preference for portrait clients during photography sessions
  • Jake's thoughts on photography as a luxury item
  • The power of exclusivity and how to build it up for your business
  • How to give exclusivity an edge
  • Why Jake doesn't care about people stealing his work
  • The primary role of Facebook in Jake's business
  • Facebook tagging to find future prospective clients
  • Qualities of a viral image
  • Why Jake thinks it's alright to fail
  • Finding the right timing to discuss pricing with your clients
  • Never rely on local clients to grow your business
  • How Jake manages his time
  • A simple strategy to save you plenty of post-processing time
  • How to keep the passion burning in your photography business
  • Why you need to stay true to your style
  • The best thing Jake has ever done for his business
  • What Jake would do differently if he has to start over again
  • How to handle an unhappy client
  • Finding your photography style

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Jake Olson Photography Podcast

What is your big takeaway?

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Some of the best photos come in between poses – Jake Olson

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Jake Olson Photography Podcast

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Jake Olson Photography Podcast

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Jake Olson Photography Podcast

Thank you!

Thank you again for listening to the show and thanks to Jake for just being himself – It was a real pleasure to have him on the show, I know you’ll love his candid answers as much as I did.

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