In this interview with entrepreneur photographer and business man, Delane Rouse, learn how to build a successful headshot photography business with consistent client bookings using smart, measurable strategies. This one is for photographers looking to build a better photography business, not those searching out a glamorous lifestyle of tropical islands, remote locations and beautiful sunsets with their newly wedded couples.

Since starting the podcast over 2 years ago, I've haven't had the chance to interview a Head Shot Photographer. That changed when I welcomed one of the best there is to the show. The owner and pricipal photographer of the highly successful DC Corporate Headshots studio, Delane Rouse.

The way Delane describes his business is pretty simple. He says

On a daily basis we consistently deliver high-quality corporate headshots and business portraits to the Washington DC business community.

No babies. No weddings. No food. JUST HEADSHOTS.

And if you check his website, you'll immediately know, he's a switched on operator and business owner.

Here’s some of what we cover:

  • Why switch from a successful photography niche to do corporate headshot photography?
  • How to save your marriage without giving up your career
  • Pricing and packages for headshot photography
  • Why you should display your photography rates for the world to see
  • Why Delane doesn't believe in shooting for free
  • Can you afford to increase your pricing while still building your reputation
  • Why it is alright to double your prices and loose half of your clients
  • How to strategically market your headshot photography packages
  • How to make it as easy as possible for your prospective clients and clients
  • Why you need to have a mentor despite being any success you have
  • Business operator or photographer, which are you?
  • Why Delane quit becoming a photographer and turned to business
  • The importance of giving  clients a great experience
  • Growing your headshot photography business with associate shooters
  • Handling client objections about associate shooters
  • The struggles of running a business with associate photographers
  • Asking for testimonials from your clients
  • How to find the right associates to help grow your business
  • Contracts and associates
  • Paying your associate shooters
  • How clients find DC Corporate Headshots

Delane Rouse Photography Podcast

What’s on Offer for Premium Members

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  • Marketing strategies that work to ensure client bookings
  • How to manage client scheduling in a busy business
  • Why you need to use marketing automation to help run your business
  • 67% of the people that come to your website are not ready to purchase
  • Why you need to engage your readers instead of pushing your services
  • Why Delane loves to hire consultants
  • The best thing Delane has ever done for his business
  • What Delane does to get better at business
  • Who to target as your ideal clients
  • Using connections to your advantage
  • How to spark conversations with prospective clients
  • How to handle unhappy headshot photography clients
  • How best to keep commercial photography clients happy

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Delane Rouse Photography Podcast

What is your big takeaway?

Following this interview, I’d love to know what your biggest takeaway is – what is the one thing that you’d like to implement or learnt from what was shared? Let me know by leaving your thoughts in the comments below.

I will always surround myself with people that are smarter than me, with people that are better than me; and they don't always have to be in photography because this is business – Delane Rouse

If you have any questions that I missed, a specific question you’d like to ask Delane or if you just want to say thanks for coming on the show, feel free to add them below.

Delane Rouse Photography Podcast

I want clients not for one shoot, I want them for many – Delane Rouse

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Firstly, it's confirmation that I'm on the right track with the interviews and that they really are helping you improve your photography business. That's awesome!

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Can’t thank you enough!

In iTunes by John Barwood Photography from UK on September 8, 2015

Andrew, I have just found this podcast and was blown away by the interview with Dan O’Day. It is so great to hear you really probe the areas that keep me up at night rather than just chatting and promoting, nothing wrong with a bit of promotion of course 🙂

I love how honest you are about you fears and insecurities. I also hugely appreciated your guests honesty not just about the business but about personal stuff. I also suffer from anxiety badly and often worry that being a wedding photographer simply a stupid life choice. But I couldn’t imagine doing anything else as I love both photography and the business side and I love the challenge I have every week turning up confident on the outside even though I am panicking and insecure on the inside.

Dan’s openess about his issues was so good to hear and reassuring that I can keep doing this.

Also, a massive thanks for the effort that goes into the sound quality of the podcast, I know it must take extra effort but it really makes a difference as I often listen to things in the car on the way home from a wedding, and audio be poor audio is almost impossible to listen to 🙂

Very happy to now be a premium subscriber! Thanks!!

A must for anyone serious about their craft

In iTunes by mtcoz from Australia on September 8, 2015

Seriously the best Photography podcast available. Just take a look at the calibre of Andrew’s guests. These are the experts who offer their secrets, hints and tips.

The $10 a month I paid to go premium is the best money I’ve ever spent on my business, it’s like a weekly workshop. I literally have pages and pages of notes that I’m always trying and implementing… Shooting, SEO, Clients, Social Media, running a studio, gear, the art from itself is all covered, but my single biggest take-away from each guest is to shoot for yourself. Shoot how you want to shoot and always invest in personal projects.

Keep the fantastic interviews coming Andrew. This is only going to get bigger and bigger… Thanks Andrew

From addicted… Melbourne Aus. So what are you still doing here???? Go invest in your passion.

Delane Rouse Photography Podcast

I got to make it less about me and more about the brand – Delane Rouse

Woody Woodclick – Packaging for photographers

I've been chatting to wooden box designer and artisan, Woody Woodclick about his gorgeous and custom branded wood box collection for photographers. He's since sent a couple of samples and they are both rustic and beautifully crafted with logo detail like I've never seen on timber before.

Unlike other stamping I've seen, the detail Woody is able to achieve in his printing or stamping (I'm not sure how he does what he does) is incredible. Anytime I've asked to have my new Impact Images logo printed, the usual advice is to increase the size of the word “photography” because it's too small for print.

Not the case with these boxes from Woody. The font is tiny but the detail and readability, perfect!

The boxes are high quality and not cheap at $649 USD for a quantity of 20 (box to take 5″x7″ prints plus printed 16GB USB flash drive [also included]) but you will be impressed!

Shipping is free in the USA and $50 to Australia, New Zealand and the UK.

wooden print and usb packaging for photographers
Woody has kindly offered PhotoBizX listeners a promo code to use for any of his range to save $65 off your order.

Use the promo code photobizx at the checkout. 

You can see examples here:

It's easier to start high and get pushed down the line than it is to start low and try to climb your way up the line – Delane Rouse

Book More Weddings Academy is opening this week

I interviewed Heidi Thompson of “Book More Weddings” in episode 40 of the podcast and since then she's been running courses for business operators in the wedding space.

If you're a photographer who struggles to get things done and work bester y having to be accountable, this could be the perfect course for you. In addition to the accountability, Heidi has helped a lot of business owners grow their business fast with her courses which cover marketing, blogging, branding, advertising, structuring your day, impressing your clients and heaps more.

If this sounds like something you'd be interested in, Heidi is running a series of webinars this week where you'll get to meet her to see if she's a good fit for you plus pick up a heap of tips during the webinar.

All the details are here – Book More Weddings Academy

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Nikon 70-200mm f/2.8G ED-IF AF-S VR Zoom Lens

Delane Rouse Photography Podcast

Thank you!

Thank you again for listening to the show and thanks to Delane for sharing so much! It was so good to hear from a businessman concentrating on running and building a terrific business that happens to be headshot photography.

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