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Maurice Jager of is one of Europe’s premiere headshot photographers and Chief Marketing Officer at Peter Hurley's, Headshot Crew. Maurice unashamedly states in his bio… he takes the best photo people have ever had of themselves and is utilising LinkedIn as one of his primary sources of bookings. In this interview, Maurice shares in step by step detail, how he's capitalising on this little used social media platform by photographers to get noticed and booked by combining it with tactical emails.

A little background on Maurice; after a decade long career in marketing, he took up photography full-time. Thanks to Peter Hurley, he’s been given the opportunity to teach headshot and portrait photographers both online and in-person to build their portfolio and business. Today, he combines his work with Peter, teaching headshot photography and business plus shooting in the corporate world of Holland to live a life he's truly excited to be living.

Here’s some more of what we cover in this interview:

  • What a normal day for Maurice is like and what keeps him busiest
  • How Maurice found his way into headshot photography
  • When and why did Maurice decide to quit his job and go full-time with headshot photography
  • Average number of shoots and how much Maurice charges per shoot
  • Maurice photography style
  • Pricing and turnover
  • Competition and how Maurice handles it
  • How to responds to clients who think your rates are way too high
  • Creating your own market and demand for your photography
  • Maurice's first year in photography and how he attracted his first clients
  • Will you get bookings from shaking hands and giving out business cards?
  • The importance of asking for feedback on how you present your business
  • Sending out free headshot sessions to top level management to get referrals and expand your network
  • Using LinkedIn to target future clients for your headshot photography
  • Email marketing and getting the most from LinkedIn
  • Free headshot session and referral systems
  • What Maurice does to attract new clients to his business
  • How Maurice built his Instagram following
  • Focusing on hashtags and tagging to increase engagement and follower base on Instagram
  • Building your Instagram followers and creating your network
  • Who to pick to network with on Instagram and why
  • Instagram's Direct messaging function and how to benefit from it
  • What to say when reaching out to companies to market your business
  • Why and how to match your marketing message to your personality
  • What is Zapier and how it works?
  • Zapier's delay feature and how it helps schedule posts in social media more effectively
  • Why Maurice uses bright red fonts for pricing on his website
  • Setting up your website as a marketing machine for easy and smooth bookings
  • Why Maurice decided to start blogging about his business
  • Focusing on your personal branding through content creation
  • How Maurice came up with his pricing structure
  • Why Maurice prefers to shoot less clients per day
  • Human interaction can be exhausting
  • Maurice’s shooting work flow
  • Usage rights and copyright from your headshot photography
  • How to handle clients who call in sick for their commercial photo sessions
  • How to price volume corporate shoots
  • Headshot Crew consulting service

Maurice Jager Photography Podcast

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I think networking either socially or in real life is all about creating connections. And a lot of people they just expect people to find them. That doesn’t work that way. You need to put yourself out there before people can actually find you – Maurice Jager

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Maurice Jager Photography Podcast

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If your business is quiet, you might ask for a lot of money. Because if they book they might as well pay big and if they're not booking you anyway you might as well ask a lot – Maurice Jager

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Maurice Jager Photography Podcast

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Maurice Jager Photography Podcast

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Maurice Jager Photography Podcast

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Thanks again for listening and thanks to Maurice for coming on and sharing so much about his business, marketing ideas and strategies and thoughts on attracting clients to his headshot photography business.

I feel like photographers, they’re really good at taking pictures but they’re not really good at selling themselves – Maurice Jager

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