Mark Condon is quitting his full time day job to pursue his passion of photography which wasn't a decision to take lightly with a young child, living expenses and a tougher than ever industry to break into. He knew there had to be bookings before making the leap and to get bookings, he had to be noticed and that's where his story differs from most.

Mark was getting noticed and attention for his personal projects which were then leading to paid photography sessions. He's continued with his personal projects and now has an approach that almost ensures more attention, more bookings, more business.

Mark is also the founder and curator of the super popular photography blog, and author of the similarly titled book,

Here’s some of what we cover:

  • Why choose wedding photography as a career?
  • Monetizing your hobby to fund your photography bug
  • Your wedding photography can be artistic and creative
  • Getting paid for your photography to justify your work is good enough
  • Booking numbers
  • How to shift careers to focus on wedding photography business
  • How to decided it's time to pursue a career in the wedding photography business
  • Why you must spend time working on personal projects
  • The concept behind
  • How to come up with a killer About Me page
  • The importance of using heat maps on your photography website

Mark Condon Photography Podcast


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  • Why you should immediately reply to all your booking queries
  • Why you should have your work published on local blogs
  • What type of blogs should you target to have your work published and generate bookings
  • Why you should discover your own style
  • The deciding factor that made Mark take a leap of faith and quit his day job
  • How clients are finding Mark's photography business
  • Why you need to avoid having the same meta tags for all your uploaded images
  • How to attract more photography clients
  • Facebook is the best medium for photography advertising if done properly
  • How to identify the type of projects you want to work on
  • How to increase your social media network presence organically but strategically
  • What Mark would do differently if starting over
  • Why branding matters
  • The best thing Mark has done for his business
  • The importance of networking and creating relationships
  • Mark's current workflow
  • How Mark intends to improve his Google rankings
  • Outsourcing and the challenges Mark had to go through

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Mark Condon Photography Podcast

What is your big takeaway?

Following this interview, I’d love to know what your biggest takeaway is – what is the one thing that you’d like to implement or learnt from what was shared? Let me know by leaving your thoughts in the comments below.

Whenever I post projects or personal work, it attracts paid work – Mark Condon

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Mark Condon Photography Podcast

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By Lollies Lauren of Lauren Gray Photography from Australia on June 30, 2015

Fantastic Podcast. Wish I had known about it sooner.

I have been a premium member just over a month now and love listening to these podcasts whilst I edit. Lots of great content.

I'm learning so much and have a note book full of information. Looking forward to applying the new techniques to my business.

Can't thank you enough Andrew.

Cheers Lauren


Hi Andrew!! Holey Moley!

I am busy catching up on the PhotoBizX podcasts. I skipped to Kristen Kalp's episode 'cause she is so cool'!

I vowed to NOT sign up to any more things this year so I could digest everything I have been reading, learning & listening to but after that episode I just had to. I totally identified with you when you spoke about letting that mind chatter undermine your confidence that you could have done better on a shoot (whether it a wedding or personal shoot) but then downloading the files & thinking “yay I love them” Do you think that ever goes away? Part of me hopes it does & another part of me thinks “no way” as it keeps you striving to get better and better.

Your dilemma with the day in the life session resonated too. I do Family Story sessions that are similar but are yet to take off, so I feel the same frustration about how to put them out there. I am hoping with the new site, this may change. Here's my first Family Story session

And my new site!

It took so long because I wanted to put into action everything I had learnt over the past year. The toughest things were –

  1. Putting the real me out there. Something that kept coming up in so many podcasts from you (thank you too for asking all the question we ALL WANT TO ASK our heroes in photography but are to self-conscious to actually ask 😉 )
  2. Being realistic about my pricing & charging what I feel is my value!
  3. Shooting how and what I really love to attract like minded clients!! In my new galleries on the new site, I took out certain images that were gorgeous but really didn't float my boat haha Eg- I no longer cute wrapped up newborns because it simply is not my thing and there are people out there who do it so well. I shoot newborns exactly how I enjoy shooting & convey this to my clients too.

The PhotoBizX podcasts are gold. I often go back to my faves & listen again to really absorb what resonates with me.

Thanks Andrew – you really are doing something pretty cool & your honesty about your own business is refreshing!

My new site arghh! –

Next step – absorb Kristen's “sales without shame” & see what the next adventure will be!

Mark Condon Photography Podcast

Sales Without Shame – Photography Sales Course by Kristen Kalp

Kristen Kalp was last weeks guest and I shared details about her Sales Without Shame course. After hearing about her strategy to use printed proofs for the sales session (part of the course) I promised to give it a try and have since ordered two lots of proofs for two of this weeks sessions – I'll let you know how they go.

Since the interview, I downloaded Kristen's course and there is so much more to it than printed proofs! It's a complete strategy for portrait sales including:

  • Products to sell and show
  • Overcoming and dealing with rejection or resistance to your prices
  • Questions you need to be asking during the session to give your client what they actually want
  •  How to move quickly and completely through the session
  • How to deal with discount hunters
  • How not to give everything away
  • Using incentives to make the sale happen and actually get paid
  • What to do when the decision maker isn't at the session

In addition to the tactics you'll find cheat sheets and forms to use during your sales sessions with everything laid out in order so you don't miss a step.

I've since passed the course onto Linda to follow for this weeks sales sessions. Usually it would be Tenneille but she is heading off on holidays for 6 weeks!

I was also pretty excited to see a complete module for wedding photography too! Topics include selling albums to disc only wedding bookings, selling extra pages to client who have ordered an album and doing it all easily and without fuss.

Honestly, if you're someone who struggles with sales and selling, you give too much away, feel intimidated by some clients or don't feel you're worth what you need to (and want to) charge, have a look at Kristen's course and make use of the $200 saving for the next 3 weeks only.

Here's the link again: Sales Without Shame

KriSten Kalp - Sales Without Shame

Competition to beat Pat Flynn

A few weeks ago I was hoping for your help to beat Pat Flynn, an inspiration to me, by having more visitors check out Cole's Classroom after having Cole Joseph on the podcast than Pat Flynn generated after having Cole on his podcast.

I heard form Cole and although we didn't beat Pat, we were close to even with him. Not bad considering the number of listeners Pat has to his show – over 100,000 per episode!

Cole wasn't disappointed and said not to worry, he had a blast doing the interview, which was great to hear.

If you're a user of Adobe Lightroom and haven't check Cole’s Classroom, you really should. The free preset downloads and information, tutorials and help Cole provides on his website is truly first class.

And if you did check out Cole's website following that episode… thank you.

$1 Trial for the PhotoBizX Premium Membership

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Now you can trial the Premium Membership for a measly $1 for the first month! Here's the link to go check it out and stop missing info that will impact your photography, your business, your life:

Any questions or hassles, email me or leave a comment below – hope to see you in the membership area shortly.

Mark Condon Photography Podcast

Book More Portraits than You Ever Thought Possible

After first talking about the ebook for portrait photographers almost a year ago, it's finally done and you should have a copy (or how to download a version of it) in your email by now. It's free and I'm hoping will help you generate a stack of portrait sessions if you follow the instructions.

The email I'm referring to went to all Premium Members and anyone on my email list. If you haven't received a copy and would like one, head to, add your details and you'll have it in minutes.


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Jing – Free Screen Capture and Screen Recording Software

Coles Classroom – for lightroom presets and tutorials

Sales Without Shame – Kristen Kalp's Sales Course (on special for PhotoBizX listeners NOW)


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Mark Condon Photography Podcast

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