Gabe McClintock is a wedding photography success story and is truly living the dream, working exactly the way he wants. In this interview, Gabe shares how to be true to yourself in your photography business and what you can expect as a result.

Although Gabe is based in Canada, he is shooting in some of the most remote and spectacular wedding destinations and continues to shoot exactly the way he wants to be shooting. Doing some research I kept reading similar descriptions about Gabe and they all went something like this:

He's a photographer. A dreamer. A traveler. A husband. And most importantly a Dad to two beautiful girls. You'll hear from the interview he's also quick to laugh, has a great sense of humour and a lot of fun to be around. It's no wonder he's the success he is and is able to share as much as he does.

Here’s some more of what we cover:

  • The mistakes Gabe made in his photography business
  • The difference between shooting for yourself or for popularity
  • Being a jack of all trades and a master of none with your photography
  • How to attract and book the clients you want for your business
  • Shooting 18-20 weddings leaves a lot of spare time
  • Gabe's wedding photography pricing structure
  • How to start shooting the things that you loved to photograph and get paid for it
  • Why you need to shoot what you show and show what you want to shoot
  • Why you need to get rid of any images on your website that don't really speak to you
  • How soon will changes you make in your business take effect
  • How to say no to the clients you don't want
  • Can money buy happiness for a wedding photographer
  • How to determine when to start saying no to certain photography jobs
  • How Gabe measures another photographer's success
  • Why outsource with so much spare time

Gabe McClintock Photography Podcast

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  • How one wedding changed to course of business and life for Gabe
  • How to sell wedding albums to clients who live miles away
  • Learn why Gabe chooses not to up-sell his wedding albums
  • When should you consider a brand makeover or change
  • The importance of choosing the right name for your business
  • What are connection sessions and should you be doing them
  • How to let couples act and be themselves during photo shoots
  • Allowing people to be awkward and embracing it during photo shoots can provide you the best images
  • The best thing that Gabe has done for the success of his business

Gabe McClintock Photography Podcast

What is your big takeaway?

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I wanted clients to hire me for the work I was posting not for the work that I was posting because I felt I needed to

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Newborn Photography Workshop with Luisa Dunn

In the last episode, I interviewed newborn photographer Luisa Dunn and I mentioned her upcoming Australian workshops that are happening in 2015 with photographer Elise Gow.

Here is the link to their workshop page: where you'll find a break down of what they are teaching in the classes this year.

However in brief:

Newborn photographers Luisa Dunn and Elise Gow are holding newborn photography classes across Australia in 2015. Cities included are Sydney, Newcastle, Adelaide and Perth (Melbourne has already sold out). It's a 2 day class and the cost is $1,800 per attendee.

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Gabe McClintock Photography Podcast

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Gabe McClintock Photography Podcast

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