Lionel Taplin of moved from photographing bands to wedding photography with his own spin on alternative. Although Lionel is based in Bristol, he made the trip over to Cardiff to meet up as I was passing through.

Once we started talking about his journey from bands to brides and hearing about Lionel's success with bookings via Instagram, I stopped him right there, grabbed the audio recorder and retraced what he'd covered so far before going deeper on how he's made his transition and exactly how he's making the connections he is with his couples via social media.

Once again, this interview is unedited, raw and exactly as recorded over a cup of coffee in the home of Rahim Mastafa – the fitness and costume photography based in Cardiff to be featured in the following episode.

Links to people, places and things mentioned in this episode:

Where to check out some of Lionel's old music photography stuff (not updated regularly):

The blog Lionel was featured in, following his first wedding:

Follow up Questions for Lionel

Thanks again for listening and big thanks to Lionel for allowing me to record this short interview at a moments notice.

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