Rahim Mastafa of www.rahimphoto.co.uk has recently made the transition from fitness and gym based photography to costume based shoots in and around Cardiff in the UK.

One thing stood out about Rahim while staying with him for a couple of days on my UK trip – just how easily he made connections with anyone, anywhere. One example was while paying for a jacket purchase in a department store, Rahim started chatting to the sales assistant who turned out to be a part-time program director at the local community television station in Cardiff. A few minutes later and they were exchanging social media details and making the online connections on Twitter and Facebook.

It turns out Rahim had approached the same station with a possible idea which fell on deaf ears. Armed with this new connection, he'll be giving it another try with a much better chance of speaking to the right person.

This is only one example of how easily Rahim makes these acquaintances which go on to lead to bigger and betterer things. It was a simple connection like this that led to him having access to an unlimited supply of costumes from a local supplier who provided costumes for his shoot in the Roman baths of Bath which you can see here: A SPARTAN Cosplay Photo Shoot at The Roman Baths.

After seeing Rahim in action, I asked him about exactly how he does it in this interview which took place in his car on the drive to Bath to visit Jo and Neil Menneer of Divine Divas who you can hear in an upcoming interview on PhotoBizX.

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Follow up Questions for Rahim

Thanks again for listening and big thanks to Rahim for allowing me to record this short interview at a moments notice.

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