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Carolyne Cowan of is a dog photographer based in Scotland. She runs Scotland's ONLY dedicated Canine Photography Studio within SEVEN Acres of Studio Grounds incorporating a massive indoor studio and large showroom – all this is home of the CATCHATHON events. In this interview, she shares how to build a hugely successful dog photography business.

Her work has been been published worldwide in Brazil, The Netherlands, Finland, Austria, Germany, France, South Africa, Australia and more.

I was first made aware of Carolyne by Amy, a listener to the podcast who mentioned the Dog photography, “Catchathon events” – that are run every month. I went to do my usual research and have been totally impressed by everything I've seen.

  • Fantastic photography – studio and outdoor
  • A huge sales room where clients are surrounded by prints and products
  • An up to date and busy looking Facebook feed
  • A clear and detailed Q&A page I can see would excite clients and prepare them to purchase

From the outside looking in, this looked like a fantastic business run by someone who LOVES dogs!

If you're looking to build a more successful, profitable dog or pet photography business, you will LOVE everything Carolyne shares in this interview – from generating leads, converting her leads to bookings and exactly how she goes on to make incredible sales with a huge number of clients. She is a sales ninja!

Here’s some more of what we cover in the interview:

  • Why Carrie Southerton as a business name when your name is Carolyne?
  • How Carrie Southerton Photography started
  • A snapshot of the Carrie Southerton Photography business today
  • Number of shoots and what Carolyne includes in her shoots – studio and outdoor
  • Why Carolyne is not doing small shoots – each session is ALL DAY
  • How to pre-qualify clients before agreeing to photograph their dog
  • Price conditioning and the importance of talking to clients face to face
  • Establishing the needs of your client and selling photography through emotion
  • Always addressing the name of the dogs first and creating a connection
  • How to build a desire for products with your photography clients
  • Signals or signs that clients that are not interested in spending
  • Offers and discounts offered by Carolyne and why they work
  • Carolyne’s approach to rescheduling dog photography sessions
  • The importance of having all the decision makers in a sales session
  • Carolyne's step-by-step sales process
  • How and where Carolyne learnt her sales closing techniques
  • Why closing is indispensable for any photography business owner
  • Pricing for pet photographers
  • How Catchathon sessions work and why they are so successful and sell out
  • Getting better at what you do and not getting complacent with your art
  • Why Carolyne is NOT outsourcing her editing

Carolyne Cowan Photography Podcast

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If you’re gonna hard sell, the trick is not to let the customer know that you are hard selling. – Carolyne Cowan

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Carolyne Cowan Photography Podcast

What is your big takeaway?

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I still have doubts about myself. I still look at my images and think they’re not good enough. Oh my god, why do people buy this and all this however, I keep going and I keep looking and I am gonna keep improving and get better and better. – Carolyne Cowan

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Carolyne Cowan Photography Podcast

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In iTunes by Mornington Peninsula family photographer, Clodagh Jane from Australia on May 9, 2019

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Andrew is great to listen to and the people he chooses to interview are inspiring.

Already I’ve learnt so much and it has had a huge impact on the structure of my marketing and the way I set up my business.

Thank you for such a wonderful podcast!

Carolyne Cowan Photography Podcast

Links to people, places and things mentioned in this episode:

Carrie Southerton Website

Carrie Southerton on Facebook

Carrie Southerton on YouTube

Catchathon 2 – Dogs catching treats and cheese on YouTube

Thank you!

Thanks again for listening and big thanks to Carolyne for sharing her thoughts on running a hugely successful dog photography business by generating a desire in her clients for her products, delivering an incredible day-long service and following up with a sales and approach to closing any listener can learn from.

One of the biggest tips, is to establish the needs of a client, establish what they want. – Carolyne Cowan

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