Dan Waters of www.danwaterscreative.com and www.getprophotoclub.com agreed to record this interview while driving fr0m Peterborough to Cambridge for me to play tourist for a day and for Dan to reminisce and play tour guide to the university town he grew up in. Once we got past the topic of Bobby, his incredibly loved dog who lives a life better than most children, we moved on to business and life as a photographer in Peterborough.

In the conversation, Dan shares his ideals on time management, living a life worth living and how he's been able to achieve such a wonderful balance by not being a slave to the clock and curating his business to fit around his life.

Interestingly, Dan was super shy as a youngster and has overcome that – not that you'd ever know listening to him today. Hearing this, it became a topic I focused on, along with wedding and portrait photography business, networking, the laughing club, his man-kind project and what it's like to be the world's most helpful photographer.

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Follow up Questions for Dan

Thanks again for listening and big thanks to Dan for allowing me to record this interview at a moments notice and not running up the back of the track while trying to answer my questions with your full attention.

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