A resource page in response to the changing world due to the coronavirus. I'll be adding new resources, links, ideas as they become available. Feel free to let me know if you feel there is something that should be made available to other photographers: andrew@photobizx.com

Mark from Shotkit has curated a list of photography specials

Mark says… Let’s admit it – no matter which way we look at the current situation, there are very few good things about being on COVID-19 lockdown.

Yes, we can try our best to stay productive as photographers, but there’s only so many things you take photos of when you’re stuck between four walls!

On a more serious note, many photography-brand retailers are struggling, and have been forced to heavily discount their products in an attempt to increase demand… or just stay afloat.

For us the consumers, this is a good thing. We may not need a hiking camera backpack when the most climbing we do is up our stairs every day, but it’s nice to seize the opportunity to ‘stock up’ on gear when prices are low!

Above all, STAY SAFE!! 😷👍🏼

Details are here: https://shotkit.com/lockdown-discounts/

Matt Marcheski has located and curated some great offers

Via the web: MoMA Launches Free Online Courses on Modern Art, Photography & More

Via the web: Olympus and Leica Are Offering Free Photography Courses Right Now

Via Reddit: f11 Magazine” went out of print June of 2017. As a parting gift they published all 66 issues as free PDFs

Via the web: Nikon Offers Free Online Photography Courses in April

Details are on Matt's site here: https://mattmarcheski.com/blog/freephotographycourses

Photography Services financial relief

  • Shootproof 1mth via chat
  • Adobe 3mth via chat
  • Pixieset 2mth via email (if you are on annual plans they will also shift your renewal date)
  • Táve (they will need a bit pushing but you can get them to 2 months) then they offer to revisit at the end of that period to reassess.
  • Acuity 3 months via email (they are owned by Squarespace so it may be worth trying them as well if you use them)
  • LightBlue 3mth half price
  • Square Merchant ( waiving fees on subscriptions )
  • Global Image 25% off next order till end of June, not that anyone is buying much but closer towards the end of this we might need to stock up as part of ‘reboot'.
    Code : SUPPORT25

Sourced from the Photographers Unite Facebook Group (in Australia): https://www.facebook.com/groups/2566761720119895/

FREE MINI COURSE – Bring Your Business Online

Melissa Love of The Design Space recently emailed details about a free mini course she is offering…

I know a lot of you are looking to bring in some new income streams, so last week I held a free live training, called Bring Your Business Online.

It was such a success that I've now turned the webinar into a completely free mini course.

The mini course walks you through:

  • Adding a store to your website
  • Selling vouchers online
  • Selling fine art & prints online
  • Adding an online course to your website
  • Includes free Divi layouts to download

There are detailed bite-size videos and free Divi layouts to download to get you up and running really quickly.

You don't even need to belong to The Marketing Fix. It's free to all.

I asked Melissa if having the Divi theme is a requirement?

She replied, “It’s helpful but the same principles apply if you are using any page builder, like Elementor for example. They all work in the same way.”

Access the course here: https://themarketingfix.co/learn/

Book More Weddings Virtual Summit

Registration is open for the Book More Weddings Summit! It was created to help you attract your ideal clients and book more weddings so you can grow your business and increase your profits. It kicks off on April 20th with 4 days of action-packed presentations.

Click here to learn more! >> https://photobizx.com/summit

Heidi Thompson from Evolve Your Wedding Business is responsible for this big line up of speakers and what should prove to be a great event. Heidi was interviewed for episode 218 of the PhotoBizX Podcast.

19 Business Strategies in 19 Days

Amy Froughton of Photo Business tools has put together this free resource including:

  • Strategies to build your business while quarantined.
  • Specific, core, usually the kind-of-strategies-you-would-have-to-pay-for.
  • Tasks for email marketing, partnering with local businesses, SEO, sales for now, mindset, and much more!
  • Dialogues included. Templates included. All the stuff included.
  • Expert Advice from THE Photography Business Expert

Sign up to get it here: https://photobusinesstools.lpages.co/support-19-strategies-in-19-days-copy/

AIPP Resource Library for Covid-19

The AIPP are assembling the best resources they can find to help you and your business through the insanity of 2020.

This post will continue to be updated as we find new resources.

Access the page here: http://aippblog.com.au/2020/covid-19-resources/

The Photographer Academy – Free Memebrship

Learn in Lockdown! – Stay at home with Academy for FREE

No Credit Card Required

Select Academy £49 option At checkout use – AcademyFree Free 12 month Academy Online membership including monthly magazine



Wedding Support Guide by Leelou

Are you overwhelmed with what to say to your wedding couples when everything is so unknown?

Here's a customisable PDF you can send to your couples in 2020, answering all the questions that they may have while also letting them know that they are supported through this.

For more info and to sign up, click this link —>> https://byleelou.com/2020-weddings-support-pdf

The price for the PDF ranges from $50 to $0 depending on your personal situation.

In Home Portraits via FaceTime for Photographers Stuck at Home

I'm treading a fine line by sharing this kind of thing amid the current Covid-19 crisis. Photography educators are being shot down for recommending ideas to stay busy, creative and productive during whatever kind of conditions you're currently facing – lockdown, social distancing or self-imposed isolation.

On the other hand, I love this idea and feel it had to be shared.

Love to hear your thoughts…

The inspiration for this idea came from John Keatley – here's a link to his fantastic work: www.instagram.com/johnkeatley/

PhotoBizX Premium Membership SPECIAL

I recently announced a flash sale on the 6 month PhotoBizX Premium Membership.

In light of the current circumstances, I'm be extending this offer. It's my attempt to make the education and motivation provided by the interview guests and other members inside the Facebook Group as affordable as possible.

If you are an existing member who has already made a monthly payment this month, let me know after signing up for the 6-month membership, and I'll refund your $20 payment.

Once you sign up for the 6 month membership, make sure you cancel your existing monthly payments via your automatic payments dashboard inside your PayPal account.

For more info and to sign up, click this link —>> https://photobizx.com/sms

New members are also welcome to sign up with this special offer.

PhotoBizX Vlog Challenge – Starts Tuesday 31st March

A short, fun, daily video challenge to get you comfortable recording video, talking to camera and sharing your thoughts, ideas and experiences.

All happening in the Premium Members Facebook Group.

Video topics will be uploaded daily over a 2 week period (excluding weekends) and to participate, simply upload your video reply in the comments for that day's challenge before commenting on two videos from other participants.

The way it works:
  1. Watch the daily video (with topic/challenge included) uploaded into a separate post each day – excluding weekends.
  2. Record your video reply and upload into the comments for that unit.
  3. Once your video is uploaded, leave comments or constructive feedback (if requested) on at least 2 and if you feel like it, 3 or more videos from other participants. Please look for videos with one or no comments to reply to first.
That's it, as simple as that. 😃😷👍


The aim is to make this a learning and sharing project so please consider your comments and only give constructive feedback when requested.
Videos should be 2 minutes or less. This is to keep the project simple for you to create videos and short to review other videos.
No need to re-record or spend time in post, editing video for this project. The idea is to upload your video, warts and all. Mistakes are fine and you'll see, they add personality and demonstrate you won't need to spend all day if recording video for your marketing and advertising.
Play nice and feel free to share openly without fear. This will be a safe place to practice, learn and share.
This is a trial, and I'd love your input!
If you have an idea for a daily topic or feel we could add something to the challenge to improve what we're doing, let me know via PM or email: andrew@photobizx.com

Steve Saporito – Positively Proactive Coaching Calls

Now that we have been granted the gift of time what you choose to do with that gift is important.

Choosing to connect with the people you love as well as connecting with your clients will build a business based on relationships, which will see you through these difficult uncharted times.

Here is what some people are doing to take action in their communities and using this gift of time to continue to serve their community and build their business.

Access the video coaching calls here: https://stevesaporitoeducation.ck.page/519f680531


Got Kids at Home or Home Schooloing?

Some great advice from photographer and school teacher, Carl Spring.

This is one for the UK folk. All exams have been cancelled, grades will be provided. Do not put pressure on your kids to revise, there are no exams and it does not matter! Let them have time and get their heads around this. Though they may never tell you, many are devastated.

More general note, kids will not do as much work as you expect. A lesson is not just 60 mins of work, there are discussions, questions, chat about which friend snogged who at break (and that's just the staff🤣). As long as they do something, that is enough. Actual head down writing in books is about 30 mins or so from an hour.

Those of secondary age are just as mind-blown as we are about all of this. Just be mindful they may not show it or discuss it with you, but they all are.

Lastly, the work in most cases is glorified cover work and homework. Make sure you take time for other stuff. Get them to keep a diary, make a vlog, create a photo story. Even get them out in the garden or get them helping to make something (e.g. My 7-year-old is helping make a workspace in an alcove for my wife, we do maths and measuring as well as hands-on skills). Cooking again is great for maths as well as a life skill.

You will be spending a lot of time with them under your roof, sometimes you need to pick your battles!

Google Reviews On Hold

Google has suspended new reviews as they don’t have the staff to monitor them at the moment.
If asking for reviews is part of your automated workflow, you may need to make some temporary adjustments.
NOTE: You can still leave or request Facebook reviews and send handwritten notes to your favourite clients and vendors.


All of PPA's Education

PPA is opening ALL of their online education to ALL photographers and small business owners worldwide for the next two weeks.

All you need to do is create a free account to access over 1,100+ online classes. If you already have a PPA account, login to access all of PPA's education.

Create an account or login here: https://www.ppa.com/education-unlocked

14 Day Marketing Plan

As the global impact of COVID-19 worsens, we here at Sprout Studio are committed to keeping you and your business safe during these uncertain and challenging times.

Join our 14-day guided challenge where you'll work day-to-day to build a rock-solid marketing and sales plan. You'll launch several campaigns to book more clients and generate more revenue.

Access the challenge here: https://getsproutstudio.com/firstaid/

1 Hour to Virtual IPS

This could be helpful for anyone looking to move to or trial Virtual IPS during the current climate.

Thanks to Chris Scott of Swift Galleries for this.

Get it here: https://learn.theprintmakersystem.com/vips

Also, the interviews with Chris and some of the photographers he has helped are well worth a listen:




Teach Profitable Photography Courses

There's been some talk in the Members Facebook Group on creating photography courses for past and potential clients or their children.I know you probably want to reduce outgoings but if you're looking to create a photography course, don't forget there is a ready-made option by Marie Masse as shared by Alison Redmon in her interview.

Get the course here: http://photobizx.com/teachphotography

PREMIUM MEMBERS who purchase this course get a 40% rebate if you use the link above.

Send your receipt and your Paypal email address to me andrew@photobizx.com and I’ll make the deposit into your account.

The interview with Allison Redmon where she shares exactly how she's utilising these courses to book clients is here: https://photobizx.com/PBX264-Premium-Allison-Redmon

I haven't done the course but I'm sure you could teach this online and it could be adapted for kids, mums or dads – whoever your target student is.

The Front Steps Project

This idea was shared by Elle Goss and I love it!

More details here: The Frontsteps Project

Although this has started as a project, there's no reason you can't modify this to be a profitable project during these times, if you aren't facing lockdowns in your community.

First things that come to mind are book projects like the one shared in the interview with Kristen Kidd here: https://photobizx.com/349+Kristen+Kidd+How+to+set+up+and+run+a+profitable+photography+book+project

Otherwise, a more traditional approach to upselling like running a Facebook ad for subjects that includes a credit, shooting a series of images and selling more on top of the credit.

For clear instructions on how to do this, check out these recent interviews: 



Free access to Adobe Creative Cloud Products

There was initially talk of Adobe offering 2 months of free access of your normal account due to the coronavirus. The deal was, you go into cancel your account and you'll see the option to get 2 months free.

Turns out, this option was always available as a bit of a ‘sweetener' to keep us on our plans but delay cancelling – similar to what you find when cancelling your audible account.

Although the above does work, I've heard from photographer David Stowe that he simply used the contact form at Adobe, let their customer service know how tough it was after having multiple jobs cancelled and he was given 3 months access with no billing.

Took the advice given earlier to cancel Adobe CC subscription. Don’t just take the 2 months free – start the live chat in the third option “Let’s Chat”.
When asked why I want to cancel I simply said I’ve just lost the next 3-6 months work due to Coronavirus. They gave me 3 months free on both my subscriptions!
Fantastic customer service. – David Stowe

Moral of the story – talk to a real human, explain your circumstances and ask for help – you'll be surprised at the assistance you're given.

The Adobe website is here: https://www.adobe.com/au/creativecloud.html

Health and Wellness Classes – free access

Thanks to Alan Wright for sharing this – Health and wellness classes now streaming 24/7 for FREE on CreativeLive.

Access the classes here: https://www.creativelive.com/wellnessclasses

Coronavirus swipe files for your use.

Anna Sawin of Pencil and Lens has created 7 swipe files you can customise and use in your business right now.

She says…

It's hard to know what the playbook is right now because by the time I finish typing this; all the rules will have changed.

What I do know is that your clients need clear and compassionate communication from you now more than ever before.

So please download these seven swipe files to help right now–use them in blog posts, social media captions, emails to your clients, etc.

And if these aren't solving the problems you're facing related to the COVID-19 pandemic, please let me know what you DO need. We're all in this together.

You can download the files here: https://photobizx.com/pandl

If you're looking to get busy creating your own course from scratch to sell online, here's a great resource and it's free from someone I trust – Jason Zook.

I've been following him for a while online and recently bought his book – Own Your Own Weird.
I haven't read it yet – pretty sure there will be time soon enough. 😷

The course is: Make500, your 7-day guide to creating and selling a profitable mini-course.

You can access it free, here: https://make500.teachery.co/dashboard

It won't get you rich but could be the perfect learning experience to get something up and for sale online, in 7 days. And who knows where that will lead.

Spread the love and review another business

I love this, shared by Beth Lindsey in the Members FB Group:

A lot of local businesses in your area are suddenly out of work with the virus.

If you a stuck at home in self-isolation, why not go and review any businesses you have used in the last few years and loved?

A simple Google and Facebook review can help them out in the future and is entirely free to do!

Look out for those around you during this time and let's come together as communities and support each other. ❤ ❤