The interviews in todays episode were recorded while on a recent street photography trip to India with seven fellow photographers. I was a little concerned when going into this trip, for a number of reasons…

  • I hadn't met any of these photographers before  – I was hoping I'd fit in ok
  • I was the eldest in this group – the first time ever on any kind of trip for me
  • I learned that the average price per night for accommodation was only $15! This really had me worried
  • I hadn't really shot any street photography before
  • It's scary shooting alongside other photographers and it's difficult not to second guess your own abilities

I shouldn't have let any of these concerns be a worry at all. Upon reflection on the trip, this was one of the best things I could have done for personal growth and my photography. I've said it before but it's worth saying again… if you ever get the chance to do something like this, grab the opportunity with both hands. Say yes and work out the details later. I promise, you will thank me.

Back to this episode and the interviews. I had a chance to record interviews with each of my photographer friends and the topics are wide ranging from business, marketing, social media, self worth and growth to personal projects. I know there is something here for every photographer.

Below, you will find an incredible behind the scenes video put together by Anna Pumer plus links to each of the photographers websites, blogs and social media profiles. Do yourself a favour and spend some time exploring – it'll be worth it.

In addition to the links and video, I've asked each photographer to supply one of their favourite images from the trip and a reason why they selected that image. I hope you enjoy this episode as much as I did in putting it together.

Matt Badenoch – London Wedding Photographer

  • Reason for joining the India trip
  • How it feels to have some downtime
  • How to cope with the travel hangover once you get back home
  • Matt's reason for attending too many workshops
  • How Matt implements the learnings from the workshops he joins

Delhi Street Photography

Jodhpur Street Photography

Kolkata Street Photography

Varanasi Street Photography

Behind the Scenes – Street Photography in India

India Street Photography – Best Of

Christmas Day Interview - India Photographers

This may not be my favourite photo from the trip but it does capture the 3 things that I enjoyed most about photographing in India: people, colour and light. The people were incredibly hospitable non phased by us taking their photos, plus there were so many fascinating characters. Vivid daps of colour could be discovered around every corner. The light peaking over roofs and down alleys was a joy to play with. – Matt Badenoch

Carla Banc –  Carla Banc Photography

  • How Carla ended up on this trip
  • What Carla thinks of the Snap Festival
  • How Carla managed to engage with the people who joined the workshop festival
  • The hardest thing about street photography in India
  • How to cope with the struggles associated with street photography
  • What it will take Carla to say that the India trip was a success

Christmas Day Interview - India Photographers

This was the first time I photographed in a railway station which turned out to be a great challenge for me.

80% of my pictures from India are men related. Men are the main driving force in India or at least that is what you see and experience while walking the streets. Women activities are there too but not in the same quantity, many are hidden behind doors.

I like their curious look and their indecisive moment of smiling or not.

Picture was taken in Jodhpur railway station on 25th November 2017. – Carla Banc

Alex Beckett – UK Wedding Photographer

  • Quitting a career as a computer hacker to do photography
  • How Alex transitioned from his computer job to working in the photography industry
  • How Alex found his first client
  • Using referrals to get bookings
  • Pricing and packaging
  • Using presets in Lightroom
  • What it takes to make the India trip a success

Christmas Day Interview - India Photographers

I think it sums up Jodhpur, you obviously were there when it was taken and it was really fun seeing this lady, then following her for a photo. – Alex Beckett

Jide Alakija – Jide Alakija Photography

  • Using Instagram to get wedding bookings
  • Instagram techniques to get found by clients
  • The importance of using tags on Instagram
  • The next step to take once you get inquiries on Instagram
  • What to do to make sure clients book with you
  • How to sweeten deals
  • Is it ideal to give out discounts?
  • Jide's photography style
  • Why Jide maintains three Instagram accounts
  • What it will take for Jide to think the India trip is a success

I like this photograph because I represents how much ease there was in getting close and working up good compositions. It's not very easy to do this in many of the places I have shot of late. – Jide Alakija

Anja Poehlmann – Portrait and Wedding Photographer in the UK

  • How Anja ended up joining the India trip
  • Why Anja quit shooting weddings
  • How Anja stumbled into wedding photography before realising it wasn't the career for her
  • The fear of not having fun when going full-time with wedding photography
  • The importance of knowing the kind of work you want to stay happy
  • What Anja thinks of photographing India
  • What to consider when venturing into street photography
  • How to approach locals when capturing portrait shots
  • Is it easy and safe for women to do street photography in India?
  • Did Anja ever felt unsafe in India?
  • Does Anja think this trip is a success?
  • Anja's impressions of the other photographers in the group

Christmas Day Interview - India Photographers

My photo was taken in Varanasi – the last place we visited in India. The city is situated by the Ganges and Hindus travel there from all over the country to bathe in it and wash away their sins. Knowing how dirty and polluted the river is, this is something that's hard to imagine for me. One morning when I went down to the Ghats, I witnessed a whole family take a dip in the water. Every person had someone hold their hand, made sure they held on tightly to the rope and went all the way under water. Once they came back up, they had this big smile on their face, beaming with happiness which was paired with the shock about how cold the water was. For a moment I forgot about the pollution of the water and could just feel their joy of having undergone this holy ritual.

What I love about this photo is, that it shows the movement and the physical and personal impact of the dip on the woman who just underwent the dive. This is the face of a person who probably had a once in a lifetime experience and I got to capture it. – Anja Poehlmann

Johnny Dent – UK Wedding Photographer with a killer Moustache

  • What Johnny was looking to photograph in India
  • How Johnny ended up joining the trip in India
  • What it takes to convince your wife you need to go on a photography ‘workshop'
  • Why Johnny decided to join the India trip
  • The difference between travelling to India to do street photography instead of attending workshops
  • Street photography forces you to think your composition
  • Johnny's turnover
  • How Johnny finds his clients
  • Referral gifts
  • Using your unique look as your personal branding
  • What it will take for Johnny to say India was a worthwhile trip

Christmas Day Interview - India Photographers

I picked this photo because for me, it sums up quite a lot of the way people are in India. It's a country that has so many problems for so many of its people, yet they all have such an amazing outlook on life and such a warm and friendly nature, even those that have so little, seem so happy and fun loving, whether that means flying a kite made from twigs, paper and fishing line, or playing cricket using an old cupboard door as stumps, or like this, just leaping into the Ganges for a late afternoon swim. – Johnny Dent

Anna Pumer – Photojournalistic Wedding Photographer in the UK

  • Challenges to stay healthy on a two-week photography trip to India
  • How the trip to India was conceptualised
  • What was Anna trying to get out from the trip?
  • What to consider and the process involved on who to invite on this trip
  • Was it easy to organise a photographer's trip to India?
  • Has Anna's photography improved?
  • Street photography in India is easy
  • When do you draw the line on what to photograph in India and what not to?
  • Why Anna won't increase her pricing

Behind the Scenes Blog Post and Video

Christmas Day Interview - India Photographers

I can't believe India is over 🙁 It went too fast! At the same time I'm very happy to be home where there are clean toilets and you can drink the tap water 😉

I've attached a photo from India, it's one of my faves. This image of four men at street urinals in Kolkata sums up India to me, with the men carrying everything on their heads, even while they pee. I love the symmetry of the photo and that the two in the middle are wearing dhotis – the classic Indian clothing. I also love this photo because I took it while I was walking – without stopping – because it smelled too bad to stop for any length of time! – Anna Pumer

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Links to people, places and things mentioned in this episode:

SNAP Photography Festival

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“You have to work to be successful. It’s not going to happen by accident.” – Andrew Hellmich

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