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Monthly Membership

$100first month
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  • NOTE: Payments are every 30 days
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What Do You get For Your Money?

Good question, I'd be asking precisely that.

In a nutshell, you get extra ‘stuff' from each of the interviewees I speak to in the free podcasts.

The extra content is a combination of material because I've tried to keep it open for my guests to be able to offer something special that is working for them in their business or to offer something of value for you. At the very least, it's some of their biggest and best kept business secrets as they relax and open up in the 2nd half of the interview.

You can expect to receive:

  • Bonus audio
  • Downloadable PDF and Word Documents files
  • Discount vouchers or coupon codes for courses and products

Each piece of premium content costs you $2.50 (or the equivalent of half a cup of good coffee per week [ridiculously cheap, right!]) over the course of a month – amazing value considering the premium content is being delivered by the best in the industry and will make you a ton of money if you take action.

The information shared in the members area would cost hundreds if you were to see any of the presenters individually at a workshop  or seminar.

The number one aim of the membership area is to provide value and to help you have a successful photography business. Please let me know if you would like to see a certain topic covered or hear a particular guest on the podcast and I'll do whatever I can to make it happen.

My only regret is that I didn't sign up to the premium version earlier.

I have doubled my bookings and have only implemented a fraction of the tips in this podcast and am making the transition to go full time with my photography in a few months. I wouldn't have had the confidence or marketing ideas to be able to do that wihtout PhotBizX.

The premium version gives you access to over 200 episodes, less that a dollar each and there's a new episode every week. It's a no brainer. Just make sure you have a pen and notepad.

Neil Sampson, Neil Sampson Photography

WoW!! I’ve been a premium member for just under a year and the return on investment from this podcast has just been phenomenal.

I ask my little six year old boy if he would like to listen to music or Andrew’s podcasts on the way to school and he chooses Andrew’s podcasts every time. I love Andrew’s style of interviewing, asking the right questions that count, and the calibre of business and marketing information, from the top photographers in the world, that you would only get from paying thousands of dollars in workshops, is second to none.

If you want your photography business to reach unprecedented levels and you are on the fence about becoming a premium member, I absolutely highly recommend that you take the chance and do yourself a favour.

Ralph “Rafael” Alquezar, Rafael Photography

When lining up the premium content with my guests, here's what I ask for:

  • Something you would teach other professional in your niche if presenting to them
  • Instruction on how to implement a marketing technique (online or offline) that has or is working for you
  • An advertisement that brought you business
  • Forms or paperwork that you use in your business to improve your workflow
  • A discount on a course or product you offer that is relevant to photographers in business
  • Something that you do in your business that actually increases sales
  • A business tip or idea that has increased your profit
  • Something you absolutely wished you knew then that you do now which results in a better business

There are absolutely no contracts and you can cancel anytime. I think you'll be surprised at the value though and of the quality of information being shared.

I hope you can join us!