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288: Anna Hardy – Making the Successful Transition from Wedding to Family Portrait Photography

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Anna Hardy of is one of the UK's leading family photographers. In the last ten years, she's built a highly respected and successful photography business, first with weddings, later with families and creative brands. In this interview, Anna shares exactly how she made the successful transition from wedding to family portrait photography, including her advertising, marketing and pricing methodology that all stemmed from a full rebrand [...]

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263: Dan McClanahan – In Person Marketing Trumps Print and Web Advertising All Day Long

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Dan McClanahan of McClanahan Studio has a totally different view to marketing, advertising and attracting new clients to most senior photographers... really, different to most every other photographer. In terms of marketing, everything he does is planned to be in person versus print or web ads. His aim, give people experiences that are cool and get them hooked. Before you start listening to this interview with Dan - you [...]

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261: Jeff Brown – How To Positively Influence Photography Buying Decisions with Your Social Media

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Jeff Brown of Focus On Marketing photographed over 750 weddings and is now helping photographers with their marketing, social media and business in general. A big focus of this episode revolves around how you can positively influence the photography buying decisions of your prospective clients with your social media accounts. I'm always wary about bringing on a photographer who has moved into coaching photographers but if [...]

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233: Louise Downham – Marketing Your Photography Business on a Micro Level for Success

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Louise Downham of is a London based newborn and family photographer who has been shooting professionally since 2010, and has photographed over 1000 children! In this interview, learn exactly why Louise believes marketing your photography business on a micro level is the key to success and much faster than targeting large surrounding areas. Then, hear exactly how she has approached this kind of marketing and how you [...]

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209: Kate Densmore – Day In The Life Photography Today

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Kate Densmore of is a Day In The Life photographer, author and teacher. In this interview, Kate shares her complete process for what is becoming a popular genre of photography (amongst photographers so far) and being described as Day In the Life photography. From finding clients and having them find you to shooting, sales, products and marketing plus a whole lot more. She's currently based in The Grand Canyon [...]

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197: Cole Roberts – Where to for Nordica Photography now

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Cole Roberts of Nordica Photography is no stranger to this podcast or podcasting in general - he has his very own interview based Photography Podcast called... "Way Up North" where he interviews speakers from the workshop of the same name. When I last spoke to Cole and Jacob for episode 55 of the PhotoBizX podcast, they were already doing extremely well. With a background in marketing, entrepreneurship [...]

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TPX11: Bradley Hanson – Get Inspired and Stay True to Your Photographic Vision

Bradley Hanson of started out shooting headshots for models and musicians, before getting some work at the weekly newspapers. He added weddings to his repertoire in 1999. Although based in Minneapolis USA, Bradley has shot all over the world and his work has been featured in more publications than I have space to list. It's the same for his awards! In regard to style, black and white is his thing and he takes inspiration from outside the wedding [...]

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180: Kirsten Lewis – How to Attract Bookings for your Day In The Life Shoots

Premium Members, click here to access this interview in the premium area. Kirsten Lewis of is the go to photographer for Day In The Life photography. She is regarded as one of the worlds best documentary family photographers right now. In this interview, Kirsten shares how she attracts the bookings she does and how to attract bookings for your day in the life shoots. Kirsten is currently based in Colorado but travels worldwide spending up to 72 hours with [...]

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130: Bittersweet Designs – Growth and Success in the Wedding and Portrait Photography Business World

Todays episode features Rose and Thomas from Bittersweet Designs in the USA and they're bringing something out of the ordinary but so relevant to the show. These guys are experiencing growth and success in the wedding and portrait photography business world and have grown from nothing to complete success with gorgeous work and smart marketing. They've had a roller coaster ride to get to where they are after 6 years in business. From multiple website failures and completely changing the business model [...]

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075: Steve Saporito and Matt Ebenezer Photography Business Q&A Session

In this episode of the photography business podcast, returning and super poplar guests Matt Ebenezer from Matt and Katie Photographers plus Steve Saporito, the portrait doctor are back for a photography business Q&A session to answer specific questions from you the listener. The questions are wide and varied and the answers specific and involved and each with a different slant from the guys. Here's some more of what we cover: Mike from Biblino Images: For the photographers that [...]

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