Kevin Wyllie of KGS Photography is the dad, the photographer and the inspiration behind Regina's (his 9 year old daughter) love of photography. Regina not only accompanies Kevin to weddings, brides are requesting her from around the world!

Kevin has photographed members of the Royal family, world-class athletes and music stars. In 2013 British Vogue magazine described him as “…a visionary photographer” only two years after starting his business.

Based in Scotland and concentrating mostly on weddings and portraits, Kevin has been making photography news all over the world… well, his daughter Regina has, to be more precise.

Regina Wyllie is Kevin's nine year old daughter and wedding photographer. I'm not being loose with the term “photographer” either. The young photographer is already being requested by brides who hire her pro photographer dad and now couples are requesting her to accompany Kevin to photograph their wedding across the globe.

Regina is the daughter of pro photographer Kevin Wyllie, and she’s been shooting with a real camera since the ripe old age of … three.

At three years old, Kevin says she gave up her toy camera, picked up a Canon G9, and started shooting mountain bike races alongside Dad. Amazing stuff.

Here’s some of what we cover:

  • How Kevin started his career in photography
  • Will photographing what you love bring in the money eventually
  • What triggered Kevin’s decision to quit his day job
  • How Kevin’s background in sales helped his photography business
  • The struggle Kevin faces when selling his photography
  • How Kevin closes a sale using soft and assumptive closes
  • Showing how passionate you are about photography hugely helps in closing a sale
  • What to do when you get booked at a venue you haven’t shot at before
  • Relying on mobile apps to successfully execute your shots
  • Why Kevin brings his daughter Regina to weddings
  • The things that worry Kevin when photographing alongside his daughter
  • How detailed are Kevin’s instructions to Regina when photographing a wedding
  • How Regina’s subjects react when told where and how to pose
  • What was the real motive in bringing Regina to weddings?
  • Why Kevin is not keen to outsource his work
  • How much time Kevin spends on editing photos from a full wedding session
  • Regina at nine really does shoot in full manual mode
  • Regina’s camera settings before stepping in to shoot at weddings
  • Does Regina have a say in the editing process?
  • Is Regina’s fascination for photography only temporary?
  • How Kevin feels about all the attention Regina is getting from her photography
  • Dealing with the negative feedback from allowing a 9 year old to photograph weddings

Kevin Wyllie Photography Podcast

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I know a lot of photographers struggle with selling something that we are so passionate about – Kevin Wyllie

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Kevin Wyllie Photography Podcast

Because we love it so much, we find it very very hard to charge properly for it or to sell it to people – Kevin Wyllie

Kevin Wyllie Photography Podcast

I’ve never been a fan of a hard sell – Kevin Wyllie

Kevin Wyllie Photography Podcast

I want them to see the passion I have for photography – Kevin Wyllie

Kevin Wyllie Photography Podcast

Photography is a 24/7 obsession with me – Kevin Wyllie

Kevin Wyllie Photography Podcast

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Kevin Wyllie Photography Podcast

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I’ve always maintained that if there’s anything automatic happening, something else is taking the decision for me. I can’t allow that to happen – Kevin Wyllie

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