TPX15: Franck Boutonnet – Photography Projects, Awards and Legacy

Franck Boutonnet of has been a documentary photographer for over 15 years. He is a celebrated wedding photographer, photojournalist and lecturer with a very long list of awards!

He describes himself as a cool dude, cool dad and is based in Lyon, France. Frank shoots JPG and is as passionate about his personal long-term photography projects as his clients work and is working continually toward a legacy worth leaving.

I’m a better photographer because I attended all these conferences – Franck Boutonnet

Franck will be presenting at the SNAP Photography Festival in April 2017. SNAP is a unique all inclusive photography retreat, workshop, festival, conference and week long party all rolled into one. It's happening on a farm in West Wales and is put together for wedding and lifestyle photographers.

Here’s some of what we cover:

  • The pressure to deliver at every wedding
  • Are Franck’s clients really aware of what true documentary photography is?
  • Direction and photojournalism, do they go together?
  • How to identify key moments at wedding shoots
  • Will you still be considered a documentary photographer if you change your style often
  • Why hiding the fact that you are a documentary photographer becomes an issue
  • Steve McCurry’s iconic images and the truth behind those photos
  • How Franck started his career as wedding photographer
  • Using photography as a means to escape the corporate world
  • How Franck became a world-renowned photographer
  • Take advantage of referrals with overseas clients to increase international coverage
  • Long term projects and Franck's reasons for shooting it
  • Is Franck leaving behind a legacy through his long term projects?
  • The importance of staying true to yourself and taking photographs of subjects you want to take
  • Why Franck wants to leave a legacy in the wedding photography industry
  • Why wedding photography is considered the lowest form of photography
  • Why Franck still choses to enter photo competitions despite his fame and recognition
  • Using awards as a marketing tool for clients and photographers
  • Wedding contests offer visibility and exposure for your business
  • Using photography contests to push yourself
  • Does Franck worry his work will end up looking like someone else’ work?
  • The difference between copying a technique and copying the same picture
  • How to build your own photography style
  • Composition can be a technique on its own
  • Can you learn photography at a conference?
  • What Franck teaches when presenting at conferences
  • Franck’s goal as a photographer
  • Why Franck shoots JPEG
  • Is it forbidden to take photos in the streets of France
  • Information rights on photography in France comes first before personal rights

Franck Boutonnet Photography Podcast

What is your big takeaway?

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For my wedding photography, I am working for my legacy – Franck Boutonnet

If you have any questions that I missed, a specific question you’d like to ask Franck or if you just want to say thanks for coming on the show, feel free to add them below too.

Franck Boutonnet Photography Podcast

I am sure 100% that one day, wedding photography is going to be considered as fashion photography, as portrait photography, as war photography. It’s going to be considered as an art in itself – Franck Boutonnet

Franck Boutonnet Photography Podcast

I’m not thinking about this legacy and all these things. I’m just, in the moment, doing what I want to do now. I really want to be appreciating the very moment I am living in – Franck Boutonnet

Franck Boutonnet Photography Podcast

For me, being competitive allows me to push myself ahead – Franck Boutonnet

Franck Boutonnet Photography Podcast

I’m trying to convince people that from any kind of situation, you can get incredible imagery – Franck Boutonnet

Franck Boutonnet Photography Podcast

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Me, my approach is to give super nice, like striking imagery, really nice pictures – Franck Boutonnet

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Milena Perdriel  – Franck's headshot photographer

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The way I chose to exist in this industry is to be visible through contests – Franck Boutonnet

Franck Boutonnet Photography Podcast

Thank you!

Thanks again for listening to the show and thanks to Franck for coming on and experimenting with a new and different format for this photography podcast and for sharing his thoughts, views and ideas.

Also, a big thanks to the Laura Babb and the people behind the SNAP Photography Festival  for sponsoring this episode of the podcast and making the show possible.

SNAP will takes place on a farm in West Wales, UK on the 24th – 28th July 2017 and will be attended by photographers from all over the world.

It's largely aimed at wedding and lifestyle photographers but they will have speakers from across all sectors of the photography industry, including photojournalists, fashion photographers, landscape photographers and academics

SNAP organisers are focussed on learning outcomes, rather than just throwing together a line up of big names.  They aim for a well balanced, diverse programme.

I've heard the closing parties are epic and there are always a few surprises along the way.  At last years event, two festival attendees got married!

As well as the learning and speakers there will be activities like wild swimming, beach trips and camp fire hangouts.  SNAP is a chance to recharge your batteries before wedding season starts.

If you want to find something, you need to look for this. If you don’t look for anything, for sure you won’t find anything – Franck Boutonnet

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That’s it for me, hope everything is going well for you in life and photography!

Thanks and speak soon


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