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Jamie Pfister of  The Adore Girls is the owner and one of the photographers at the Nashville based boudoir photography studio. She is completely self taught as a photographer and was named Photographer of the Year in 2015 by the Association of International Boudoir Photographers.

After visiting The Adore Girls website I knew I had to try and get Jamie on the show; the photography, the studio, the videos, the information, layout and navigation – it's all there. It was clear, this is a woman mastering boudoir photography, business and what women want.

Early in the interview, Jamie revealed , 11 years ago, she learned just how short life can be and it pushed and inspired her to “fly” for her dreams. Shortly afterwards, she and her sister partnered and The Adore Girls was born.

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview:

  • How and why Jamie started her photography business
  • What to consider when going into business with your sibling
  • How to shift from having a hobby to getting serious with your photography business
  • The challenges of working with a sibling as your business partner
  • How Jamie has structured her business
  • Jamie’s average number of shoots per week
  • Jamie’s clients’ average spend
  • Why are women coming in for Jamie’s boudoir photography sessions
  • Separating yourself from the competition
  • Where Jamie finds her inspiration
  • Utilising photography workshops to learn
  • What ‘getting an experience' means for clients at The Adore Girls
  • Why clients keep coming back to Jamie’s studio for more photography
  • Why you need to constantly interact with past clients and potential clients
  • Creating a Facebook group to interact with your clients
  • How Jamie responds to pricing queries at the initial call

Jamie Pfister Photography Podcast

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  • Running sponsored ads in Facebook and what's working now
  • Jamie’s preferred marketing technique for attracting bookings
  • How are clients finding Jamie’s business
  • Why you need to run Facebook ads for page likes
  • What type of photos work to grab attention when running campaigns on Facebook
  • Why you need to run a Christmas special for your business
  • Why Valentines Day is not a good time to run a marketing campaign for boudoir photographers
  • What’s packaged in a $2000 sale at The Adore Girls
  • Using incentives to increase sales
  • Watermarking images in Sticky Albums
  • Jamie’s daily work habit
  • Utilising video for effective marketing
  • Where Jamie gets her inspiration for her ideas and how she's able to continually execute

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I don’t care how many people have liked my page. To me it’s not about the number. I don’t care – Jamie Pfister

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Jamie Pfister Photography Podcast

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The whole experience is making that woman feel like she is the only woman on earth and that she is the most beautiful thing there ever was – Jamie Pfister

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Jamie Pfister Photography Podcast

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Jamie Pfister Photography Podcast

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Jamie Pfister Photography Podcast

One of the before and after photos you'll find on The Adore Girls website that clients LOVE to see.

I’m a creature of habit – Jamie Pfister

Jamie Pfister Photography Podcast

Learn more from Jamie and see her in person

Firstly, Jamie will be teaching during WPPI in February 2017. It's not part of WPPI but will be during that time. The topic will be, The Psychology of Boudoir.

Secondly, she'll be teaching at The Boudoir Summit on February 20-24. Topics to be covered include, Hiring and Managing Employees plus The Psychology of Boudoir.

Jamie Pfister Photography Podcast

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I take care of our girls and make them feel beautiful – Jamie Pfister

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Interview between Andrew Hellmich and Jamie Pfister of The Adore Girls

Andrew: I am wrapped to have Jamie Pfister with us today.  Jamie is the owner and one of the photographers at the Adore Girls, a Nashville based boudoir photography studio.  Jamie is completely self-taught as a photographer and she was named photographer of the year in 2015 by the Association of International Boudoir Photographers.  After visiting the Adore Girls website I knew I had to try and get Jamie on the show.  It was the photography, the studio, the videos and the information, layout and navigation of the site that had me convinced that this is a woman that knows photography, women and business.  I am wrapped to have her with us now.  Jamie welcome.
Jamie: Thank you for having me, how are you?
Andrew: Yeah really good!  After our initial Skype issues, we’re actually talking to each other and recording, this is great!
Jamie: Yes absolutely (laughs).
Andrew: Jamie I read somewhere that something happened to you 11 or 12 years ago that changed your outlook on life and business.  Can you explain or tell us what that was?
Jamie: Oh wow okay you’re just going right into the hard strings okay.
Andrew: (laughs) well I don’t know the stories, I’m intrigued!
Jamie: Oh okay.  11 years ago I lost my mum to melanoma the skin cancer so she was 51 years old and in my eyes in perfect health.  We found out she had melanoma … actually she went to the hospital on a Thursday because she wasn’t feeling well.  My step-dad made her go to the hospital.  On Friday morning she had 7 brain tumours.  We took her down to start radiology and Saturday was an amazing day and we lost her Sunday morning.  So within 3 days I lost my mum.
Andrew: oh god.
Jamie: Yeah.  At that point you just realise that life is so short and you have to do what you love and you need to live for today and don’t sweat the small stuff.  So at that point I knew I wanted to do something.  Photography kind of wasn’t in my mind yet but I knew I wanted to, you know, have my own business, my sister always thought the same thing.  So a couple of years later her and I started the studio.
Andrew: I had no idea that was what happened 11 years ago.  I’m so sorry to bring that up so early.
Jamie: Oh it’s totally fine!  Totally fine!  Absolutely.
Andrew: Man, that’s a big start to the show.  So I was expecting something like a near miss or you know something great happened and you felt “wow I’ve got to grab this with 2 hands” but it was something, yeah a lot more full on than that.
Jamie: Well it’s okay because I learnt a lot about myself during that time and you know it’s really cool.  I don’t know if you want to hear a very cool story or not but when my sister and I started the studio she always loved interior design and I was starting to take my photography more seriously and she was like “hey let’s do something” and I said “okay”.  And we would shoot anything that stood still.  I mean Nashville.  So of course I was like “I’m going to shoot musicians, that’s going to be the thing”.  Well whatever and she had a girlfriend that wanted sassy pictures for her boyfriend and so we shot it and I had no idea it was boudoir.  So we had friends tell us it was boudoir and we went straight to Google Voice trying to figure out how to say the word and she was a bartender at the time and she got the other girls who worked with her at the bar and we shot them and you know we were like “do we want to go this girl, what do we want you do?” and I kid you not Andrew this happened.  My sister lives in an old warehouse building, a very small parking lots it holds maybe 10 cars.  She knows everybody in her building and she went up to her car one day and there was a black corset laid across her windshield and we still to this day have no idea where that black corset came from.  She asked everybody in the building “did you put this there” you know whatever and nobody fessed up to it.  We still don’t know where it came from but we took it as a sign from mum going “this is what you girls need to do”.
Andrew: Wow that’s great.
Jamie: I know it’s a corny story but we love it and that’s what we go with (laughs).
Andrew: That is so good.  This is fantastic.  So you take this as a sign from your mum that you have to run with this.  So at this stage here, what are you doing?  Are you a stay at home mum?  Have you got another job you have to leave?  What’s your sister doing?
Jamie: My sister is a bartender.   I’m a stay at home mum with my 2 kids and we literally just started the business in her loft.  That was our studio.  We had $0 that we put into it and we just gathered girls from the bar, they talked to their friends, then we got on Facebook and pretty much blew it from Facebook.
Andrew: Fantastic this is awesome.  Your sister, she’s an anterior designer.  What is her role in the business?
Jamie: Well we made up a role.
Andrew: (laughs).
Jamie: (laughs) we always called her the creative design director which really isn’t a thing but that’s what we called her because what she did for us was the girls would come in with their wardrobe and ideas, we would sit down and talk to them and while they were in hair and make-up, Lindsay would go and get sets ready.  You know we would figure out what we were going to shoot and on what set and she would get it ready.  She helps pose, she would build sets, so on and so forth.  So she was my second pair of eyes and created sets for us.
Andrew: Okay so at this stage you’re saying “us”, is it just you and Lindsay?
Jamie: Yep just the 2 of us.
Andrew: Business wise did you form a partnership or did you just type this is a hobby?  Like how did you approach the business side of things in those early days?
Jamie: Well we just kind of went with it for a little bit and then once we started getting busy I was like “oh we might need to make this legal” and we sat down and we had a long conversation about do we do a partnership or do I just do a sole proprietorship and we decided for me just to be the sole owner of the business and she became my employee and we did this because we didn’t want to have a fallout and it ruin our sisterly relationship.  So we didn’t want to have anything getting in the way of our sister relationship.  Like that came first.
Andrew: So has anything come between you guys at all business wise?
Jamie: Well funny you should ask (laugh).  No.  We lasted till, what is … it’s 2016, I think she left early 2015 and went back to the bar.  We lasted 3 years and we were just … we’re both Geminis, we’re both stubborn, we’re both control freaks so she was like “I’m going to step back and I’m going to go do my thing and I’m going to go back to the bar whatever”.  So she left for a year and she actually just came back in late June … she just came back.  So I’m happy to have her back.
Andrew: In the same role?
Jamie: Yep Yep.  Except when she was here before, she was my creative design director but she also, when we got busy, she also came into the office with me so she was helping me answer phones and you know she would blog and I would try and teach her how to edit, she did not like that and she would just help anything in the office, administrators, she would help and that’s not her.  That’s not her thing.  Once we became really really busy that’s when she stopped loving it.  So she left and when she came back she was strictly just here for the shoots.  She has nothing to do with the office and that is the way it’s supposed to be.
Andrew: Okay.  Talking about pay rates, does she earn as much as the other photographers?
Jamie: No I put her back on.  She was a full-time employee and I paid her hourly at the beginning and when she came back I paid her as a subcontractor so I pay her per shoot.  So if she’s here for 3 shoots during the week, she gets paid $300 for the week.
Andrew: Oh okay fantastic.  Maybe it’s a good idea to give the listener and me a snapshot of the business now because you’re running the studio from a house basically aren’t you?
Jamie: Yeah.  We’re renting a house and I have a full-time studio  manager back on board.  She’s here 40 hours a week.  I have a full-time photographer that’s here 40 hours a week as well and then myself.  I never sleep or leave and I have probably 7 hair and make-up artists on a roster as well and then there’s Lindsay too so she’s back and she’s on an as needs basis with shifts.
Andrew: Okay.  When you say you’re renting a house, the house is purely as a photography student.  You don’t live there do you?
Jamie: No it’s just a studio.
Andrew: So it’s purely business?
Jamie: Huh.
Andrew: And as far as photographers, so there’s a full-time photographer and there’s you and then you have Lindsay and office manager and the hair and make-up artist.
Jamie: Correct yes.
Andrew: Can you give us an idea of how many shoots you would be doing a week or a month?
Jamie: Probably we average between 5 and 7 a week.  We’ve done as many as 9 that wears us out.  (Laughs) that’s just way too many.  But yeah we stay right around the 5 – 7 mark.
Andrew: Wow so it’s consistent isn’t it?  Like you are busy all year round.
Jamie: Yes.  Yep.  I mean we slowdown here and there but July and August this year was unbelievable.  I had record like in July and August.
Andrew: As in sales or shoots?
Jamie: Both.  Sales.
Andrew: Really?
Jamie: Yes you read my mind.  Yeah.
Andrew: So what did you change what you were doing or is it just women are spending more that month?
Jamie: You know I’ve been trying to figure this out.  I don’t know how many times I’ve sat down and pulled my numbers to rack my brain on what we did different.  I just had a lot of people come in and purchase their entire gallery.  You know we have a lot of girls that you know, they’ll buy anywhere from 20 – 30 and lot of them go on payment plans and that’s great but we had a shit time of people come in and pay for their whole gallery ample.
Andrew: That’s awesome, that’s great.
Jamie: Yeah.  Yeah it kind of boggles my mind.  I kind of love it.  I wish it was a thing (laughs).
Andrew: I want to get into the whole sales process with you a little bit later and also the marketing side of things.  But can you give us an idea of the average spend of your clients?
Jamie: My average plan is probably spending around I would say the $2,000 mark.
Andrew: Wow.
Jamie: Yeah.
Andrew: You have a great business.
Jamie: I’d like to think so.  I’m proud of it.
Andrew: Okay just so I’ve got a good idea of how this all works, I read somewhere that you have a second studio.  Is that still the case?
Jamie: Not anymore no.  I did for a little bit.  We had a local … well they’re not local, they’re out in Vegas but there was a vintage clothing store downtown Nashville and they used to have a photographer that worked for them and whatever, well I met the store manager and she said “hey why don’t you open up a second photography studio in our building and shoot pinup” and so I did and not to get into all the details but I met with the owners of the business and we had a business agreement and I put a lot of friggen money into that studio and it got pulled out from underneath because they just sold the building.
Andrew: Oh no.  Wow.  So the business closed down too or the business is still running?
Jamie: No I closed it.  Pinups are not my thing.  I didn’t love it.
Andrew: No the vintage store itself, is that still going?
Jamie: Oh no.
Andrew: Everything just closed down?
Jamie: Yeah yeah.  They … well .. they’re not the best business people let’s put it that way (laughs).  I struggled with “do I want to keep it going and find a second space” and I was literally all over the place like I felt like all I did was think about work.  I took on too much too soon with 2 studios and all of that so I said “you know what I’m going to scale it back.  I’m going to go back to square 1 and that’s when it just felt right again”.
Andrew: Oh okay.  So you’re concentrating full-time and putting all your effort into the Adore Girls and the boudoir photography?
Jamie: Yes.
Andrew: What is it that attracts girls or women to your studio?  Like why do they come in for these shoots?
Jamie: I think it is for want of our style.  I have a lot of girls because we try to do consults with every client if they come in before their shoot and they just always talk about yours stood out from everyone else that’s local.  There’s just something about it, I love it, the variety of it, the way you guys shoot and I think it’s a lot of who we are because I try to show our personalities more than anything and I think that’s what girls are drawn to too and we give them an experience.  So they come in and they have an experience and it’s almost like they leave on a high and they can’t wait to do it again.  So and I hear too, because … and I’m jumping around a little bit, but they go to our website and they go to our portfolio and I have women of every single size on there.
Andrew: Ahuh I’ve noticed that yep.
Jamie: Yes.  So every woman has somebody to relate to in the portfolio.
Andrew: Yeah that’s really cool.  I really like that you do that.  I had a look at your portfolio … well I had a look at the whole website but the before and after shots …
Jamie: Yes.
Andrew: They are incredible.  They blew me away.
Jamie: Yeah and that sells it too a lot because girls you know, we’re woman, we get up in the morning, we look in the mirror we’re like “oh god” yeah and then they see the before and afters and they’re like “well I kind of look like her before, that means I can look like that after.  Okay!”  You know, plus I have really amazing hair and make-up artists on board too.  So they take care of our girls and make them feel beautiful.
Andrew: Right.  You mention there that you have, well there is competition in the area.  Is there a lot of competition?
Jamie: I think there’s quite a bit.
Andrew: So would there would be 3 or 4 other studios being boudoir?
Jamie: No there’s more than that.  And a lot of wedding photographers are offering it now too.  I think if we’re just talking about studios that only shoot boudoir and that’s it, there is just a handful, there’s not that many.
Andrew: Do you find that you have to do anything special to separate yourself from those other studios or it just happens organically because you’re sharing personality, because you know you had videos on your website.  Does it happen easily?  Are you …
Jamie: I think so.  I think it happens organically and easy.  I try not to pay attention to any other photographs around me.  I mean of course you know every once in a while you have to get on there, and you have to look and see and you know I’m nosy, what are they charging and this that and the other but I try not to pay attention.  I think I can name one other boudoir photographer in my area and that’s it.  I try not to pay attention to anybody else.
Andrew: Okay so where do you take your inspiration from?  You know where do you get your ideas from?
Jamie: Playing.  Just playing around.  Like we’ll have days if we’re slow.  It’s “OMG I just had an idea” or you know “I saw something like this on you know Pentrist (?) or you know somewhere else and “hey let me grab my camera and lets go in here and shoot and play”.  So I really try not to, as bad as that sounds I don’t have anybody that I follow just to watch their work or anything like that.  Like I’ve got tonnes of friends and you know, that are boudoir photographers, but workwise I try not to really pay attention to others.
Andrew: Do you go to other workshops?
Jamie: I have never officially been to a workshop.
Andrew: Okay.  Are you going to any?  Are you booked in to any?
Jamie: Yes.  I am going to one next week.  I am going to the fair ones down in Atlanta.  So I want to see them in one of their workshops and I get to go to theirs so I’m super psyched about that.
Andrew: So you’ve never been to a workshop before.  Why go to one now?
Jamie: Because I won it and it’s free (laughs).
Andrew: (laughs) Did you say you won it?  You won the ticket?
Jamie: Yeah.  They have a forum, like you pay a yearly fee and you’re a part of it and they do tutorials and stuff like that but they also have weekly contests.  So I entered one of the weekly contests and the prize that week was a seat at their Atlanta workshop.  So I won and that’s why I’m going.
Andrew: Fantastic!  Very good.  Jamie you mentioned before when the girls or women … do you call them girls or women that come to see you?
Jamie: I call them girls.  It’s more fun that way.
Andrew: (laughs)  When the girls come to see you for a session, you said that they get an experience.  Like what does that mean?  What is an experience?
Jamie: Oh you’ve got to pamper up! With boudoir photography we know that they’re going to leave feeling amazing.  We know that they are going to feel empowered and better and confident and all of that but we don’t solely push that.  You know how we push it to our girls is “you’re going to have fun, you’re going to come in, we’re going to pamper you to death.  You’re going to come in, we’re going to pick out your wardrobe, we’re going to plan out your session, we’re going to put you in hair and make-up with some of Nashville’s best hair and make-up artists, you’re going to have Mimosas while you’re sitting there, we’ll turn the music up.  You know they come out and all of my hair … well I don’t want to say all of, but the majority of my hair and make-up artists have had sessions with us as well because I think it’s important that they are able to talk to  our client and calm them down because they’re so nervous.  So you know there’s chitchat in hair and make-up, they’re having fun and laughing and carrying on.  They may come out and it’s time to shoot and you know none of this shit is normal with boudoir.  Everybody is nervous because no one lays and sits and stands like this on a daily basis.  I don’t go home and like layout on a couch and a bra and panty set.  Like that’s not reality.
Andrew: I don’t (laughs) …
Jamie: Ummm so we’re laughing and we’re joking and we’re just acting all through the session and it makes them feel comfortable and we’re showing them pictures as we’re taking them on the back of the camera and that’s when the thing happened.  We don’t have a word for it, we just call it the thing and they see themselves on the back of the camera and they’re like “hell yeah damn right I’m not!” and they turned it on for us and they’re feeling good and all of a sudden you know their head is held higher and their shoulders are back and they have a little swagger in their walk and it’s just a whole thing and they turn around and look at us and they’re like “that’s nothing like I thought it was going to be”.  And I’m like “what in the hell did you think it was going to be?”.  They say “well I thought I was going to have to walk in the door and know exactly what to do and how to pose and how to be sexy and all of this” and we’re like “no, that’s our job”.  Then we get emails the next day like “I’ve never felt this good about myself before” and “I can’t wait to do it again”.  It’s almost like an addiction, they can’t wait to get back in and do it again.  So it’s just an experience.  The whole experience is making that woman feel like she is the only woman on earth and that she is the most beautiful thing there ever was.
Andrew: That’s one good reason to enjoy the shoot and feel like the experience that you’re talking about.
Jamie: Yeah.
Andrew: You mention the girls want to come back, do you see a lot of repeat clients?
Jamie: Absolutely.  I had a girl on Monday and it was the third shoot with us.
Andrew: Why is she coming back 3 times in 3 years?
Jamie: The first one I think was they were just dating at the time, they second was for a wedding gift and the third was just because she wanted to and she wanted to push her comfort level a little bit more this time.
Andrew: Okay.  I thought you were going to say something like “well we sent out an email with a special offer and that got her to take action”.  So it’s nothing like that?
Jamie: Nope.  They just come back.
Andrew: Do you do that?   Do you target previous clients and do any specific marketing to them to get them back in?
Jamie: Not really.  Well I will say this, we have a private group on Facebook that’s women only, it’s got like 2,000 girls in it right now.  Nobody is required to be a member of it but you know it’s for my past, present and future clients and Courtney and I, Courtney is my other photographer, we’re all in there all the time and that’s where all the magic happens.  That’s where the fun is and we post stupid videos of ourselves like the dove smashes or funny stories or you know whatever.  We’re constantly interacting with these girls, so we just keep up that relationship in that group and they just want to come back.
Andrew: Who’s in this group?  Like these 2,200 women.  I’m looking at the page right now.  Who are they?
Jamie: They’re women that are interested in a shoot.
Andrew: So past clients and prospective?
Jamie: Past clients, girls that like .. if a girl comes in for a consult, well we always ask them “are you part of our private group” and “no what’s that?”, you know we tell them that it’s a great resource for you getting ready for your session.  You know our girls share installation in there.  We had a girl the other day post a shot of a piece of lingerie and she says “oh I saw this and I can’t find it online, does anybody know where I can get it?” and my girls just immediately felt replying “yeah I saw that on this website, you can get it there.  You know girls will post “shall I wear this bra or wear this bra?”  Or if you have any last minute tips.  Anything like that.  So it’s really crazy because when other members post questions, my past clients answer those questions before I can even get to them.  Like I feel like I have about 50 girls in that group that I need to put on the payroll because they are doing my job for me.
Andrew: Fantastic.
Jamie: Yeah.
Andrew: Who says they can join the group?  Like does someone bet who these girls are that want to join that ask to join?
Jamie: Yeah I’m very very protective over my group.  I screen everybody so anybody that request to join, I’m going to their page, I’m looking at their posts, I’m seeing where they’re at, I’m seeing where they work and I have photographers and there’s just a few that I’m friends with that I let in there but you know they need to be local, they need to not look crazy, you know they can’t work for one of the skimmy [22:25] works or whatever companies, you know whether it’s just trying to sell stuff.  And I have people you know get in on acts every now and again and I’ll wake up to a completely inappropriate post in there by me or anything like that but I screen everybody to make sure that their intent is good  and that’s why … I don’t want my group to be you know 10,000 members.  I mean hopefully it is one day but I want to keep it small and I want to keep the girls in there that want to have a shoot.
Andrew: Do you put promotions inside this group?  Like do you use it to market yourself?
Jamie: Yep.  Oh absolutely all the time.  So we’ll do member only deals with a flash you know “hey if you call and book today or this week you can save $200 or whatever”.  So we will promote in there.  So when I’m talking about the group, you know I tell them it’s an exclusive women’s only group from my past, present and future clients.  You can get special deals.  We have a door girl night outs.  So I’ll put something up like next month we’re planning on going to a haunted house.  So I’ll make an event and only invite the girls from the group to go to these events with us and do certain things.
Andrew: Are you paying for these events?  Like are you shouting everyone?
Jamie: Oh no no no.
Andrew: Oh?
Jamie: No no no.
Andrew: So you just organise it and just ask the girls to come along.  If they want to come along they can and they just pay their own way.
Jamie: Absolutely absolutely.
Andrew: In these events there’s no photography involved, this is just a social outing.
Jamie: Oh it’s just “let’s get together, let’s mingle, let’s get to know one another and let’s just go have some fun”.
Andrew: Wow very cool.  What else do you use the group for?  Is it just for talking business?
Jamie: We just have fun in there.  We’ll do promotions in there.  I like to call it my morning announcements – I do morning announcements in there a couple times a week and if you’re thinking about a shoot and you need a Friday or a Saturday, these are the only days and times that I have or September is extremely full, October is already half full.  I kind of do a call of action urgency type thing in there.  We do sneak peeks of sessions that are in the editing room and if the girls have signed a model release, we’ll put a sneak peek up in there for them and everybody can see what we’re currently working on.  And we’re just stupid.
Andrew: Ok you’ll do that in a group rather than on your actual page?
Jamie: We sometimes do it on our page but it always goes up in the group first.
Andrew: Right okay.  And you mention model releases there so does every client sign a model releases?
Jamie: Yes and so.  So I’ve got a model release a piece of paper that we go over the day of their shoot and they can accept it meaning that they’re giving me permission to use their images outside of the studio and I tell them it’s basically the internet.  I can use them on my blog, my marketing, social media, anywhere I want and I always tell them “if you sign this release, I don’t tag you, I don’t hunt you down and say ‘hey look this is Susie in her panties’” anything like that, they all stay anonymous or they can choose to decline the model release and that lets them know that their images are going to stay 100% private and never leave my studio.
Andrew: Okay.  When they say the model release, is there an option there that they have to see the photos before they agree or are they basically giving you the right to choose and share what you want to share?
Jamie: Absolutely.  Now we do have some girls and they’re like “you know what I don’t care if you use them, but as long as it doesn’t show my face” and you know, that’s perfectly fine.  So it might be just a butt shot or something like that but it’s 50/50 with who signs and who doesn’t and I’ve even had girls decline it and then see their images and change it.  They’re like “is it bad that I want everybody in the world to see my pictures?” and I’m like “hell no!”.
Andrew: No way.
Jamie: Yeah!
Andrew: You must always get upset sometimes when some of the girls don’t want to sign it because you want to be able to share everything that you can.
Jamie: Oh absolutely.  Courtney calls those our heartbreakers.
Andrew: (laughs)
Jamie: So you know you’ve got to understand why.  You know some don’t want their images out there.  I had a woman say “yeah I’ll sign it” and she starts signing away and then tells me what she does for a living and she worked for a school system and I said “no ma’am.  Absolutely not.  I will not put your images up like my daughter is 11 she googles everybody.  Like no! You know?”
Andrew: Yeah fair enough.  That’s a good call on your behalf.
Jamie: (laughs)  Yeah.
Andrew: You know with the Facebook group, when you first … or how long has it been running for?
Jamie: It’ll be 3.5 years almost 4 years.
Andrew: So when you first started off, you haven’t got 2000 women as part of this group, you know, you’re probably starting with I don’t know 10 or 2?
Jamie: Oh yeah.
Andrew: Like take me back to that time.  What was the thinking?  Did you feel nervous about starting it with 2 or 3 or 10 people?
Jamie: No.  Lindsay and I know a lot of people so we just started adding our friends.  And I’m like “hey if you know if you want you can add some friends in here” and then it immediately went up on our website.  I got a link to it in the website and you know it’s just a private Facebook group.  It goes out on all our welcome emails so clients that would book a session, the welcome email they got, had a link to it.  We would, you know, post it on our business page and just tell people about it.  So back when Facebook wasn’t an asshole and would actually allow people to see stuff, it grew quick.  But I was never nervous because we were like “you know let’s just have a place where they …”.  Well the thing is, this is why we started it.  Because you’ve got your business page.  Boudoir is such an intimate genre photography that girls don’t want to ask certain questions on the business page because their husband might see it or they just feel silly asking that.  So we created … the whole point of a group was for them to have a safe place to talk and ask questions to us when nobody else would know about it.
Andrew: Right.  Okay if you were talking to another photographer, let’s say in Australia that shoots boudoir and they didn’t have a Facebook group, would you suggest it’s a good idea to it?
Jamie: Oh 100% absolutely.  Absolutely.
Andrew: And do you have to get it over a certain number of people in the group to make it worthwhile or you just start with whatever you’ve got?
Jamie: No I think you start with whatever you’ve got because the beauty of it is I have girls call and book sessions all the time and not tell me I’ve been in your group for 3 years.  You know I’ve been stalking you guys for this long and all it takes is to post something or them to see a picture of a woman that is built like them or that they can relate to for them to make that phone call to book their session.  So in the group it will always show up in their news feeds so you know you’re still getting in front of people too.  I think it’s a fabulous idea.
Andrew: That’s great.  So do you still run sponsored adds or paid adds in Facebook?
Jamie: Yep yeah.  Ahuh.
Andrew: They good?  They work for you?
Jamie: Yeah if they’ll get approved.
Andrew: Right so that’s one of the trickiest things for you because of your photography.
Jamie: Absolutely!  It’s ridiculous.  But here’s what I found.  So my picture adds, if I run an add with just a picture, probably 8 out of 10 times it will get denied.  If I run a video or a slideshow with the same pictures, it will get approved because Facebook wants video now.
Andrew: How bizarre.  They’re so desperate to get video, they’ll let anything go through.
Jamie: Absolutely.
Andrew: So do you think they’re getting knocked back because people are complaining about the photos or just Facebook’s rules and that’s getting picked up?
Jamie: According to Facebook I’m violating their guidelines.  So I’m showing adult content which is quite bullshit because Victoria Secret is … you know I can put up a more clothed person than Victoria Secret and their adds show in my feed all day long but my girls I get denied.
Andrew: I wonder if this is because they’ve got a slightly bigger budget?
Jamie: Probably!  Probably.
Andrew: (laughs)  It’s not fair.
Jamie: I’m like seriously $100 just show it to a couple of thousand people and we’ll call it a day (laughs).
Andrew: Okay so you’re using videos or slideshows.  Are you using a particular app or software  to create those slideshows?
Jamie: No Facebook.
Andrew: Just doing it within Facebook when you create the ad?
Jamie: Yeah yeah I just use the slideshow option and it was funny because the last time I did this I ran just a picture ad with 7 different pictures or 6 pictures however many pictures you’re allowed and it got denied and I was like “oh okay we’ll play”.  So I went back in, took the exact same images and put them in a slideshow and it got approved.
Andrew: Wow.
Jamie: They’re just assholes.
Andrew: That’s bizarre.
Jamie: Oh it makes me so mad.  and I’m like “I’m trying to give you money!”  Like “I want to give you my money!  Just take my money!”
Andrew: Look I’m going to get digging for a couple of marketing things here because and I’m going to zero in on one but I know you’re doing a few different things here.  One of them was the Tag Magazines.  I don’t know – are they still running?
Jamie: They’re not.  I have planned on bringing them back but my old studio manager she was in charge of the magazine so she would design them and put them together and get them ready for me.  We had a fallout and she’s no longer here.  So when she left I just haven’t had the time to start it back up and I need to because my girls would have a shoot just to be in the magazine and they would sign model releases going “I’m going to be in the magazine right?”  “Sure! Absolutely!  I’ll put you in a magazine if you’re going to give a model release, yeah!”  So it’s on my to do list.  I have a very long to do list.
Andrew: So you obviously like the idea of it, so just so the listener is clear, can you just tell us what the tag …  Is tag the brand or is it the name of your magazine?
Jamie: Tag is short for The Adore Girls.  TAG.  So it was called TAG The Adore Girls.
Andrew: Alright done (laughs).  I should have seen that ha ha.  Thanks.  Now I feel dumb.
Jamie: It’s all good!
Andrew: So it’s your magazine.  Is it purely online?  Is it digital only?
Jamie: No we do print as well so I would always put it up online and they could always get a free copy of it and then I had a few ladies that actually did a subscription.  So every month I would order hard copies and we would mail out a copy to them.  So, it was all, you know, our magazine was all of our girls, we did make-up tips, we did a featured story on one of our girls, we would feature local businesses in it but mainly it was just a big portfolio of our work but our girls love seeing themselves in a magazine.
Andrew: Wow.  I mean they look very professional.  They look very very good.
Jamie: Yeah they were awesome.  She was amazing with that.
Andrew: That must have sucked to lose her.  That’s terrible.
Jamie: That’s the only thing that I really miss but we won’t go there.
Andrew: (laughs) Ok we won’t go down there.
Jamie: (laughs) That’s a whole over show.
Andrew: This magazine … so this was for sale.  It wasn’t a free handout?
Jamie: No if you wanted a hard copy you had to buy it, but we did do 3 digital copies.
Andrew: And the hard copies I think they were around $11 or $12 is that right?
Jamie: Yes.  Ahuh.
Andrew: So pretty cool.  So if you’re in the magazine you’re going to be certainly buying that and probably a few.
Jamie: Oh yeah.
Andrew: Yeah.
Jamie: It was purely a marketing thing.  Like it’s cool to say you know “I had a magazine and all of that” but it was also a marketing thing.  You know we would take them around to some local businesses too and set them out.  So we had one guy … there was a local business guy who became my best friend at my old studio but he always felt like every month he would come get a magazine and take it home because he was always trying to talk his wife into doing a shoot and finally he walked in and she had all of our issues laid out in front of her and she goes “okay I’m ready” and finally did it.
Andrew: So it really does work wow.
Jamie: Everything comes back to marketing.  I have my logo tattooed on my arm, like it’s all marketing.  You have to market all the time.
Andrew: (laughs)  Okay if you had to choose one marketing channel or strategy or technique, what would it be?
Jamie: Oh man.
Andrew: What brings in the most clients?
Jamie: Facebook.  For us it’s Facebook.
Andrew: Ok which aspect of Facebook is it?  Is it the groups?  Is it the ads?  Is it your page?
Jamie: I would say it’s a combination of the group and ads.  Whenever we have a special going on or just sometimes random, I’ll put up an ad on Facebook just to get in front of people and a lot of girls will say “oh I saw …” and I do like ads all the time to get new likes.
Andrew: Oh for the page?
Jamie: Yeah.  So I ran one of those for almost a year and a half consecutively but they were all targeted to my right demographic.  They all needed to be around Nashville or within, you know, 100 miles of Nashville, women 18 and up blah blah blah.  So I have another one running now so if somebody likes my page off on that that, it shows off on their friends’ page.
Andrew: Explain the thinking behind going for Facebook page likes because I’ve never spoken to a photographer that’s using that strategy.  Most people are, you know, selling an offer or a promotion.  Why likes?
Jamie: Because I’m getting in front of people that had no idea I existed.  So if you target your audience right with the likes page, “oh what’s that” you know “oh okay I’ve never heard of that” you know like and now hopefully I’m going to start showing up in their newsfeed but they didn’t know about me before so now they’re thinking about me.  They’re thinking about “well maybe I do want boudoir pictures done”.  So if I get them on my page and they see some posts or I say “hey you know I’ve got this great group come join us on the group” then they’ll come join the group.  Or now they’re going to my website.  So I think as long as you target the likes right, because I don’t care how many people have liked my page, to me it’s not about the number, I don’t care.  It’s getting in front of those women that had no idea my business existed and making them want to click that button.
Andrew: What about the fact, and you said yourself, how bad Facebook is, they’re showing you stuff now.  Even if they liked your page, there’s not much change they’re actually going to see your posts.
Jamie: Well that’s true.  But my thinking behind that is that at least I got in front of them and the words The Adore Girls ran through their mind so now they’re curious.  So are they going to my website?  You know, it’s just one of those things where you’re not just going to see my ad and call and book a shoot, it’s like talking women off a ledge.
Andrew: (laughs)
Jamie: Seriously to book a session you know?  So as long as you’re good in their head and you get them thinking about it, then they might call.
Andrew: Right okay.  Okay that makes sense.  With these ads where you’re targeting likes, you’re still using videos or slideshows of your images.    Is that the attraction to the ad?  Like is that what you’re using to get their attention?
Jamie: So the likes ad I think I’m just using one picture – I’m looking at it on my phone right now.  Yeah I have 1 picture that’s active on my like page or my like ad.  Nope take that back I have 2.
Andrew: As a slideshow or just 2 separate photos in the post?
Jamie: 2 separate photos and I am just lying to you all over the place … 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 pictures.  They’re just single pictures.  It’s not a slideshow or anything.  How that got approved?  I have no idea.  Let’s not jinx it.
Andrew: (laughs)  So the ad that you’re looking at now with 5 or 6 photos, are they photos that would normally be knocked back by Facebook or have you been very careful about making sure that women are more covered up?
Jamie: I try to be careful.  I’m sitting here looking at them and there’s one that I cannot believe got approved and I think it just really depends on whose approving your ads too.  You know it’s so hit and miss that the majority of mine don’t get approved.  Now I will tell you this, like you know, I’m sitting here looking at my ad and I can tell you what picture got the most likes.  You know that’s running.
Andrew: Oh okay.  Yeah give me an idea.  Can you describe it to me?
Jamie: Describe the picture?
Andrew: Yeah yeah.  Like is it a booby shot?  Is an ass shot?  Is it standing by a window and looking very sophisticated?
Jamie: I love it you said booby.
Andrew: (laughs)  I think I overheard you say it.
Jamie: (laughs) butts and boobs and boobs and buts.  She is sitting on a couch but she does have a tank top on but she’s got bare legs and she’s a curvy girl and that one, this ad has been running not even a month and I’ve got 615 page likes total and this one page alone has gotten 568.
Andrew: That one image?
Jamie: One imagine ahuh.
Andrew: Wow that is cool okay.  Are you finding in your experience that the more curvy girls in your ads get more response than say the super sexy, tiny slim girl?
Jamie: Yeah because they’re more relatable.  You know and we’re women so you have this perfection in your mind that you have to be a certain size and look a certain way so when you see a curvier girl, you know, rocking it out in the boudoir picture, and so like “yeah!” You know “either I’m built like her, that’s my body shape” or you know “she can do it hell yeah I can do it too”.  So it’s so important to not only put up size negative 6’s in your portfolio.
Andrew: I can’t believe you even have a size negative 6.  Do you really?
Jamie: No.
Andrew: (laughs)  I was going “what!”
Jamie: I’m keeping you on your toes.
Andrew: Okay.  Now it sounds to me like it’s for the women that are seeing the photo are thinking in their heads you know “you go girl!  Good on you for doing this”.
Jamie: Absolutely.
Andrew: It is like that?
Jamie: Yeah.
Andrew: Cool  okay.  Just talk me through one of your Facebook ads or one of the ads you might run to the group that you think yeah that worked really well.  Was it $200 off a session?  Was it a free extra few pages in an album?  Was it a wall print?  Like what is something that you know works?
Jamie: What we do how we’re set up … I’m set up really different I think than a lot of photographers.  Our latest special … we’re running a Christmas special right now, so right now they can get a $500 credit towards their image order.  So that I ran an ad with it and it has gotten a lot of response.
Andrew: Hang on a second.  So you’re a Christmas special in September?
Jamie: Yes because we did it.  So we started it in August …
Andrew: (laughs)  Does it say Christmas special on the ad?
Jamie: Absolutely.  It’s create the ultimate Christmas gift.  You’ve got to do it now and the reason why we did it because we started it in August, it runs through September 30th, you have to come and book your session before September 30th.  Your session however doesn’t have to happen until November 19th so it was one of those … if you want your stuff back by Christmas, you have to call and book in August and September to get the special and you’ve got till November 19th to have your session.  November 19th is our cut-off date.  Anything after November 19th we can’t guarantee that your images will be ready by Christmas.
Andrew: Right and that got a good take up?
Jamie: Oh yeah.  Yeah.  I wish I had a number.  I wish I had a [41:42]
Andrew: That’s okay.  I love that you’re advertising for Christmas in August.  That shows me that you are focused on business.
Jamie: Hey it’s the first year that I’ve started this early.  I always wanted to start this early and it’s usually like “oh it’s October now we need to” and late.
Andrew: You do that with all the … I mean are there other milestone dates in the year that you target?  I mean I’m thinking Valentine’s Day.  Is there anything else?
Jamie: Not really.  Valentine’s Day is not busy for us.
Andrew: Oh okay.  Well I thought even though it isn’t busy, you would target that as a promo period.
Jamie: Not really because Valentine's Day doesn’t make us any money.
Andrew: What do you mean?
Jamie: Women don’t want to spend $2,000 on their man or boyfriends for Valentine's Day.  I mean don’t me wrong, I have sessions that book for Valentine's Day, but when I start getting calls for Valentine's Day it’s the cheaper clients that want to do something and they’re just doing it for their boyfriend.  I don’t know, if anybody is like me, I’ve been married to my husband for a long time, 12 years, 13 years, we’ve been together 18, Valentine's Day we do not celebrate.  Like no I think it’s a stupid holiday, it’s a Hallmark holiday whatever.  But you know you’ve got all of these cutesy little newlyweds or they’re just dating and they want to spend $300 and I don’t have anything for $300.
Andrew: Right okay.  So really you’re concentrating on keeping the studio busy throughout the year using other strategies like getting in front of them and finding that trigger that finally tips them over the edge and say “yeah yeah I’m going to do this”.
Jamie: Correct.  Yeah ahuh.
Andrew: Nice cool.  How do you get to an average of $2,000?  What are those products made of?
Jamie: So the way we’re set up menu wise is I have a session fee, I have 2 sessions – I have a starter session and I have my dream session.  The starter session is shit.  I have lost maybe 5 since we started it back in March and it’s shit for a reason.  It’s because I don’t want anybody to book it and I actually get angry when people book it and I’ve already talked about taking it completely off the menu come January because I hate it so much.  But anyway we’ve got the dream session.  So the dream session itself, that’s the whole kit and caboodle.  That’s the ultimate boudoir experience that’s what we call it.  It’s $500.  So the girls come in, they have their session, they leave, we bring them back in about a week later for their image debut so they’re not actually coming back into the studio for a third time usually to view their final images and I sell digital files.  So my images are $100 each.  They have to buy a minimum of 10 and I give them free gifts.  So if you purchase 10 – 14 images, you’re going to get your digital files and you’re going to get a mobile app.  If you do 15 – 19 images, you’re going to get your digital images, the digital files, a little black book and your app.  If you do 20 or more, I’m going to upgrade you into a designer 8 x 8 album.  If you buy your whole gallery I’m going to give you a video on which you upgrade into a 10 x 10, you’re going to get your digital files, I’m going to give you everything.
Andrew: So it’s there’s incentives all the way.
Jamie: Absolutely.
Andrew: And they start at $1,000?  So you know most clients are going to spend a minimum of $1,000?
Jamie: Correct.
Andrew: I love it I love it.  That add – is that Sticky Albums is that what you’re using?
Jamie: Yes.  Yes yes.
Andrew: Do you like it?
Jamie: Oh my god it’s worth every single penny.  It’s free walking marketing.  If my girls pay in full for their order, we try to get them their app that same day and I’ve had girls walking out the door like “I’m going to get my app right?” like “I’m going to my girlfriend’s house right now and I’ve got to show her these pictures”.  So it’s brilliant.  I love it it’s my favourite.
Andrew: You put some branding on there?
Jamie: Yeah.  Just our logo.
Andrew: At the beginning or the end or both?
Jamie: It’s just the logo.
Andrew: On every image?
Jamie: Oh no watermark.
Andrew: Okay.
Jamie: My watermark is on every image but it’s not like picture and the next one is like this big marketing The Adore Girls ad or anything like that, it’s just their pictures.
Andrew: Okay.  But if you have one of the slides at the beginning or the end of the slideshow as The Adore Girls logo?  Or nothing?
Jamie: I mean when they open it up, I branded my app so the minute they open it up it says The Adore Girls up at the top and then they can scroll down into their images.
Andrew: Okay very cool.  And this, I mean is there contact details for you?  Is there an email address, website, phone number?
Jamie: Yeah when you open up Sticky Albums – and I’ll open mine up so I can tell you right so – so when you open it up, it shows my logo and then you populate your social mediator and contact details on their website so there’s a share button so my girls can share their album via texts, via email, whatever or there’s a call button if they need to call me and there’s an email button if they want to shoot me an email.
Andrew: Very cool.  And do you find that your girls share the app with their friends or they just show them from their phone?
Jamie: They’re just showing them I think.
Andrew: Ahuh.
Jamie: Yeah.
Andrew: Do you know you’ve actually had bookings because of that?
Jamie: Oh yeah absolutely.  Yeah girls will call and they say … because there’s always a guineapig.  With a group of women or a group of friends, there’s always a guineapig.  And we asked this question in the consult – you know do you know anybody that’s had one?  “Oh yeah Courtney did it”.  You know and we’re like “oh was she the guineapig?” “Yep” you know.
Andrew: (laughs)
Jamie: So there’s always a guineapig.  So they’re just showing them the app.
Andrew: So you want to crack the group, get the guineapig in and then you get access to the rest of the group, that’s awesome.
Jamie: How good is that?  Women want to keep up with other women.  “Oh she did it?  Well I’ve got to do it” or you know “my husband loved my pictures our sex life just got better” whatever.  “Oh well I want to do that” you know.  Like yeah, there’s so much mind play, so much mind play.
Andrew: You make wedding photography look easy (laughs).
Jamie: Seriously like I have shot one wedding in my life.  Who knows to every wedding photographer ever ever ever like I wanted to vomit the whole day and that’s not like gross I don’t want to shoot weddings.  I was so full of anxiety, like I had no desire to ever shoot a wedding.  Kudos to every wedding photographer.  Like my hats off to you.  Ahuh can’t handle it.
Andrew: (laughs)  Last topic.  Your website, how much work do you put into it?
Jamie: A lot.  I am a creature of habit.  So every morning when I get up, I get my coffee, I go sit down at the computer, I write out my daily goals, and like goals period, get on the computer, check my stats on my website and then I go to my website and I go through every single page to see if I need to tweak something.
Andrew: Really every day?
Jamie: Every day.
Andrew: So you might tweak a word, a photo?
Jamie: Something like that yeah.  Like I just got done with the session, she signed the model release, I’ll update my portfolio or you know or something of interest from my website or, I just don’t really like how that sounds so I’ll reword is.  Now there’s days where I look at it and I’m like “nope we’re good” like no need to do anything but yeah, every day I look at it.
Andrew: So is it only you working on the website?
Jamie: Yes.  Yeah I do it all myself.
Andrew: See one of the things I really loved was your videos and particularly the one where the boyfriend of the husband he comes in with his wife and sees the photos.
Jamie: That is awesome and here’s the thing.  Just our old promo video.  We just actually filmed a new promo video 2 weeks ago.  We should have that back any day.  But with that promo we couldn’t have done that any better.  So she came in and shot with us, we brought her in, we did a model call, she knew why she was coming and we’re like “hey can you get your husband to come in?”  He came to the studio and had no idea where he was coming.  He had no idea she had pictures done.  Sat him down in front of a computer and he looks up at her and says “Oh my god now do you see why I tell you you’re beautiful” and he goes on and on and on.  Andrew I could have scripted it but it just happened
Andrew: I was going to say.  That is the line.  When he says “now do you see what I see every day” and it was so genuine because obviously it wasn’t stupid.
Jamie: Yeah.
Andrew: I mean my heart melted when I watched it.  I was like “wow”.
Jamie: Oh my god I’m standing behind them with the keyboard, like going through the pictures.  Jason the guy whose filming it, I looked across the room at him, we’re both wiping our eyes, like oh my god this is happening!  Like this can’t be any better.  This is amazing.  So fantastic couple.
Andrew: Wow that video you mentioned Jason there, so did you have a professional videographer come in and shoot these?
Jamie: Yes.  Yep that one we did.
Andrew: You’ve got a few videos on there on the page, I think you’ve got 3 there.  You’ve just had another one done.  So every one of those were done by a professional videographer?
Jamie: No.  Just that promo one with the husband in it is the only one that’s been professionally done.  My other photographer Courtney has started dabbling into video so it’s something that we’re going to offer at the beginning of the year.  But yeah, she’s done all of our videos.  I can’t even remember what the other ones are on the website but yeah she enjoys that.  She’s always loved videos.
Andrew: Okay.  Have you heard of clients talking about these videos or you just know they work or do you check the stats how often they’ve been watched?
Jamie: I don’t really check the stats, girls do talk about and that promo video that we did, I mean I had women email me like I’m sitting here crying from watching that video.  “I want to do this, I have to do this” you know it really really struck some people and that got a lot of views.  I don’t know how many but it’s gotten a lot of views.
Andrew: Nice.  You really are an inspiration.  What you’re doing is amazing.  I’m so glad I’ve found you.  Somebody crossed you by Instagram.
Jamie: Oh thanks.
Andrew: So so good.  One of the questions I normally ask and we haven’t gone through the 10 quick questions, but one thing I normally ask at the end is have you had any embarrassing moment or a stuff up that you’re happy to share?
Jamie: Ahh….
Andrew: Have you?
Jamie: Let’s see.  I totally deleted a client’s headshot.  And I just did this, it was like last month.  We include complimentary head shots with all of our sessions.
Andrew: For the client that’s having the boudoir shoot?
Jamie: Yeah yeah and they get 3 free head shot images in their galley and again marketing so they can use it on Facebook as a profile picture, print it out for mum, he can put it on his desk whatever and we always start the session with those and I don’t know where I was mentally that day but I did this chick’s headshot, in the living room, got her in her first outfit on the first set and was like “oh yeah I need to clean off my card” totally deleted the images off my card.
Andrew: Oh no.
Jamie: She was like “oh that’s fine I don’t really care anyway” and I’m like “ok cool because I just did that”.
Andrew: Oh.  Did you try and recover them or you just shot over the card?
Jamie: Oh no I just gave her a free image out of her galley.  Like you can pick one image for free and she was like “that’s cool”.  She was fine.
Andrew: Awesome you’re good.  You know I was just about to finish up the interview but you keep finding these little things out that you’re doing.
Jamie: (Laughs)  There are secrets!
Andrew: Yeah yeah.
Jamie: Oh just kidding.
Andrew: With railway lines I hear I went “wow you’re doing that too”.  When you come up with a note like do you have a meeting with the girls in the studio or with your husband.  Do you bounce ideas off him or do you just come up with an idea and say “let’s try this”.
Jamie: All ideas.  Okay so I’m the queen of ideas and I’m the queen of notebooks every day.
Andrew: Where do you get the ideas from?
Jamie: Everywhere.  Like “oh we should try this” or “oh we should do this” and then I usually write them down in my notebook and then we have a staff meeting.  We try to sit down just the 3 of us, myself, my photographer Courtney and my studio manager.  We try to block out a few hours once a week the 3 of us to sit down, go over ideas, talk about how things are going, if we need to change anything, tweak anything, add anything, take anything away.  So yeah usually I come with my notebook to the meeting and they’re like “awesome she’s got a notebook full of ideas which means we’re changing something”.
Andrew: Are you pretty quick when the change or implement something if you come up with an idea?
Jamie: I used to be but these girls have me grounded now and they don’t let me change.
Andrew: Oh okay.
Jamie: As much as I used to (laughs).
Andrew: Fair enough.
Jamie: I love my girls they keep me grounded.  They don’t let me do my changes or ideas which is a good thing.
Andrew: Yeah I can imagine working for you would be tough if you’re trying to change something every single week that would be a …
Jamie: Oh my god, like when my new studio manager started, people would call the book or she would be looking at the book and she’s like “what the hell is a black label session?” and I’m like “oh that’s like a year and a half ago”.  She’s like “what’s this include?” and I’m like “I don’t know”.
Andrew: Oh man.