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Callie Gates of CameraCallie tried to commit suicide and photography has been her saviour. I read a post inside the Looks Like Film Facebook group (which you can read below) after her set portrait caught my attention as I scrolled quickly through the feed. After reading her post, I invited Callie to be interviewed about a subject that affects many in the photography community but rarely talked about – depression.

Although there is less “actionable business content” in this episode, it's a subject and topic I feel is worthwhile discussing in a way we rarely get to… candidly and openly with someone who has been through it and come out on the other side a changed person. Not only changed in respect to her personality and behaviour, but her photography.

Callie is building a portfolio any photographer would be proud of and I feel bad not having talked more about her work, creativity and style in the interview. To know that Callie has only been shooting for a few years, her work is absolutely outstanding. I've added links to where you can find and see her work below.

Here's that FB Group post, the catalyst for me reaching out to Callie for this interview…

Emotional photography post warning!

Four years ago today I almost committed suicide. I remember that day like it was yesterday, but I'll spare you all the horrific details of what happened.

I was two months pregnant with my daughter Laina and found myself in a tough situation.

The paramedics that were called that day saved my life and brought me back to life after suffering massive blood loss. Years leading up to that horrible day, I had been struggling with my self image and didn't love myself one bit. Every day when I woke up I told myself I would find something worth living for, but each day that passed, I never found that one thing that I wanted to live for.

After the paramedics saved me I made a full recovery and it's a miracle that my baby girl survived that ordeal in my womb.

After a few months passed I found photography. Photography literally saved my life.

Some people think that it's just snapping a picture that is nice to look at from time to time, but for me it's much more. It gave my life meaning because my pictures meant something to the people who were in them. Each time I did a session I could feel that I just created a new memory for that couple or family.

One year after I started my photography journey I had found out that the mother of one of the families I had taken family pictures for had passed away from suicide. She had struggled with postpartum depression and it got to be too much. She was only 26 and left behind two gorgeous baby girls.

After crying until I couldn't see after I had heard the news I remember thinking how much of a blessing it was that her daughters had been able to get pictures with their mother before she died. This story really hit home for me because of my story. It made me fully appreciate the importance of living and also the importance of my job and our jobs as photographers. When we give someone pictures we aren't only giving them pictures, but a legacy to pass down.

Today I mark this 4th anniversary of celebrating life with self portraits watching the sunrise. I might not be the most beautiful girl in the world, but I've finally learned to love myself the way I am which is why I did these self portraits.

Warning – in the interview, I ask Callie to describe in detail what happened and how everything unfolded at the time she attempted to commit suicide. Some of what Callie shares is graphic and detailed. Please be aware of this if you are listening in the company of others.

Here’s some of what we cover in this interview:

  • Why it's ok to take a break from photography
  • Depression and how it affects your day to day life
  • Callie shares her experience when attempting to commit suicide
  • How people around you normally reacts when they become witness to suicide attempts
  • What was running through Callie's mind once she decided to cut herself?
  • Do people regret committing suicide and how can we know?
  • Depression feeds on the feeling of pressures to be successful
  • Why Callie invents stories when people ask about the scar on her arm
  • Why Callie became interested in photography
  • Photography as a therapy for depression
  • Will your love for photography vanish if you don’t get featured and become well known?
  • Why you need to take self portraits
  • Understanding depression and people suffering from the disease
  • How Callie turned things around to overcome her emotional problems
  • What’s the best thing to do when trying to cope with depression
  • Meditation as a good technique to get rid of depression
  • Callie’s advice to photographers suffering from anxiety or depression
  • Surrounding yourself with positive people to see the change in your disposition
  • Callie’s thought process behind her Facebook Group post about her suicide attempt
  •  Surrounding yourself with positive people and letting go of the negative people in your life

Callie Gates Photography Podcast

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I honestly don’t know what happened. I think a part of me wanted to die but when it actually happened, I just was like “No I don’t want to die anymore” – Callie Gates

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I’ve kind of just gotten rid of all the negativity in my life. After I’ve done that I’ve noticed that I do not focus on negative people anymore. I don’t focus on negative comments anymore. And I just kind of go on with my day – Callie Gates

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Callie Gates Photography Podcast

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Callie Gates Photography Podcast

Callie Gates Photography Podcast

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Callie Gates Photography Podcast

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I think part of me wanted to die because I had been so depressed up until that point – Callie Gates

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