TPX23: Michael Blann – A Book of Epic Photography for An Epic Sporting Event

Michael Blann of www.michaelblann.com was a selfish choice for an interview for me. I first learned about Michael after seeing an ad for Phase One Cameras showing him working in the high mountains of France... photographing the greatest race on earth, the Tour de France. My passion. The Phase one ad was based around Michael's new book - "Mountains - Epic Cycling Climbs" which was three years in the making. It's a book that brings together a photography project that [...]

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TPX22: Ale Vidal – Creativity, Passion and Staying True to Your Storytelling Vision

Ale Vidal of  www.ale-vidal.com is a filmmaker, director and story teller, or story weaver, as she likes to describe herself. She specializes in capturing the goals, facts, and feelings of a brand that cannot be expressed through traditional marketing. When you see Ale's work, I think some words that will come to mind are dreamy, beautiful, emotional and transportive. As a creative, you may even feel what she creates is unattainable, it's that good. I’ve been working to [...]

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TPX21: Jacob Fu – From a Successful Wedding Photography Business to One of the Top Travel Blogs in The World

Jacob Fu of Local Adventurer.com and his wife Esther move to a new city each year. From Atlanta to LA to Vegas to San Diego and Portland - where they are now -  while curating one of the top 50 travel blogs in the world! They picked one year because it's long enough to find hidden gems but also temporary enough to motivate them to get out there and explore often. Before the blog, Esther and Jacob had a [...]

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TPX20: Craig Wetjen – Create and Accomplish with Personal Photography Projects

Craig Wetjen of www.craigwetjen.com has been a professional photographer in Australia and the US for 31 years. He has a string of awards that would make any photographer proud and he's been exhibited on numerous occasions and he's arguably best known for his book... Men and Their Shed where he photographed and captured the stories of 101 men and their backyard sheds. I found myself at many points in my career so far, which is still going, that [...]

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TPX19: Kristof Ramon – Breaking Through to Become a Pro Cycling Photographer

Kristof Ramon of kramon.photoshelter.com is a pro-cycling photographer who covers some of the worlds biggest and most prestigious races including the Tour de France, the Giro d Italia, the Tour of Flanders and Paris Roubaix. Kristof was born and raised in Belgium and attended film school at the age of 19. It was here that he discovered photography. He eventually followed his passion for cycling and photography and started photographing the sport. It's difficult to define Kristof as a sports [...]

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TPX18: Paul and Kate Atkins – The Real Fine Art Photography Printers

Today we're swinging away from the usual and instead of talking to a photographer, we are lucky enough to have both Paul and Kate of Atkins of Atkins Pro Lab with us. The Atkins photography lab is celebrating their 80 year anniversary which makes them Australia's oldest professional photo lab, run by a third generation husband and wife team. Atkins is also the only lab in the world printing on handmade cotton rag sheets, something they developed with [...]

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TPX17: Craig George – Giving Up on Digital and Moving to Film for Wedding Photography

Craig George of www.craig-george.com was interviewed for episode 140 of PhotoBizX podcast in one of the most downloaded episodes where he shared how he rose from nothing to a fully booked destination wedding photographer in one year! Last month, I saw a social media post from Craig that he is giving up on digital photography and moving to film. This goes for all future bookings and any existing bookings who want him to shoot film for their wedding. He's [...]

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TPX16: Neale James – Photofilms and Bringing Photography to Life with Audio

Neale James of nealejames.com is a former BBC Radio 1 broadcaster and his background in sound alongside his documentary photographic style has seen him become the pioneer of wedding photo films. If you're unfamiliar with the term Photofilm - it's a combination of stills and sound, recorded on the wedding day at an event or on a shoot. Think, cinematography meets stills photography where you see the images captured by Neale with the voices and sounds [...]

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TPX15: Franck Boutonnet – Photography Projects, Awards and Legacy

Franck Boutonnet of franckboutonnet.com has been a documentary photographer for over 15 years. He is a celebrated wedding photographer, photojournalist and lecturer with a very long list of awards! He describes himself as a cool dude, cool dad and is based in Lyon, France. Frank shoots JPG and is as passionate about his personal long-term photography projects as his clients work and is working continually toward a legacy worth leaving. I’m a better photographer because I [...]

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TPX14: Brian Aris – War Photographer turned Photographer to the Rich, Famous and Royal

Brian Aris of Aris Photography began his photographic career as a photojournalist covering assignments around the world including the civil unrest and riots in Northern Ireland, the plight of Palestinian children in Jordan, the civil war in Lebanon, famine in Africa and the war in Vietnam. He then decided on a complete change in direction, and opened a studio in London where he started photographing models for newspapers and magazines. At the same time he broadened his [...]

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