The beauty of todays guest, Todd Hunter McGraw is he's made a terrific name for himself (around the world) and a successful photography business based around shooting the way he wants to shoot and living the life he want to be living. He's one hundred percent straight up  and honest with his clients and they love him for it. The title of this episode, ‘Wedding Photography Business the Way it Should Be' sums up the interview perfectly.

Before wedding photography, Todd wanted to be a commercial photographer but when someone asked him to shoot a wedding, he realised he could work with all of the elements he liked in one place.

Being a wedding photographer was not something I pursued.. it was like trying on a pair of pants that you wouldn’t normally buy, & finding they fit better than any pants you’d ever worn in your whole life. Like super pants

Some time later, his email footer now reads:

  • AIPP Master of Photography
  • AMERICAN PHOTO Top 10 Wedding Photographers in the world 2013
  • WINNER AIPP Qld Wedding Photographer of the Year 2013 and 2011
  • WINNER AIPP Qld Wedding Album of the year 2012
  • WINNER AIPP Australian Travel photographer of the year 2012

We've never met, but everything I read and have seen tells me he has a quirky side and a unique way of seeing the world, his business methods though, are straight up and worth emulating.

Here’s some more of what we cover:

  • Shooting 36 weddings on average per year makes up 85% of Todd's income
  • How to use a selection of 3-4 second shooters in your business and how to mange them for best results
  • How to select and choose second shooters to compliment your photography
  • How much should a second shooter expect to get paid
  • Is increasing your wedding photography pricing to shoot less weddings really the best way to work
  • Just because it's difficult to start a photography business today doesn't mean it's impossible
  • The importance of experimenting with your photography pricing
  • Using surveys to determine the best pricing for your business
  • What you can do with your packages that won't limit the amount of money clients can spend with you
  • What Todd says to clients who decide against taking a wedding albums
  • The importance of being super open and honest to your clients
  • What Todd thinks believes it takes to become a successful photographer
  • The importance of ‘participating' when starting out in your photography business
  • How and where to find your ideal clients
  • The importance of using social media to showcase your work
  • As the main photographer, you need to keep up with your social media engagements
  • What other channels you can use to showcase your photography work
  • How do you tell if as a new photographer, your images are good enough
  • How to determine what your photography style is
  • Why you should never compare yourself to other photographers
  • Learn how Todd plans the look he wants to achieve for each wedding
Todd Hunter McGaw Photography Podcast

What’s on Offer for Premium Members

If you’re a premium member, you should have received an email with links to your version of this episode where you can hear lots more content from where we dive deeper into some of the earlier topics plus some new ones that I pushed hard for that include:

  • How to build trust and reputation with strangers
  • How Todd communicates with his clients
  • The importance of managing expectations with your photography clients
  • The importance of having a website to house your brand
  • The language you use on your blog is as important as the photos you capture
  • How Todd challenges himself at every wedding
  • The best thing Todd has done for his business
  • The importance of listening to your clients
  • Why you don't need to and shouldn't wait for your clients, instead, go out and find them

Todd Hunter McGaw Photography Podcast

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Chris Gillham – All Reasons Photography

rss feed in iTunes by All Reasons from Australia on December 10, 2014 

Andrew, this was an excellent interview. It had everything, informative, inspirational and passionate. A real honest and open conversation. Well done Andrew. 
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Anjella Roessler – Red Queen Photography

rss feed in iTunes by Velvet099 from Australia on December 7, 2014 

Love, love. love these podcasts! I had issues at first and Andrew completely won me over with absolutely amazing customer service. I’m now a raving fan and love driving out to see clients because I get to listen to more of Andrew’s podcasts! Every episode has something I can take and implement into my business or that makes me think a different way about what I’m doing. Thanks so much Andrew, you’re doing an awesome job! 
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Justin Turner – Vibe Photography

rss feed in iTunes by Justin – VIBE from Australia on December 3, 2014 

Andrew is fantastic at getting the most out of each guest in this business based podcast. Many great tips can be found from various guests which will help you to grow your own business. Well done Andrew! 
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Todd Hunter McGaw Photography Podcast

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Todd Hunter McGaw Photography Podcast

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